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Tony Khan Expects Streaming Rights To Be Part of AEW Media Deal, Talks Additional PPV Platforms

April 18, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW All Out Scrum Tony Khan Image Credit: AEW

Tony Khan weighed in on AEW potentially getting a streaming home and more during today’s media call for AEW Dynasty. Khan shared his thoughts on the company’s streaming rights, having additional platforms for PPV options and more during today’s media call, and you can check out highlights below (per PWInsider:

On AEW opening up PPV options for fans on different platforms: “I’m optimistic it’ll continue that we’re able to deliver the AEW digital PPV events on multiple streaming platforms. And this is the most digital distribution we’ve ever had for any AEW event, for AEW Dynasty this weekend which is really exciting. There are so many great options depending on what platforms you use, what kind of devices you watch, PPVs are on. Tthere will be lots of options to watch AEW Dynasty. I think it’s really cool that Warner Bros. Discovery has given us all these options. For a long time, Bleacher Report had been an exclusive platform, and I think that’s been beneficial to us because it’s helped bring us closer to Warner Brothers Discovery, which is our amazing media partner and an incredibly important relationship for us. And then for them to allow us to use multiple digital platform partners for distribution of AEW Dynasty and the upcoming PPV events, that’s really exciting for us. It allows us to reach even more fans now and do all of it with a blessing of our amazing media partner now that we’ve established that we have this great presence on Bleacher Report, and now touching other platforms. I think it’s awesome and I’m very excited about it. It’s a great step for us. I can’t say for sure what will happen after the next three events other than to say we will still have great digital distribution. Regardless, I’m optimistic and excited about the opportunity to distribute these upcoming shows on multiple platforms that was granted to us by our amazing media partners at Warner Brothers Discovery who have been so great to us at AEW.”

On the company’s streaming Rights: “I think it’s something that we’ll be looking at and evaluating in the upcoming media rights negotiations. I think there’s a great opportunity for AEW, and really our media team and all of our fans, to present this incredible library that has never really been made available. You know it’s amazing, we’ve done over 230 episodes of AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite. We’ve had hundreds of episodes of Dynamite, Rampage and now Collision is approaching a one-year anniversary. We’ve done so many great PPV events over the past five years, a large percentage of the best events on PPV and wrestling have been from AEW. The whole library has never been in one place together. There’s no place to really go back and watch all these Dynamites and all these great events. So, an archive library and a place to put streaming events, it’s a really interesting idea and I think it’s certainly something that has existed in wrestling, and wrestling fans are able to watch a lot of events on streaming. And the AEW events should be up there.

“It’s something that I expect to happen in our next media rights deal. We’re in an exclusive window right now talking to Warner Brothers Discovery, which is amazing and it’s been a great time with Warner Brothers Discovery. We’re coming up on the five-year anniversary of the debut of AEW on Turner Sports. That is phenomenal to me, and it’s really important. And I want to respect our media partner and how important those negotiations are to us. And certainly we’re going to have a great opportunity coming into 2025 to present all of the AEW TV and all of our major PPV events like like this Sunday. Where all these shows live in 2025 is to be determined, which is really exciting for us.”

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