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TNA Wayne, NJ House Show Report 6.10.06

June 11, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Thanks to 411 reader Jim Moore for sending these results along!

I just got back from the TNA house show in Wayne, and wanted to send in a report

First match was Shark Boy vs. Petey Williams. Very good match, and needless to say, Petey won with the Canadian Destroyer, which is even more impressive in person.

Next match was Jerry Lynn vs Homicide. ‘Cide had a huge fanbase in NJ, and they were vocal. This was my first time seeing him live, and he looked good, but not as great as everyone makes him out. Still, a good match won by Lynn with the Cradle Piledriver. Though I LOVE Jerry Lynn, always have been a big fan, I have to question why they’d have an up-and-comer lose to a guy who never wrestles on TV anymore.

Simon Diamond came out to interview Jeff Jarrett. Sadly, no “Triple J” chants. Anyway, he said no one was man enough to face his open challenege, but out came NJ’s own Jay Lethal! Jay’s friends and family were in tow, and boy was he over. This was a very good match (despite all the JJ stalling), which saw JJ win after a low blow and an AWESOME Stroke, best I’ve ever seen him do.

At this time I went to get on line for refreshments while they were leaving the ring. BRILLIANT on my part, as the next match was the James Gang vs. Team 3-D. By the time I got my drinks, the line was huge! This match blew. The Gang seemed unsure how to react as they were being booed unmercifully even though they’re also faces. Bubba gets face heat big time, but nobody cares about D-Von, I mean, he gets next to no pops, I actually feel bad for him. After what felt like an eternity of boredom, the Gang won through something nefarious, but Kip got put through a table.

After intermission, Shark Boy gets to referee Gail Kim vs. Traci. Both ladies have smoking bodies, which Shark Boy got very intimate with, including getting handfuls of silicone from both women. Eventually Traci won with a top-rope head smash into the mat (best I can describe it). OK stuff, played for comedy and cheesecake.

Following this was the until-the-next-match Match of the Night: AJ Styles and Christoper Daniels vs. AMW. AMW have awesome jackets! Anyway, I think Harris was hurt, cause Storm wrestled so much of the match it seemed quite suspicious. Anyway, they ran the gay angle and got AMW in various positions that were actually pretty funny. And while I think of AMW ever breaks up that Harris is going to be the star, Storm is an AWESOME heel! He reacts to the crowd better than anyone on the card. Anyway, this was a great match that ended up with a double pin, and the ref counted the faces winning, so I guess it was non-title. Great match though, everyone seemed motivated and they were having fun.

Finally, the real Match of the Night, Abyss vs. the 2nd Most Over Man of the Night Rhino vs. THE Most Over Man of the Night Samoa Joe. Seemed EVERYONE was chanting for Joe! Of course, some people have to be different and chant “overrated”, but I don’t know what he has to do to impress them. I mean, geezus! Anyway, it was Monster’s Ball, and they went into the crowd for a good bit. The fans seemed kinda torn between Joe and Rhino, especially when they were going chop for chop. They were throwing each other down bleachers, through tables, and with and through chairs. It was awesome. Finally, Joe choked out Rhino to end a highly entertaining match.

Overall, a very fun night. I don’t get to see as much wrestling live as I used to, so this was really fun. Attendance was close to, if not exceeding, 500. Which is great cause I saw NO ADVERTISING ANYWHERE! Not even local commercials during Raw or even TNA! Lots of kids too, which was nice cause I don’t recall seeing a lot of kids at other shows I’ve gone to. There were of course some jackasses who wanted to be ECW fans who started several obscene chants. I wish they’d be cool for the kids and not try to draw heat for themselves, but alas, there’s always jackasses. Overall, everyone seemed to have a fun night (except maybe at Monsters Ball, where you had to stand on chairs to see anything), and I hope they come back, I’ll definitely go again.


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