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Tony Khan Reveals AEW Bash at the Beach Special Will be Two-Parter, Will Feature Matches From the Chris Jericho Cruise

November 20, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Tony Khan AEW

WrestlingInc.com recently interviewed AEW President Tony Khan for the WINCLY podcast. During the interview, Khan revealed that the plan for AEW’s Bash at the Beach version of Dynamite will be a two-part show, and it will feature matches from the upcoming Chris Jericho cruise. Below are some highlights from WrestlingInc.com.

Tony Khan on AEW using Bash at the Beach: “Cody went on a trademark binge one night and he texted me, ‘Conrad and I were up all night trademarking stuff.’ One of the things that came out of it was Bash at the Beach. So, when he said that we thought of a way to use it… and the unique idea was to go to Miami in January. We’ll be doing a two-part Bash of the Beach on Dynamite… that special will also include the matches from Chris Jericho’s cruise that week.”

Tony Khan on Daytona Beach: “Daytona Beach is a great market for us and I look forward to getting down there soon.”