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Tommy Dreamer Says He’s Offered William Regal a Spot In Impact Wrestling

January 13, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling Tommy Dreamer Image Credit: Impact Wrestling/Twitter

William Regal may be out of a job for now, but it may not be for long if he wants to work at Impact Wrestling according to Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer revealed on today’s Busted Open Radio that when he heard Regal had been released from the company, he immediately messaged Regal about a role in Impact.

“If you look at management, and you look at, let’s say, the New York Giants, their G.M. is retiring, and then there goes the head coach that he picked,” Dreamer said (per Wrestling News). “There goes everyone associated with that person. Triple H is no longer in charge, and everyone associated with him is gone. The only guy who’s remained is Shawn (Michaels), but Shawn was a Vince guy before he was a Triple H guy. Regal, the moment I heard (he was let go), I shot him a text and said, ‘If you want to be a commentator at Impact or if you want to be a General Manager figure, just let me know.’ He will have something when he chooses to.”

It isn’t yet clear if Regal has a non-compete clause with WWE and how long it would be if he does.