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Tony Khan On Time Management for AEW Revolution, Gives ROH Honor Club Subscription Number

March 6, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Tony Khan AEW Beer Image Credit: AEW

During the post-show media scrum for AEW Revolution, AEW CEO Tony Khan spoke about the time management for the show and gave an update on how many people subscribed to ROH Honor Club. Here are highlights:

On if the time management for AEW Revolution was better with eight matches: “Yeah, absolutely. A lot of the people that weren’t featured tonight…we’ll definitely try to feature people in upcoming shows. When you try to do the best PPV you can, and there’s been a lot of positive feedback about the match. The truth is the duration of every AEW PPV has been almost exactly the same except for Double or Nothing 2022, last year, where it was a unique situation. The NBA Eastern Conference finals were going to game seven and for business reasons I thought it would make a lot of sense to put a lot of the meat of the card after the game was probably gonna end. It did work because it was the most late buys we’ve ever done for any AEW PPV ever. Every PPV has been in the range of three-and-a-half [hours] and three-fifty-five. This was in that same range. So there was less leading up to the Iron Man match, like you said, because we needed to leave more time in the remainder of the card for the main event than we ever have before in the past. Generally every PPV has ended before 11:58 Eastern. before 8:58 Pacific. Except for one, which was by design. So to your point, we’ve tried to manage it so we can have the best PPV possible and I thought it was one of the best shows we’ve ever done. But when you have a 60-minute Iron Man match, especially one going into sudden death overtime and wanting to allocate that much time on the back end…it definitely meant less matches and we tried to feature as many people as we could but still have long matches because I thought it was a perfect balance and it was one of the reasons it was a great night. I thought the pacing was really strong. All the matches that led up to the main event were pretty much strong matches. I thought up and down the card, a lot of great matches tonight and one of the most balanced, best shows we’ve ever done.”

On the possibility of more TV time to feature more talent: “I think the three hours we have right now a great place and before AEW launched, it was something people were missing, having those hours of wrestling TV on a strong channel like TBS and TNT. […] I would love to have more hours of wrestling television. It’s great that we have AEW All Access, which is huge for the company and a big opportunity to get that real estate following Dynamite, and I think we’ll be able to have a good audience flow from Dynamite into All Access, it was a lot of positive feedback about that announcement. I know the network is very excited about how much engagement there was about All Access. But from a wrestling standpoint and trying to grow the roster and keep people hot when they get opportunities, it’s can sometimes be challenging at times for a couple of reasons. Three hours of television, injuries and things that have come up and changed circumstances. Injuries you can’t eliminate completely but we try to do everything we can from a physical standpoint. When people need time off, we’ll give it to them. Three hours of television right now, people can count on seeing the best lineups we can put out right now on TV. But I think we absolutely have the capacity to do more and more TV if that opportunity presented itself and I think there is demand for it.”

On ROH Honor Club subscriptions: “For Ring of Honor in a really positive business week, I can tell you now, as of today, just coming off the first television which has been very positively reviewed and we’ve got really great feedback on the first show. We’re at 12,000 streaming subscribers right now for Honor Club. Which I believe is as good as Honor Club has ever gotten even when Supercard was featured on it with MSG. So we’ve got the business there as a starting point, starting from scratch because we launched a new app, showing that there is engagement with that Ring of Honor TV which gives opportunities for some of the great stars in AEW that for one reason or another, depending on who it is and where it is, might be good to give them a chance in a program on Ring of Honor and feature them there.”

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