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Tony Schiavone Didn’t Realize He Swore On Last Week’s AEW Dynamite

October 26, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Tony Schiavone AEW

If you immediately caught that Tony Schiavone dropped an F-bomb on Saturday’s AEW Dynamite, you knew before Schiavone himself did. On Saturday’s episode, the AEW announcer said that Bryan Danielson, who had just gotten Dustin Rhodes fired up with some kicks to the chest, had “f**ked up.”

Schiavone was unaware of dropping the not-safe-for-primetime word, as was shown on his latest episode of the Ad-Free Shows podcast What Happened When. Conrad Thompson pointed it out, and Schiavone reacted with surprise.

“When did I say f**k?” Schiavone asked (per Fightful), and then said, “And they let it air?”

Schiavone continued, “I spent the very next day with Tony Khan. He didn’t say anything to me about it. Who knows. It’s gone. I guess it’s online now, isn’t it?”

Schiavone speaks pretty freely on the podcast and addressed the swearing on national TV, saying:

“I had a feeling that it would come back to bite me, eventually, all the f**ks that I use on this podcast that eventually one would slip out. Usually, I would think that it would have registered with me at that time that I had set it. If you’re offended by it, f**k you. [laughs]. No, if you’re offended by it then I’m very sorry. There are stopgaps in place to prevent that. I think everybody missed it because Excalibur when we were walking back would have said something to me. He would have said, ‘Hey, you got f**k in.’ I would have gone, ‘What?’ Thank you for warning me, but I feel bad about this.”

In fairness, it’s been suggested that Schiavone actually said “bucked up” (assumedly meaning “got right back up”). We’ll let you be the judge: