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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Bound for Glory 2006

October 14, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Bound for Glory 2006  

Pre-PPV Show:

-Tenay and West welcome us to BOUND FOR GLORY and the PPV pre-show.

-JB is outside, and Samoa Joe is sitting in the parking lot in a chair waiting for Angle, and not talking.

-Back to Hemme in the arena. Timing was off and she begins to hype the PPV.

-Video package time, LAX vs. AJ/Daniels.

-Tenay and West are back, as West has headset problems to hype the show. The arena looks good, they have three big screens and one major ramp way. They hype the show again, as West starts to go into sell mode and runs down the card.

-Bobby Roode is out. He discusses his search for a manager, and he has a swank robe on as always. He calls himself “Robert Roode.” Wait, is he joining the York Foundation? He doesn’t need Sherri to look good, Parker to help him win or Heenan to talk for him. He needs someone to take care of him and his finances, as well as main events and title shots. When you are a main eventer and a title-holder, you get the money. Together with his new CEO, they will make a lot of money. His new CEO for Robert Roode INC is…Miss Brooks. Traci is going the Miss Hancock route, with glasses and the skirt. Roode has some new tights, with a “$” symbol on them.

-Roode faces Hoyt in the pre-match. Roode wins at 4:08 with “The Payoff,” which is the lame roll of the dice finisher, via pin. Way to competitive a match, Roode should have dominated him. *

-Cornette and security are in the parking lot trying to get Joe to come inside.

-Back in the arena and Roode and Brooks humiliate Hoyt. Ron Killings is out and clears them from the ring. Killings on the mic. He sings his song for the fans, Hoyt dances and he is so white.

-Hemme is in the back to hype the 8-Mile street fight. Um…a midget keeps running in front of her, back and forth. She stops him and he says he is late. He is there for The Kevin Nash, Bound for Glory, X-Division, Open Gauntlet Battle Royal. Russo-Nomics.

-Video package time, Rhino vs. Cage.

-West and Tenay are back and hype the card once again.

-Video package time, Sting vs. JJ.

-Don west is ringside and is in FULL hard sell mode! SELL THOSE GEM 10 MINT CONDITION JORDAN ROOKIES BABY~!

-Outside we cut to Joe being held back by about 10-guys and Angle being held back as well! They call each other on and we fade…

-We get the Fozzy video to hype the show as the pre-show ends.


Cool video package as always to begin the show, playing off the history of Detroit’s auto industry, relating it to TNA and their dreams. Just a tremendous piece of video work.

Tons of pyro to kick off the show as Tenay and West welcome us. The crowd is hot.

Kevin Nash is out for The Kevin Nash, Bound for Glory, X-Division, Open Gauntlet Battle Royal. He has a bowling trophy and is in a suit, headed for commentary.

The Kevin Nash, Bound for Glory, X-Division, Open Gauntlet Battle Royal

Austin Starr and Sonjay Dutt begin the match. Lock up to begin as Starr has Macho mannerisms down. Shoulder block by Starr, head scissors by Dutt and then boots. Irish whip and a back elbow by Dutt. #3 is Matt Bentley. He attacks Dutt right away. Double team elbows to Dutt. Starr is awesome with the corkscrew elbow. Off the ropes and Dutt with a double clothesline. #4 is Jay Lethal. Cartwheel dropkick to Bentley. He and Dutt with dropkicks to Bentley. Starr with a leaping elbow and PRANCES~! Chops to jay as Bentley works over Dutt with an overhead toss. #5 is…A1? Oh that wacky Nash. Spinebuster on Jay by A1. Starr and Bentley work over Dutt. Starr tries to help toss Jay, #6 is Zach Gowen. Nash says he for the right one legged wrestler, because he is Dynamic. Moonsault by Gowen on Dutt. Starr levels him. #7 is Kazarian. Bentley and Kazarian toss Dutt. They celebrate and Jay fights off A1. Kazarian over to beat down Jay. #8 is Sirelda. Oh lord. She faces off with Kazarian and he slaps her. Rights by Sirelda, and a side slam on Kazarian. Chops to Starr, atomic drop and then a LOW BLOW by Starr on Sirelda. A1 tosses her. A1 is tossed out by Bentley. SHARKY is # 9. Dropkick to Kazarian and Bentley. Neck breaker on Starr. Lots of chants for Sharky.

