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TNA British Boot Camp Report (Episode Two)

January 5, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka


TNA British Bootcamp – Episode 2 Recap

Originally broadcast 10.30pm 1st January 2013 – Challenge UK

Show opens with a recap of episode 1 and we join the the show with Rollerball Rocco tearing Rockstar Spud to shreds for being hung over on the 1st day of bootcamp. Rollerball lets him into the building and we join them with Rollerball telling them they will only advance if he says they are good enough.

The in ring action, finally, starts with the Blossom twins locking up, not actually sure which one is which, they tie up, run the ropes a couple of times and finish with a flying cross body – looked fairly smooth. Marty and Spud both admit the girls impressed them, to a camera not the girls, with Spud saying he feels they are actual competition. We see a few more moves from the girls which look solid from both of them, with Rollerball chipping in with the odd critique here and there. All is going well until Blue Blossom lands badly on her ankle during a dropkick spot, she refuses treatment and carries on which impresses everyone. Rollerball tells the girls they both have talent and genuinely seems impressed with them.

Marty and Spud are up next, and Marty starts tying Spud up during tie up’s and wont let him get in any offence. Marty really seems to be working stiff, with Spud telling him to “Stop pulling my Fucking Nose” Rollerball doesn’t seem to mind suggesting the hangover has left Spud unprepared. Spud is pissed and leaves the ring bitching at Rollerball, calling him an old Man and telling him not to touch him. Spud throws his toys right out of the pram and leaves, Rollerball eventually coaxes him back and tells him he’ll get someone else to go in the ring with him………….Rollerball himself. We see footage of Dixie saying shes not Spud will make it. Back to the action and Rollerball is working spud over in what looks a fairly stiff fashion. Spud takes his medicine this time. Rollerball is impressed that Spud wont tap out even when he is choking him out. Rollerball says it’s decision time and he teases that he is not sending one person through, as he is sending them all through. Break.

We rejoin the show with the contestants, safe in the knowledge the are going to the U.S., meeting up with the Media to do interviews and presswork. Patrick Lennon who writes Fighting Talk in the Daily Star newspaper grilling the contestants first, he tries to get each of them to bite, but they are deal with him quite well. Spud tries to convince him that he has ‘It’ and the American audiences will react to him the same way as the UK audiences do. Marty admits he likes Hannah of the Twins.

Radio interviews next, with the guys putting over how hot the girls are. Cosmopolitan Magazine with the twins next, then the Sun Newspaper for everyone. The twins are putting over Dixie in their interview saying what a powerful inspirational woman she is, Marty just says she is hot and would definitley bang her, to much eye rolling from everyone. He gets chewed out by a producer type person and admits he sometimes speaks before he thinks.

The press/producer guy says everyone did well all day apart from the one idiotic comment from Marty. He says apart from that they could have been Pros.

Next we see the four contestants backstage somewhere with Jeremy Borash who tells them the next challenge is entertaining a live crowd with a microphone. They are at the Garage in Islington, for a Progress Wrestling show. Marty stops Jeremy and tells him how to say Garage properly, I can’t tell if he is a heel or a face. Spud has one question “Can I say whatever I want?” Borash gives him the green light.

Borash introduces Spud first who gets some heat for being from Birmingham, this show is in London, crowd seems to be made up of pretty hardcore fans don’t see any kids or familys. Spud hits the ring and plays up to his cocky image dropping to his knees inviting the crowds boos’. He cuts a pretty decent heel promo, good heat from the crowd – although as Marty points out Spud is a pretty ‘hateable’ guy.

Next up the twins, Hannah and Holly, but just as they start their promo Spud whips the Microphone from Pink Blossom and starts cutting a promo on them, telling the crowd that before them are two potential Knockouts but all he sees are two glorified ring rats. Pink Blossom snatches the Mike back and implies that Spud has the smallest package imaginable. The other Blossom starts on Spud pushing him screaming never to call them ring rats. The girls while not terrible on the Mike are nowhere near as relaxed as Spud was. The crowd are way into the twins though, that fact they both look very hot can’t hurt!

Marty is out next, and gets a little pop from the crowd. He works the crowd on his way to ring and they get behind ‘Party Marty’. He cuts his promo on Spud asking him if he realised he had to be over 14 to enter the building, crowd chants “He’s not 14” at Spud. Borash will gauge the crowds reaction to decide the winner. Boos for Spud, Respectful pop for the twins and a big pop for Marty. Borash announces Marty the winner to Spud’s disgust, Spud grabs the Mike from Borash and says “F*** that let’s not wait till Wembley lets do it now”. He and Marty go toe to toe in the ring before Spud rolls out of the ring and leaves, telling the crowd he won’t wrestle for three hundred drunken idiots. Backstage with Borash who was impressed with everyone, and tells them all four have passed the test.

We see footage of the contestants saying goodbye to their families and starting the trip to America. End.

Really enjoyed this show, all the contestants know their way around a ring. Spud is actually probably the most natural of the four, but his size is going to make it difficult for him. Looking forward to next week’s episodes.

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