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Tony Khan On Possible NXT Move: ‘It Would Be Great To Run Unopposed’

March 5, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Tony Khan AEW

In an interview with Forbes, AEW President Tony Khan reacted to the recent rumors that NXT will be moving to Tuesday nights starting in April. Here are highlights:

On possibly expanding the number of AEW PPVs per year: “It’s something we’ve always talked about from the beginning as a possibility, but I don’t think it’s anything we would look at doing it immediately. I think as far as having a Big Four—AEW Revolution, Double or Nothing, All Out and Full Gear—I think we’ve established those are the Big Four events. We have a lot of other huge events, right now a lot of our big specials are being featured on Dynamite or on streaming specials—Fyter Fest, New Year’s Smash, Winter’s Coming, Fight for the Fallen—we’ve developed different relationships with different platforms, but our primary partner is Warner (Media).”

On NXT moving to Tuesdays: “I don’t know if that’s a real thing or not, but it would be great to be unopposed and I’d love to have an unopposed audience. When we have, we’ve done some really good numbers and I think that would be awesome.”

On if there are plans for Shaq vs. Paul Wight: “This is really cool that Shaq’s doing this. Shaq is a really great person, he didn’t do this for money, he’s like a really great friend. He’s been very kind to us and I’m just really, really thankful for him doing this. I wouldn’t book him in future matches or speak on his behalf about what he’d be doing, but I’m just very honored that he’s going to be with us [on AEW Dynamite.]”

On possibly holding other PPVs on Sundays: “On the three-day holidays, I think it’s good. I actually would argue that for Double or Nothing or All Out, a large percentage of the country is going to have Monday off, and in England those are bank holidays so a large percentage of England, people aren’t really working very much. Most people have Labor Day and Memorial Day off here and abroad. Double or Nothing, I am strongly considering going to Sunday. All Out I really think it would be really smart to do Sunday because then I don’t compete with College Football and the NFL won’t be going head-to-head. Full Gear I will keep on a Saturday. Revolution and Full Gear, whenever possible, I will do on a Saturday.”

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