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TNA House Show Results 12.02.12: Grand Forks, ND

December 3, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Credit: Paul Fontaine and f4wonline.com

Took my son down to Grand Forks from Winnipeg for some shopping and our first ever TNA house show and it was definitely worth the trip. As always, plenty of affordable merchandise and opportunities to meet and greet the wrestlers, who were all friendly and personable. A very enjoyable experience that I’d highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t gone before.

X Division Title match:
RVD (c) vs Xema Ion
Mostly a comedy match with over half the match revolving around who had the better hairstyle and Xema Ion’s hairspray. Hostess for the night So Cal Val was involved in the discussion and got her hair sprayed and messed up by RVD. RVD won with the Rolling Thunder and 5 Star Frog Splash.

Knockouts Title match:
Tara (c) vs ODB
Very different match from what you’d see on TV but typical for the house shows from the reports I’ve read. Ref Brian Hebner was involved in several spots where he’d innapropriately touch the girls. Tara controlled the match before ODB made the flask-filled comeback and nearly took it before Tara hit a widow’s peak out of nowhere for the win.

Next we had Earl Hebner come out to plug his shirt and make fun of Bret Hart. He then settle in to ref the next match in the T-Shirt, which he was autographing at intermission to the longest lines of the night.

James Storm v Devon
They wrestled for less than a minute before DOC ran in for the DQ. They beat him down until Bully Ray made the save. Bully then asked Earl to make it a tag team match. He agreed but Devon and DOC didn’t want any part of it. Earl threatened a 6 months suspension if they didn’t agree to the tag match so they did it.

James Storm/Bully Ray v Aces & 8’s (Devon and DOC)
They had a fun match. Crowd was on DOC, calling him Festus and James Storm grabbed the ring bell and started hitting it, asking DOC if he was about to “go crazy or something”. Then Bully got a little girl in the front row to tell Devon he sucked over the house mic. Bully and Storm eventually won and then a third Aces & 8’s member attacked (could’ve been D-Lo, he was shorter and chubbier than the other 2). They eventually made their own comeback and Bully and Storm put DOC through a table. They then got the little girl to come in the ring and gave her a piece of the table and autographed it. Bully then led the crowd in chanting the little girl’s name “Lillian”, who also said that Bully was her favorite wrestler.

They had a 15 minute intermission where Earl and Brian Hebner were autographing the “Damn Right I did” T-Shirt.

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels
They had a fun match, probably the best match of the night. Back and forth action before AJ won with the Pele kick.

TNA World title match:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Austin Airies
Hardy won with the Twist of Fate and the Swanton. Both guys were really over in the ways they should’ve been. Airies is a great heel. Not much else to say about it.

After the match, Jeff Hardy took pictures in the ring with the belt and fans could pay $20 and come in and get their pictures taken. At least half the crowd took advantage of that.

Overall, very affordable and a great night of entertainment.

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