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TJP Has Has No Regrets About His WWE Run

October 19, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
TJP Impact

In an interview with SportsKeeda, TJP spoke about his WWE run that ended earlier this year and said that he has no regrets about how things went. Here are highlights:

On how his WWE run ended: “No, I mean, I don’t have any regrets at all. I look at it more as it was nice to be given the chance on one of the teams that I grew up watching, I guess is the best way to put it. We joked but I don’t think I had bad relationships with anyone in the middle or anything like that, a lot of that is kind of blown out of proportion. I think people asked me my take on stuff and I’ll explain certain things that made me unhappy but being unhappy doesn’t mean that I’m kicking trash cans over or throwing a fit or anything. Or even that I make it necessarily overly known. I might just ask a question or something if I think something can be done better or whatever and most of my unhappiness I just kept to myself, so it wasn’t like I had issues with people, it’s more just that I was unhappy with the culture of where I was and I felt like maybe I just didn’t fit in there because of that.”

On being happy with his work there: “Some people enjoy certain atmospheres. Some people enjoy political atmospheres and they enjoy blue collar, hard-working but may be underappreciated atmospheres, or some people enjoy whatever atmosphere it is and whatever the case is whereas for me, how that was, my personal experience, I just wasn’t that happy. But I think they gave me a chance to do some really good things and I made a little bit of history, help some people along the way and I’m really proud of the group that I kind of lead in the door because now they’ve been able to do all these different things and they all have personal goals that they’ve now been able to start to chase those. Before we did that tournament, nobody like us had an opportunity to do that so I’m very, very happy with what I was able to do in the few years I was there.”

On if Bellator is a closed book: “I mean, I don’t think that it’s closed. We’re still bouncing ideas back and forth but the offer I got was very specific. I don’t want to go into exactly who the other camp was, just because if it doesn’t come about and we don’t do business, I don’t want to have used them for press or anything like that, but I think once we kind of realised that the two sides were vastly different weight classes, not vastly but at least one or two weight classes separate, it made it kind of tough, and then money was kind of tough just because of the timing, for me the amount of time I would have to block off from my schedule…”

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