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Tommy Dreamer Reveals House of Hardcore to Make iPPV Debut in November

October 5, 2014 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

– Speaking to PWInsider, Tommy Dreamer revealed that House of Hardcore will make its promotional iPPV debut at House of Hardcore VII. The event is set for November 15 at the ECW Arena.

In addition, Dreamer said the event would be the last ever appearance of him and his wife, Beulah McGillicutty. According to Dreamer, it will be McGillicutty’s last ever ringside appearance for a wrestling event.

The iPPV details are still being worked out but will reportedly be announced soon. Dreamer also said we should expect “big, big surprises” at the event.

Credit: PWInsider via Rajah.com

  • Arny Andy

    I’m confused, is tommy dreamer retiring from the ring?

    • i8mypants

      sounds that way. altho he was thrown on the Bound For Glory card in TNA, so who knows anymore?

      retiring in pro wrestling is a joke in and of itself. only guy i can think of atm who made a big deal out of retiring and stayed that way is Shawn Michaels.

      but after reading that Austin article, the doubts begin to creep in.

      • i8mypants

        also, i realize BFG is this month and Dreamer’s PPV is November, but Tommy has a habit of retiring/quitting the biz and then coming back.

        maybe he’s just retiring from hardcore stuff since the guy has literally put his health and body on the line with some of his hardcore/ECW matches.

    • HellloooNewman

      It’s the last appearance of Dreamer/Beulah together.

  • Boswa73

    What confuses me is how the TNA talent will be able to appear if it is on IPPV…

    • Michael Dundee

      This is basically a tna sponsored event since dreamer works for tna now.