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Tony Atlas: Sasha Banks Made The Biggest Mistake Of Her Wrestling Career

April 26, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Sasha Banks

In an interview with Boston Wrestling MWF (via Wrestling Inc), Tony Atlas spoke about the situation involving Sasha Banks and WWE after Wrestlemania, in which Banks tried to quit WWE after learning that she was going to lose the WWE Women’s tag team titles and WWE was planning to split up her team with Bayley. Atlas believes that Banks made a huge mistake in acting the way she did. Here are highlights:

On how Banks’ “power play” will backfire: “They never fire you on the spot. You always get it at home. That’s why they say go home and think about it. Now what they do, they have a meeting. Now, if she [does] decide to come back, they’re going to destroy her. Her career is over. They’ll job her out. She lost [reliability], because what she… just told them, ‘you can’t trust me.’ That’s all she did. She let the wrestling world [down], and not just the wrestling world; everybody [who is] affiliated with the WWE is looking at it the same way.”

On how the other women on the roster will feel about it: “WWE don’t need Sasha Banks; Sasha Banks needs WWE. You know how many women right now [are] kissing up to Triple H, kissing up to Stephanie [McMahon] and saying, ‘who are you gonna put in that spot?’ She left a spot. They’re glad she’s gone. Every woman there is glad Sasha’s gone. She’s gone. Vince is not going to let [her do that]. If Vince let her do that, [this is] what you gotta understand, he just told every wrestler there that they could do that.”

On how bad this is for Sasha: “She made the biggest mistake of her wrestling career. They would never push her like that again.”

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