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Tony Khan Says He Worked 80 Hour Weeks Before Collision, Now It’s More

September 20, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW All Out Scrum Tony Khan Image Credit: AEW

Tony Khan’s work responsibilities keeps him quite busy, as he noted in a recent interview. The AEW boss also holds executive positions on the Jacksonville Jaguars as well as Fulham FC, not to mention working on ROH and other ventures. Khan spoke with Insider.com for a new interview and talked about his work schedule and more. A couple of highlights are below:

On his work schedule: “No one works harder than my dad, and I’m honestly very lucky because he’s the hardest-working person I’ve ever seen. And here I am, I get to work on the stuff I love. I’ve worked hard to get to a position where I can work on things I love all the time,” he said. “80 hours is nothing. That was before “Collision.” Before that, 80 hours was a good week. I’m way past that now.”

On not missing any AEW shows: “You know, I’m the only person who has never missed an AEW show. We had a referee that had never missed a show until a few weeks ago. He missed a Collision, so now I’m the one, and, God bless this guy, he made hundreds of shows. Dynamite alone, we’ve done 206 episodes, so that’s not counting Rampage, Collision, and all the pay-per-views. So now I’m the iron man. But what else am I going to do?”