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Tony Khan on Kenny Omega & Adam Cole’s Health Statuses, Keeping Forbidden Door in North America

July 7, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Tony Khan AEW Image Credit: AEW

Tony Khan recently weighed in on Kenny Omega and Adam Cole’s health statuses, as well as the possibility of bringing a Forbidden Door event to Japan. Khan spoke with the New York Post for a new interview and discussed Omega’s efforts to return from injury as well as the concussion that Cole is dealing with, plus more. You can check out the highlights below:

On Kenny Omega saying he’s done if he has another health setback: “I’m always concerned whenever a wrestler has an injury, but in Kenny Omega’s case he carried the load through more injuries than probably anyone I’ve seen in terms of working through a sustained period where he was limited and still having great matches in the ring, and also doing great box office for the company as a great champion.

“It is a little bit different because you’re dealing with multiple injuries as opposed to one injury. I’m optimistic. I don’t want to put a timetable on it. I’m still optimistic Kenny’s coming back … I think it’s gonna go well. I think he’s gonna be OK. I don’t know when and I’m optimistic. Nobody can put themselves in his shoes, but I feel good about it. I’m gonna talk more to him too. I know he’s been through a lot but I know he’s still trying to get back.”

On Adam Cole’s status after his concussion: “He had no contact between Double or Nothing and Forbidden Door. He was on commentary. He had been cleared to wrestle. So now I’m also gonna take some time [off] for him. We had already taken some time and I’ll take some more time make sure he’s right and wouldn’t want him to wrestle until he’s feeling 100 percent. He was feeling 100 percent going into Forbidden Door. That’s how unpredictable these are.”

On the idea of a Forbidden Door event being done in Japan: “The idea of doing an event over there with AEW stars and New Japan stars is very potentially interesting, but if it happens it won’t be Forbidden Door. Forbidden Door is gonna stay in North America. It wouldn’t make sense with the time zones, the revenue.”