#10 is Alex Shelley. Double cross body by Alex. He cleans house and sprays water in Kazarian’s face. He chokes Kazarian as everyone brawls. Gowen almost tossed, but holds on. #11 is D-RAY 3000! Head butt to Bentley! He and Sharky see each other…AFRO RAMS FOR ALL! They toss Bentley! #12 is Johnny Devine. He tosses Gowen. Devine beats on Jay as Alex beats down Sharky. Starr is still in. Lots of chants for Alex as well. #13 is Elix Skipper. Clothesline to Jay. Kicks to Devine and then a double spring moonsault! Starr tosses Kazarian and he lands HARD on the back of his head. Elix maybe hurt, as Kazarian pulled the top rope out from underneath him, could have blown his knee out. #14 is Short Sleeve Sampson, the midget. Sharky and D Ray have been tossed. Starr tries to beat down the midget and teases tosses him, press slam and another tease. #15 is Norman Smiley! Norman saves the midget and BIG WIGGLE on Starr, little wiggle on Devine by the midget! Starr press slams the midget out. He chases Slick Johnson. Slick is in the ring as Petey comes out at #16. This is also Russo-Riffic. Elix is tossed by Slick, who is now in the match and is pretty ripped. Hope Elix is ok. Petey tosses him. Petey slams the Paparazzi together and gets a lung blower on Jay. CANADIAN FUCKING DESTROYER on Jay! Petey is tossed by the Paparazzi! Starr tosses Devine and he and Alex brawl. Off the ropes and a trip by Devine, but Starr tosses Shelley!

Down to Starr and Jay, winner by pin or submission now. The Paparazzi argue, DRAGON SUPLEX by Jay gets 2 as Starr was in the ropes. Jay up top…Starr up and crotches him. Kicks to Jay, STARR BUSTA~! 1…2…3!

Winner: Austin Starr @ 17:24 via pin **¾

Shelley is upset and Nash is into shake Starr’s hand and present the trophy to him. Nash poses with Starr as Shelley is trying to explain himself to Nash.

Highlights of LAX beating down AMW and Gail Kim.

JB is with AMW. Gail is injured and not here tonight. Harris says no disrespect, but they will prove that they are the best. They will not forget what LAX did to Gail. LAX will not get away with what they did. Storm says Harris is right. Storm is pissed that they are allowed in America, consider them the new border patrol. Sorry about your damn luck.

Shane Douglas is out to hype the crowd…CUT THE DAMN MUSIC! They call him the Franchise…it is his honor to present the #1 contenders for the tag titles, the Naturals.

The James Gang are out, and BG does their shtick.

Ray on the mic, he says the best are here.

Kip says suck it.

FOUR CORNERS CHALLENGE: Team 3D vs. The Naturals vs. AMW vs. The James Gang

Shane Douglas leaves ringside as Chase and Storm begin the match. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block to Chase. Some reversals and a forearm by Chase. Dropkick by Storm and Ray tags in. Jabs to Strom, Uranage by ray. Harris in and a hip toss. Clothesline to Harris and AMW regroups. BG tags in and he and Ray do juke and jive punches on AMW. They dance and then nail each other. Devon and Kip in and they brawl, off the ropes and a double collision by them. Ray tosses Kip and BG tosses Devon. Douglas up top, Storm up as well…and he falls into the tree of woe. Harris over, Kip and Chase in and over…TOWER OF DOOM~~~! Shaky knee drop by BG, but Harris tries a catatonic…pump handle slam by BG. Chase in, TKO and then a clothesline. Kick by Storm, WHIRLY BIRD! Shades of Al Perez~! Devon in with the reverse suplex! Tornado DDT by Douglas! BUBBA BOMB on Douglas! Fameasser by Kip on Ray! Kip tossed and Chase covers Ray for 2. Lots of brawling at ringside and to the back by the ramp. Devon set up top…Chase up…Ray chops him and DEADLY DEVICE~! Slam on Douglas, Devon up top…WAZZUP head butt! DEVON…get the tables! Double dropkick by Chase on Team 3D! Natural Disaster on Devon 1…2…NO! Douglas high knees Chase by accident…3D on Douglas and that is all!

