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Tito Ortiz Respects Alberto El Patron’s Wrestling Career, Would Be Down For Wrestling Match

December 3, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Combate Americas Tito vs. Alberto

– Tito Ortiz spoke with Wrestling Inc for a new interview promoting his fight with Alberto El Patron for Combate Americas. The fight takes place this Saturday in McAllen, Texas and airs on PPV. Highlights are below:

On respecting El Patron for his wrestling work: “I like him just for the fact that he became the first heavyweight Mexican world champion. I was the first American-Mexican UFC champion, and as I watch his career, it was interesting. He was cocky, he did a lot of submissions and so I always bought an interest to it. And now he called me out, and he wants to come to my world, and he wants to fight me, so I’ve got to watch myself.”

On preparing for the fight: “Like I said, I made sure my [training] camp was early and I’m doing the work. This is not a ‘gimmie’ fight to me in my heart, to me, I’m taking him seriously and I respect Alberto for choosing me. He could have chosen anyone else for an easier fight but he chose me, and I think, yes, he did bite off a little bit more than he can chew. But at the end of the day, we’re going to put on a tremendous fight on December 7th and I know what I need to do to get my hand raised.”

On Patron’s move into MMA: “For me, you don’t have to wave a big, giant carrot in front of my face, so that didn’t work for me. I don’t know – maybe deep down in his heart, he really is a fighter and he really wants to fight. It’s the same thing with Brock Lesnar; Brock Lesnar came to the UFC and became the heavyweight world champion. He had it in his heart and he believed that he could do it, and he did. I think Del Rio has always had that question in his mind of if he can compete with a person the level of myself. This is a question for him now, can he compete against me? He’s going to have this opportunity, ya know, but I’m not looking past the guy. I want to make sure that I put on an entertaining fight, and show off the hard work and dedication that I put into this fight like I do with every one of my fights. I just think that at the end of the day, the fans are going to be excited. They’re going to go through a lot of intense emotions before this fight is over and they walk out,” Tito continued. “When we step in that cage and we look across the cage at each other, and the ref says, ‘Let’s get it on.’ I can’t wait; it’s going to be like watching Discovery Channel and watching a lion eat for the first time of the year.”

On a possible wrestling match with Patron: “I would do him the favor and do it in a wrestling match, 100%. You don’t understand, I’m a huge wrestling fan and not even just a wrestling fan, I’ve always wanted to be a professional wrestler. Just because I know I could smash guys; I don’t think guys would last that long with me, honestly. As far as the acrobatics and everything, I can pull these things off, I can do these things. I know the moves, I’ve done the moves, I put myself through camps before with professional wrestlers. I understand the idea that these guys want to entertain – I do get that. But I’m a competitive person, I’m a vicious person. So, how do I perceive the difference between a fight and a wrestling match? That’s what I’m afraid of. I think Shane McMahon is afraid of the same thing because he doesn’t want to see any of his wrestlers get hurt and that’s the only reason that I haven’t been able to cross-over. But when I do cross-over, I think it will be one of the biggest, electrifying, entertaining nights in professional wrestling history.”