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Tony Khan On Re-Signing The Elite, Updates on Bryan Danielson & Jamie Hayter

August 2, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Rampage The Elite Image Credit: AEW

Tony Khan commented on The Elite re-signing with AEW as well as giving updates on Bryan Danielson and Jamie Hayter. The AEW boss touched on the topics during his conversation with PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, and you can see highlights below:

On The Elite re-signing with AEW: “Well, I’m really excited about how great Blood and Guts was. I think from the very first episode of the show and from the very launch of the company, the Young Bucks have been a huge part of this, and Kenny Omega joined us right after and before we ever did a pay-per-view or a TV show or any wrestling here, they’ve been a big part of it from the beginning. And Hangman Page has been a key part at AEW roster from day one. I’m very excited to work with all of them, and I’m very excited that all of them are going to be staying in AEW for a very long time.

“They’re all going to be here for a long time, I can confirm to you. Today on the day of the 200th episode of AEW Dynamite with four really important stars, four people that have been really important individually and collectively to AEW from the very beginning of the company. I’m thrilled that the Young Bucks and Hangman Page and Kenny Omega will all be a part of AEW for years to come. And it’s great to be able to announce that officially today on the day of episode 200 of AEW Wednesday night Dynamite, which is a very fitting milestone.”

On Danielson and Hayters’ injury statuses: “Well, those are two great talents to the top stars in AEW, Jamie Hayter, and of course the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson. They’re different situations. I think there’s a little more clarity as to when Bryan Danielson will be back from his injury. I am very excited to get Bryan back. I don’t want to put a timetable because it’s a challenging injury and a tough recovery, but I’m very confident Bryan will be back later this year. I’m still not sure when Jamie Hayter will be cleared and she doesn’t know and we don’t know, but hopefully sooner rather than later. Bryan, I am very confident you’ll see in a matter of months though.”

On other names who are injured: “We have a number of great wrestlers who are out injured right now, and it includes some of the top stars in the company like Jamie Hayter, a former world champion, or Bryan Danielson, who’s been a great champion all over the world and a number of other wrestlers up and down the card. A lot of the great female wrestlers right now are out injured and we’ve had a lot of injuries across the division, people we haven’t seen in a long time. So whether it’s been some of our great hardcore wrestlers like Penelope Ford or The Bunny who’s getting close to returning to the ring thankfully, that we’ve missed. Or Red Velvet, Abadon, Serena Deeb, but a number of people that have been out injured across that division.

“So a lot of great names there. And in terms of great men’s wrestlers, a lot of great people out injured as well. Bryan Danielson is one of the greats and certainly I believe one of the greats in AEW and in all of wrestling, and a number of other key wrestlers too. We haven’t had Kyle O’Reilly able to compete in a long time, and he’s somebody that we really value and have missed. And have a number of other people that have been out with injuries across the company. But certainly you asked about two of our top stars and they’re in different situations with Bryan and Jamie.”