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Tony Schiavone Says Ole Anderson Has “Regrets” About Reaction To McMahons

September 20, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Arn Anderson Ole Anderson Photo Credit: WWE

Talking about Ole Anderson during an appearance on What Happened When, Tony Schiavone referenced the regrets and history between Anderson and the McMahons (via Fightful). Anderson was famously excluded from the Four Horsemen’s WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2012 despite being a founding member of the heel stable, but tension between himself and Vince McMahon dates back to the 1980s.

“In later years, Ole told me this story, but in his later years, he regrets the way he treated Vince and Linda,” Schiavone explained. “Vince comes to the TBS studios during the takeover and he wanted to extend the hand of friendship to Ole. He says, ‘and here is my wife Linda.’ Ole’s line was, ‘you and your wife can go fuck yourselves.’ Something to that effect. He regretted that. That is old school and a guy [Anderson] who loved the territories and loved the old school, and a guy [McMahon] who was changing the wrestling business. Ole regrets that, but that’s the reason why Ole wasn’t part of the Four Horsemen inducted into the Hall of Fame.”

You can listen to the full episode below.