Winners: Team 3D @ 7:02 via pin **

Shane Douglas is out and Team 3D leaves him be. He tells at Andy, Chase grabs him and Shane slaps him! He bitches them out.

JB is backstage and Jake Roberts is here. He asks if JB likes a surprise. He could whip out the snake if he wishes…so many jokes. He will be the guide, a guy to check the pulse to see who is alive. Who better than he to be there than he?

We get a video for Monsters Ball.

-Raven has a Hannibal Lector mask on!

MONSTERS BALL: Abyss w/Mitchell vs. Raven vs. Runt vs. Samoa Joe w/Jake Roberts as Special Guide

They all target Joe to begin. They beat him down gang style, and Abyss tosses Joe to the floor. Runt after Abyss, he looks for toys as Raven and Abyss brawl. Runt gets a chair, drop toehold of doom by Raven. Hip toss by Raven on Runt, onto Abyss. Joe into kill bitches, ENZIGURI to Raven and he is down. Face wash on Raven, off the ropes…GOOZLE by Abyss…CHOKESLAM! He covers Joe by Runt and raven pile on to beat him down. Double Goozle by Abyss, he levels both men with a clothesline and then flapjack. PRESS SLAM ON RUNT INTO THE CROWD! Raven clotheslines Abyss to the floor. PLANCHA onto Abyss! The three brawl, Joe is up…NO HANDS CORKSCREW PLANCHA by Joe, who lands on his feet! Raven nails Joe with his mask. Abyss and Runt battle by the ramp, Raven nails Joe who FLIES OFF THE RAMP THROUGH TABLES! Runt climbs the set, as does Abyss! Runt slams his head off of the set, GOOZEL…CHOKESLAM onto the set below! Jake Roberts looks on as Abyss LEAPS ONTO RUNT OFF OF THE SET! No play shit either, no give almost. Crowd loves the match. Raven and Joe brawl, Abyss carries Runt as Raven tosses Joe off the stage through ANOTHER TABLE! Abyss rolls Runt into the ring and covers for 2 as Raven stops that. Abyss and Raven brawl on the floor and they go back into the ring. Avalanche by Abyss. 1…2…NO! Mitchell yells at Jake as Abyss grabs Raven, Joe is back and takes them both on. He tosses Raven to the floor. Atomic drop to Abyss, running yakuza and the senton misses! Abyss with the chair, kicks by Joe. GOOZLE by Abyss…chops by Joe and a boot by Abyss, SNAP POWERSLAM on Abyss on the chair for 2. Boots to Raven, and Raven sidesteps Joe, who falls to the floor. Abyss and Raven brawl and he tosses raven to the floor. Mitchell hands him the tacks, he goes to spill them put but Jake has his bag. HE and Raven argue, and Raven attacks Jake! Abyss nails them both and spills out the tacks. DOOMSDAY by Mitchell! Abyss has Raven, off the ropes…Joe low bridges him and Raven to the floor. Joe levels Abyss and SENTON INTO THE TACKS BY JOE! CLUTCH ON ABYSS! Raven has a chair and nails Joe, but he hold son, again and nothing! A third time and Joe breaks, Jake DDT’s Raven! Joe has Raven…MUSCLE BUSTA~! 1…2…3.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 11:19 via pin ***½

After the match, Jake puts the snake on Raven.

JB is with Eric Young. Eric is breathing into a LARGE paper bag. He is nervous, if he wins he stays. If he loses, well he doesn’t want to think about that. Larry Z is here and says Eric can’t win. He says he already has Eric beat.

Video time, Eric vs. Larry Z.

LOSER GETS FIRED: Eric Young vs. Larry Zbyzko

They play the crowd a bit, very similar to the UWF house shows with Eric. Crowd very into Eric. Larry stalls as he does so well. Tenay even jokes about it, and says to get a stopwatch. Lock up finally and rights by Eric. Off the ropes and the abdominal stretch by Larry. He pulls the tights, Eric reverses it! Larry hits the ref and tosses Eric down. Larry has KNUX! Misses and a LOW BLOW by Eric! He grabs the knux, contemplates using it and does! 1…2…3!

