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Tony Khan Says He Is Unable to Comment on Status of CM Punk in AEW Fight Forever

January 17, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW: Fight Forever Image Credit: THQ Nordic

– During a recent interview with DAZN, Tony Khan was asked about CM Punk and if Punk will still be part of the AEW Fight Forever game roster, along with Punk’s status. Belo are some highlights and a a clip of Khan’s comments on Punk:

Tony Khan on Punk’s AEW Fight Forever status: “I’m sorry, I can’t comment on that. But I appreciate you asking about the video game, and I’m very excited about it. It’s a huge project for AEW, and we’re very excited. The release is coming. It’s imminent, and when it will be released, I really think fans around the world are going to have a great experience. And hopefully, it’ll also make some new wrestling fans and some new AEW fans, which would be great for everybody who works here. And that’s something we’re excited about.”

Khan’s response on CM Punk’s current status: “I can’t comment on that, but I appreciate you asking about it.”

It was previously reported that CM Punk is expected to stay on the AEW Fight Forever roster. The game does not yet have an official release date.