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Top Dolla On His Twitter Feud With Young Bucks, Says He Felt Disrespected By Them

October 21, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AJ Francis NXT Top Dolla

Top Dolla and the Young Bucks found themselves in a Twitter feud last week, and the Hit Row member discussed the whole thing on his podcast. As you may recall, Top Dolla sparked the wrath of the Bucks when he posted to Twitter talking about how some wrestlers “only wear sneakers on-camera to seem ‘cool & hip’ but in real life they rock vans and ASICS exclusively.” That led to the Bucks changing their Twitter bio to take a shot at NXT, and things progressed from there all the way into a freestyle that Dolla released on his Twitter account.

The Smackdown-bound wrestler discussed the back and forth on the Jobbing Out Podcast he co-hosts, and you can check out some highlights below per Fightful:

On how the whole thing began: “Hit Row ain’t nothing to fuck with. You play these little high school games you want to play and the craziest part to me about the whole situation is, I wasn’t talking to anybody in particular. As I mentioned in the video, a hit dog will holla, and like I mentioned in one of the tweets that really pissed them off is that they’ll tell on themselves and that’s exactly what happened. Then they got told about themselves.

“That’s the funniest part. I wasn’t talking to any in particular. I was literally making a Twitter joke and then people got butthurt and in their feelings. I didn’t even know they were wearing fake sneakers, I found that out afterward. Everybody was like, ‘Oh, he was dissing them because they were wearing fake sneakers a couple of months ago.’ I didn’t even know that. They told on themselves.”

On the Bucks taking a shot at him and NXT over his tweet: “I used to watch them cats. I wasn’t even talking about them. They just got in they feelings cause they little their Twitter minions gas them up and they realized very quickly that I’m not the one to play with. When they first did the NXT bio, I was like, ‘Huh, that’s rude. I’m not even in NXT anymore and I know that you know that.’ For you to do that, it kinda felt like it you were saying I should still be in NXT or you just wanted to shit on NXT for no reason. It’s disrespectful and unnecessary.

“Even then, I was l like, ‘I don’t feel like getting on these Twitter people, I’m gonna let these boys slide.’ Then they updated their bio again and it said, ‘We’ll make you trend just by mentioning you in our bio.’ I took that personally. I didn’t start nothing. I was like, ‘that’s an interesting comment.’ I read that as, ‘You’re a nobody and we can make you popular.’ In reality, them boys could never make Hit Row like I did. To say that to me is wild and very disrespectful. I had to let them know that I’m not the one to play with and these are not games we play. I don’t play around with my name and people. Everyone in the wrestling business learned a lesson that day and I’m sad that it had to be them boys to teach everybody the lesson, but now everyone knows that Top Dolla is not the one to be fucking with.”

On how his freestyle came together: “Anger. I got home at midnight and was like, ‘you know what’d be really funny?’ and I looked up the Young Buck beat, wrote the verse in five minutes. Luckily, I have a professional studio in my house because Top Dolla is not just a name, it’s my game. I recorded the song, edited it, shot the video, edited it, went to sleep, and posted it.”

On the reaction from people in WWE: “I can tell you I got my friends from that other company calling me and telling me ‘thank you.’ It has nothing to do with companies. There are people on both sides that bang with me and people that bang with other people. Everything I’m doing is to promote my name and my group. I still haven’t said their name. They felt the need to say my name on they’re show. How pathetic is that? Free promo. You gave me free promo and I gave you nothing.”