Winner: Eric Young @ 3:35 via ½*

Eric celebrates with the crowd.

Jim Cornette is out to the ring. Welcome to the biggest TNA PPV. His voice is almost gone actually. He is sick he says, and can hardly talk but would have had to be in an ICU before he would have missed the PPV. You have seen a great show, but there is more to come. The NWA Title match is coming up. He has an announcement to make. Joe and Angle have issues, but this is not the place. That time will come. He is here to let Joe know if he gets involved in the NWA Title match, he will be removed from the TNA roster.

Kurt Angle is out! His entrance rules. Some streamers for Angle as well.

Angle on the mic. He tells Cornette that he is just doing his job, but he was way to excited and he had to come out and kick some ass. This is why he came to TNA, because the fans are the best! TNA is the best, screw the rest. Now is business time. He knows he will be the enforcer for the NWA Title match tonight. I will call the match right down the middle because that is his job and he respects that. And I don’t need a buffer for Samoa Joe. If he would have been punked out…

Joe rushes the ring and the brawl! Security is out to stop them, but is having trouble doing so. Angle says Joe is nothing and he will whoop his ass! Joe breaks through and they brawl on the ramp! Security tackles them as the crowd loves it. Joe yells to let him fight and Angle is back for more brawling! They are separated again as Joe is held down.

Video time, Senshi vs. Sabin.

Tenay says Joe has been tossed from the building. So he will be back.

X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin vs. Senshi ©

Lock up and they battle around the ropes. To the middle of the ring and they shove off. Slaps by Sabin, kicks by Senshi. Uppercuts by Senshi, off the ropes and Sabin with a dropkick. Senshi set up top, and kicks to Sabin. Arm drags and a roll up by Sabin for 2. Dropkick by Sabin to the knee, German and Senshi to his feet and gets a kick to the head of Sabin. Senshi lays the boots to Sabin now. Off the ropes and a running elbow to Sabin for 2. Snap mare and Muta elbows by Senshi for 2. Arm bar by Senshi, Sabin battles out and chops by Senshi. Sabin back with rights, Irish whip and kicks by Senshi and a cover for 2. Snap mare and body scissors by Senshi. Sabin looks for an out, but Senshi rolls him over for 2. Slam by Senshi, and a cover for 2. Chops by Senshi, then by Sabin. CHOPFEST! Off the ropes and a spinkick by Senshi. Boot to the head and Sabin is down. In the corner and shoulder rams by Senshi, rights by Sabin and a crazy kicks by Senshi levels Sabin. Chops to Sabin on the apron, Senshi charges…but Sabin with a springboard missile dropkick to Senshi! Clotheslines by Sabin, chops and then tosses Senshi to the floor. Sabin in, charges…SUICIDE DIVE to Senshi! Sidekick and then an Enziguri by Sabin…Levitation dropkick by Sabin! 1…2…NO! Powerbomb try by Sabin, but Senshi gets the Dragon Clutch! Sabin rams him into the corner, TIDAL CRUSH by Senshi gets stopped by a basement dropkick. Tornado DDT by Sabin gets 2! Sabin up, goes for the shock, Senshi stops him and Sabin then sets him up top…Sabin follows…Top Rope RANA, rolled through and a DOUBLE STOMP by Senshi gets a close 2! Senshi grabs Sabin, off the ropes and a knee by Senshi. SPRINGBOARD LEVITATION KICK by Senshi gets 2! Off the ropes, Senshi misses a charge and Sabin gets a SICK yakuza to the back of Senshi’s head! Cradle shock try, counter…Ki-Krusher countered…CRADLE SHOCK by Sabin! 1…2…NO! Crowd going wild for this shit. Sabin sets Senshi up top…Sabin up… Senshi battles and elbows at Sabin. Knees to Sabin. STIFF kicks and to the mat they go. RUNNING DROPKICK OF DOOM by Senshi! Senshi up top…WARRIORS WAY to Sabin! 1…2…Sabin gets a foot on the ropes! Dragon clutch by Senshi…Sabin fights… Senshi has him center ring, Sabin gets a roll up out of nowhere and wins!

