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Top 7 Worst WWE Couples

July 1, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
The Rock Trish Stratus

I don’t know if you guys have heard, but Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch are an item. Rollins & Lynch have taken their off-camera relationship onto the camera and are set to take on the Internet’s favorite heels, Lacey Evans & Baron Corbin, in a mixed tag team match at Extreme Rules. WWE has never been shy about showcasing relationships on their programming, and the idea of two of their top talents getting together had to make the backstage folks very excited.

(Except for the ones who think that they should be with Becky or Seth instead. They’re working to sabotage the whole thing as we speak.)

WWE has a long & illustrious history of couples whose love for each other made for memorable television. Randy Savage & Elizabeth’s real life story didn’t end well, but they gave us some amazing moments. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon’s on-screen adventures could fill a book. Edge made a main event career off the back of his relationships with Lita & Vickie Guerrero. Before that, Lita’s relationship with Matt Hardy gave Team Extreme an added dimension & appeal to fans.

Not every scripted or unscripted relationship ends well, or gives us great memories. Here are seven WWE couples that nobody would call magnificent.

7. Test & Stephanie McMahon

Test & Stephanie never really had a chance. On one side, you had a twenty-three year old early in his wrestling career trying to handle the trappings of fame. On the other side was a twenty-two year old gaining more responsiblity in her parents’ wrestling company being used in a role she had no experience in. Of course they were going to be gloriously awkward.

They both learned from the experience. Stephanie was much more at home at the side of Triple H, while Test later had real-life chemistry with Stacy Keibler & Kelly Kelly. One can’t help but wonder where WWE might be had Test & Stephanie had that same kind of chemistry when they were working together.

6. Ted DiBiase Jr. & Maryse

There was a very brief period of time in the late 2000s when people thought that the son of the Million Dollar Man was going to be as big a star as his father once he got out of the Legacy group. That didn’t happen. Teddy didn’t have the charisma of his old man, and trying to use his gimmick was a recipe for disaster. First he brought Virgil back to be his bodyguard, then he opted to attach himself to Maryse. Who could blame him?

Unfortunately, the two had zero chemistry on-screen. DiBiase just didn’t fit the role & you could tell he wasn’t really into Maryse. Maryse tried, but it was what it was. Her pairing with The Miz would prove far more successful.

5. Kane & Terri Runnels

Kane had his share of ill-fated relationships through the years. Tori ended up leaving him for X-Pac. Lita wanted to be with Matt Hardy instead, then decided that Edge was a better choice than either of them. We’ll get into the AJ Lee situation here in a little bit. Somehow, his relationship with Terri was more random than any of them.

We were into a phase where the writers decided they wanted to humanize Kane, and one way to do it was have him date Terri. It never really got over or led to anything, and was quietly dropped when Kane lost his mask and turned into a monster again.

4. John Cena & AJ Lee

2012 saw many WWE Superstars compete for the affections of young, crazy AJ. Daniel Bryan was her boyfriend for a few months, and after their ups & downs were over she turned to two of his rivals: CM Punk & Kane. After many shenanigans involving this love rectangle, AJ became General Manager. Apparently there was some kind of a rule forbidding the Raw General Manager from consorting with Raw Superstars, because accusations of AJ having an affair with John Cena led to her stepping down as GM. It also led to a very brief relationship.

While AJ exhibited proper chemistry with the other men she worked with at the time, Cena proved to be a bad fit. WWE figured this out pretty quickly & had AJ turn heel on Cena at the most convenient opportunity. The whole romance thing didn’t fit Cena’s character, even later on when he was paired with then-real life fiance Nikki Bella.

3. The Rock & Trish Stratus

Some have noted that Rock has never shown any chemistry with any of the love interests in his movies. There are just some actors that are like that. They have difficulty doing love scenes and things of that nature if they’re not legitimately into the person. Rock’s history with this goes back to his wrestling days.

Trish actually had more on-screen romantic chemistry with Vince McMahon than with Rock. Think about that for a minute. Much like Cena, Rock’s character & romance didn’t mix.

2. Steve Austin & Debra

While we’re on the subjects of characters that didn’t need love interests. Has there ever been a wrestling character less suitable for a romance storyline than Stone Cold Steve Austin? The man didn’t trust anybody & laid waste to anybody in his path. That’s what people liked about him. He didn’t need pesky things like love & marriages mucking things up.

Debra & her puppies were very over at the time, but people didn’t want to see her in Austin’s storylines. With a paranoid husband around at all times, the chances of fans getting to see the puppies went into the toilet.

1. Dolph Ziggler & Lana

This whole thing was so weird, especially if we’re to believe all the juicy backstage gossip. Word around the campfire was that certain folks didn’t feel like Rusev deserved to be with a woman as attractive as Lana. They felt that Dolph Ziggler was a better match from a cosmetic perspective, and booked an angle where Lana left Rusev for Ziggler.

It led to some of the most awkward television ever with Lana & Ziggler having no chemistry while feuding with Rusev & Summer Rae, who didn’t have much more chemistry than Lana & Ziggler. Eventually, Lana & Rusev took matters into their own hands, getting married & letting TMZ know all about the engagement. Theoretically, they could have kept the story going because it’s a television show & not real life. The storyline was going so poorly that nothing of value was lost when WWE opted to scrap it.

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