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Tony Khan on Conditions of William Regal Leaving AEW, Triple H Posting ‘WarGames’ Supercut

December 7, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Dynamite William Regal Image Credit: AEW

As previously reported, AEW CEO Tony Khan confirmed William Regal departing the company during a media call for ROH Final Battle earlier today. During the call, Tony Khan addressed the conditions AEW made to allow Regal to leave the company, including not appearing on WWE television next year. Khan also addressed Triple H posting a supercut of William Regal’s famous “WarGames” catchphrase ahead of the matchup being featured at WWE Survivor Series 2022. Below are some highlights from the media call (via Fightful):

Tony Khan on the conditions AEW made to allow Regal’s exit and return to WWE: “The way I believe it’s written, is that after this year, he would be able to go back and coach, but I believe we have it written that he would not be appearing on-screen next year. I wouldn’t expect to see him as an on-screen person next year.”

Khan on Triple H tweeting a supercut of William Regal saying WarGames: “Honestly, given the spirit of the thing and how accommodating we were being, I was really surprised by the tweet with the supercut of him on it, especially since he’s still been with us and part of the shows. We’re still addressing him on the show and going into last week’s show, especially, he’s still a big part of our show. I was a little surprised by the supercut of him on Triple H’s Twitter, and given how accommodating we were being to the whole thing, I was not necessarily expecting to see that. I didn’t necessarily think it was in the spirit of how accommodating we were being about the whole thing, but whatever. The important thing is that it’s a situation that will be resolved and he will be able to be there and do the coaching and work with his son and the stuff that’s important to him, that he said, he was cool and okay with it being a release that he would not be appearing on TV next year.”

Khan also noted during the media call that he would not always accommodate family reunions similar to what he was doing to grant Regal his exit to be with his son, Charlie Dempsey, in WWE NXT. You can view the tweet by Triple H that Khan was referring to below: