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TNA House Show Results 2.15.13: Huntington, West Virginia

February 16, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Report by Brandon Dingess and PWTorch

TNA house show results
February 15, 2013
Huntington, W. Va.

Pretty good attendance for tonight’s show, more then the past few years. Tara was signing autographs at the merchandise table before the show started.

Jeremy Borash came out and introduced the first match of the show. Earl Hebner then came out and did his usual Bret Hart imitation to some heat.

(1) Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez beat Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan. Basic back and forth match; Chavo and Big Mex dominated early. Ryan and Morgan made a comeback, which didn’t last long. Chavo and Hernandez then won with a frog splash. Nothing spectacular happened; basic tag match. (*)

Next was the Knockouts Title match.

(2) Knockouts champion Tara beat Velvet Sky by holding the ropes. Basic Knockouts match with some decent back and forth. There was a funny spot where Brian Hebner grabed hold of both girls’s boobs, which Tara was outraged by, but Velvet let him get a handfull of hers. After the match, Velvet hit her finisher on Tara to please the crowd.

JB came out next and introduced Kurt Angle, who was not advertised until late this week. He came out to talk about how to fight the Olympics getting rid of wrestling. He was jumped by Devon and Wes Brisco, which brought out Bully Ray to even the odds and it turn things into a tag match.

(3) Kurt Angle & Bully Ray beat TV champion Devon & Wes Brisco when Angle hit the Angle Slam on Wes for the 1, 2, 3. (**)

Next match was Bobby Roode vs. James Storm.

(4) TNA tag champion Bobby Roode beat James Storm. Bobby stalled a lot to start, only for James to chase after him and bring him back in. Very funny spot where Storm dumped a whole thing of popcorn down the back of Bobby’s trunks; he had popcorn coming out of his trunks all match. Bobby won with a low-blow after Austin Aries came down to distract the ref. (**)

Intermission started with James Storm signing autographs and the Hebners at the merchandise table.

After intermission, the main event started with Jeff Hardy defending his TNA Heavyweight Championship against Austin Aries in a steel cage match.

(5) TNA World Hvt. champion Jeff Hardy beat TNA tag champion Austin Aries in a steel cage match to retain the TNA World Title. Nothing spectacular, actually pretty disappointing for the talent that both have. The ending was pretty lame. Brian Hebner got bumped, which led to Bobby Roode coming out and pulling Aries out of the cage, which led to James Storm to come out and put Aries back in and get revenge on Roode for earlier in the night. Hardy won with the Twist of Fate. (*1/2)

Hardy stayed after the show to take pictures for $20 bucks.

Not the best show I’ve been to, and I’ve been to every show that’s come to Huntington.

Best Match: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

Worst Match: Morgan & Joey Ryan vs. Chavo & Hernandez

Biggest Pops:

(1) Jeff Hardy
(2) Kurt Angle
(3) James Storm, Velvet Sky

Biggest Heat:

(1) Bobby Roode
(2) Austin Aries
(3) Devon

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