Winner: AND NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION Chris Sabin @ 13:00 via pin ***¾

Lethal and Dutt are out to celebrate with Sabin.

JB is with Cage. Cage says Rhino talks about having it hard and all. He says we even got a video with the locals putting Rhino over. Cage says they are all bums, pieces of crap. They think you have done something, but you haven’t. You have done more than anyone here though. I will take you out tonight in front of your loved ones and friends. I don’t think you’ll be inviting me back for dinner, and good because your aunt’s food sucks. Just like the Cardinals did to the Tigers, I will roll in here and whoop your ass in a clean sweep. And that’s…Cage leaves.

Rhino enters through the crowd. Rhino waits on the ramp for Cage.

8-MILE STREET FIGHT: Christian Cage vs. Rhino

He actually goes to the back and finds Cage. They brawl in the parking lot and Cage is dressed for a fight, bless him. Rhino yells at Cage and slams him off of some light rigging. There is snow on the ground! Back into the building and they fight through the backstage area. They fight on top of a ZAMBONI! Cage is on top and Rhino starts it up and drives it! He drives him into the arena and hits the set. Sure stolen via Russo, but fun. Rhino tosses Cage off top of the Zamboni and Rhino follows him to the ring. Eye rake by Cage and Cage grabs a piece of the set, a streetlight and Rhino steals it from him and levels him. Rhino grabs an 8-Mile road sign and then looks for more toys. He grabs chairs from the crowd and tosses then in the ring. Into the ring he and Cage go. He has another streetlight and Cage nails him with a chair. Rhino nails Cage with it and breaks it and covers for 2. Rhino sets…gore try is stopped by a chair shot by Cage. Cage is favoring his arm from the fall and then attacks Rhino. Rhino battles back as Tenay plays up his history of head injuries. Into the crowd we go for a BRAWL. Rhino pulls a Sandman and drinks a beer. Cage gets slammed into the hockey glass. Back ringside and Rhino lays the whooping on Cage. Rhino gets a table and sets it up. He also slides one into the ring. They are back in the ring and a belly to belly by Rhino. He sets up the table in the corner of the ring. Rhino grabs him, roll up by Cage for 2. Cage kills Rhino with the huge sign. Cage celebrates and spits on the sign. Cage gets a ladder and brings it in. Rights to Rhino who is busted open. Cage has the ladder and Rhino with a drop toehold and Cage eats the ladder. Cage laid out on the ladder… Rhino to the 2nd rope and MISSES a splash! Unprettier by Cage 1…2…NO! Cage has the ladder and levels Rhino again. Lays it on Rhino and goes under the ring and gets the chair and straightjacket. He tries to put it on Rhino and starts to lock Rhino in it. He grabs a chair and lays it down, Rhino on top…conchairto misses. Boot by Rhino and a head butt to the balls of Cage. The ref unhooks Rhino, they exchange rights…to the apron they go and a suplex try…stopped and back into the ring. They brawl back to the apron…RHINO DRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FLOOR! Back into the ring and Rhino covers for 2. Rhino sets for the gore…Cage up…MISSES and Rhino flies through the table! Cage covers 1…2…NO! Unprettier on the table pieces! 1…2…NO! Cage with the chair now, lays it on Rhino and then the table parts and the sign and ladder! He has a chair….and starts to beat the hell out of the pile of stuff on Rhino! Cage covers 1…2…3.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 14:44 via pin ***¼

JB is with LAX. Konnan says to live and die in LAX, they will not be stopped and this is over tonight! Thug life is all about this as they raise the violence to another level. Since it is so close to Christmas, they will give them a dirty Sanchez and they want a rusty trombone in return. That wasn’t gay at all.

They start to assemble the cage as Tenay and West discuss the show. TNA is in the World Series program in an article by AJ Persinski.

Video package time, LAX vs. Daniels and AJ.

Tenay and West hype the match as the completion of the cage is going on.

Homicide climbs the cage for his entrance.

