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Tony Khan Recalls the Reason His Father Gave Him Money To Launch AEW

October 26, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Tony Khan AEW

AEW president Tony Khan was recently interviewed by Business Insider, and one of the topics he discussed was the reasoning his father, Shad Khan, gave him for ultimately deciding to fund the launch of AEW.

When discussing the growth AEW, Tony Khan noted that his father eventually said yes since he’d be inheriting the money anyways. However, he did expect the younger Khan to “blow it” on AEW:

“My dad expected it to fail but I convinced him to take a leap. He gave me the money because he said I’d inherit it anyway so I might as well ‘blow it now.'”

Tony Khan also mentioned one of the reasons he thinks AEW has been successful is because of its blend of stars:

“One of the reasons AEW is really popular is that it’s a great blend of stars who have gotten experience from wrestling in other places and stars who have grown organically. It has to be a good blend of young stars and established stars.”

He then reiterated that while AEW has become a large wrestling company, he doesn’t expect wrestling fans to make a choice between AEW and WWE:

“When we started, we were a challenger brand and an alternative. Now we’re just a large wrestling company. But fans don’t have to make a choice.”

AEW was founded on January 1, 2019, with the company going on to launch Dynamite on October 2 of that year.

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