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Tony Khan On Whether AEW Will Have an Off-Season, House Shows, How Many Dates a Year They’ll Run

June 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– Speaking with Steve Austin on the return of The Steve Austin Show, AEW president Tony Khan discussed his plan for the company’s yearly schedule, whether they’ll have an off-season and more. Khan told Stone Cold that he doesn’t plan to have an off-season and that house shows are not part of his “core business focus” for the promotion.

He further explained why he doesn’t plan to do extensive house show tours and why he doesn’t think doing too many shows is a good idea. The highlights from Khan’s comments are below:

On travelling internationally: “We’re gonna get out and we’re gonna travel outside the United States eventually. But I’m initially focused on travelling inside the United States and doing the kind of wrestling show nobody’s done in a long time, if ever. Nope, probably never before.”

On the possibility of doing house show tours: “It’s not my core business focus. And I’ve kind of made it part of my key part of the business plan, is that I don’t want to put too much mileage on the top performers by having them perform on shows where it’s not gonna generate as much revenue, or it doesn’t make as much business sense to put the mileage on your guys. I also don’t want to put out an inferior house show product that isn’t the top people. So if you do see us do house shows, they are gonna be top shows with the top people, which means we’re not gonna be doing five, six a week of them.”

On how many shows he wants to do a year: “When we get into weekly TV, I’d like to get in a good rhythm where we’re doing, let’s say 100 to 120 shows a year. It’s pretty busy, but it doesn’t mean every performer’s going to be on every show. It means that you’re gonna get a combination of our top performers every night, and I have a big enough roster where people won’t [need to see] every wrestler on every show to deliver a top roster for that show.”

On not doing an off-season: “I’m not gonna have an off-season. People talk about wrestling off-season, there can’t be a wrestling off-season. If you’re a real wrestling fan, you don’t wanna take any week off. Whether it’s middle of the summer and the hottest day of the year and you wanna go inside and watch wrestling, or it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving and you’re with your family and you’ve been together all day and you’re gonna try to sneak in wrestling on the family TV.”

On making sure talent doesn’t work too many dates a week: “Rather than have an off-season, I believe we can extend the life of the performers by not doing too many events. Which is why I’ll never have people on the road five, six nights a week ever. It just doesn’t make sense. Rarely will we have people on the road four nights a week for us. I’m gonna give people the chance to still do things they care about, whether it’s work some international dates or even some indie dates if it means a lot to them. Because we have the availability and the schedule that if it’s something they want to do with their time, it’s good. But what it also allows is stuff that hasn’t really happened before, where you can have like a main event star like Dr. Britt Baker, our top women’s wrestler who’s literally a doctor, practicing doctor, and has that career going on while she’s on top. She can go and [do that career].”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Steve Austin Show with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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