NWA TAG TEAM TITLE/SIX-SIDES OF STEELCAGE MATCH: LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels ©

AJ and CD charge LAX and here we go! Hernandez and AJ pair off, Cide with a boot to CD, but eats aside back breaker. CD and AJ beat down Hernandez, drop toehold and a knee drop by AJ. Elbows by CD, leg lariat to Hernandez. CD tries to slam Hernandez to the cage, he fights and AJ tags in. Cide in and off the ropes, leap frog and a go beneath and dropkick by AJ! Forearms by AJ, CD in and a side slam/clothesline combo on Cide for 2. Boots by AJ, off the ropes and Cide slams him to the mat. RANA by AJ, side back breaker by AJ gets 2. Rights by AJ, off the ropes and AJ misses Cide and SLAMS into the cage! Hernandez tagged in and a boot by AJ, but Hernandez tosses AJ into the cage face first. LAX beats down CD, Hernandez with a sick clothesline to CD. T-Bone by Cide onto CD. AJ tries to get to his feet, as LAX gets an Electric chair drop/top rope elbow combo for 2. Elbows by CD, off the ropes and an overhead belly to belly by Cide. AJ is bleeding already and Hernandez tags in and covers CD for 2. Cide in with kicks to CD. Snap suplex, and then a knee to the head by Hernandez. Konnan hands Cide the GHETTO FORK~! And he nails CD! HE rams it into his head and CD is busted open! GHETTO FORK~! Snap mare and a tag to Hernandez. Nerve pinch by Hernandez now. CD fights to his feet, Hernandez catches him and powerbombs him into the cage and then into a sit down powerbomb for 2 as AJ makes the save! Cide drinks some Tequila and spits it into the face of CD. CD up top, Cide as well…CD fights and head butts Cide! TOP ROPE HIP TOSS ON CIDE! AJ tags in and starts to unload on LAX. Asai DDT to Cide! Hernandez has him, and AJ walks the ropes, trips but still gets a forearm to Hernandez. AJ and CD level LAX with clotheslines. Backdrop on Cide. Clothesline and a flap jack to Hernandez into the cage! Irish whip to Cide, boot and the HI-LOW to Cide! Running knee to Hernandez and a dropkick by AJ sending Hernandez into the cage! They grate Hernandez’s face off the cage. PELE to Cide! GHETTO FORK BY CD TO CIDE! AJ uses it now! Cide is busted open as well! Forearm to Hernandez but Cide with an elbow to AJ. Hernandez tosses CD into the cage. PELE on Hernandez! Everyone is down now. AJ to his feet, and he climbs the cage. Cide follows, and gets kicked off. Hernandez up as well…AJ all the way up top! Cide is up as well and they brawl as we get a PLEASE DON’T DIE CHANT! CD over as well… Hernandez is over and TOWER OF DOOM! AJ still up top thought! HUGE CROSS BODY TO HERNANDEZ! AJ covers 1…2…Cide makes he save! Diamond Cutter to AJ! CD takes him out but Hernandez levels CD. Hernandez up top, all the way up top! HUGE SPLASH MISSED DANIELS! CD has Hernandez, Angles Wings try and Konnan gives Cide a coat hanger and he chokes out CD! Konnan now grabs it and chokes CD. AJ and Cide battle, and grabs Hernandez…Enziguri to Hernandez. CD is freed but out on the mat. Styles clash try stopped as Hernandez KILLS him with a clothesline. GRINGO KILLA ON AJ! He is dead, 1…2…3!

Winners: AND NEW NWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS LAX @ 14:50 via pin ****¼

LAX celebrates with the titles and then beats down AJ and Daniels.

We get highlights of the match as refs and security check on AJ and Daniels.

We get a video package, chronicling the entire JJ vs. Sting feud.

Tenay and West hype the main event.

Kurt Angle is announced.

JJ is out.

STING IS HERE AS HYBRID STING! He has some read, old style trunks, Wolfpack like, no singlet top. I love when I am right. He is in good shape too, for a guy in his 40’s.

NWA TITLE MATCH – TITLE vs. CAREER: Jeff Jarrett © vs. Sting w/Kurt Angle Special Enforcer

Lock up and Sting tosses JJ aside. Lock up again and JJ takes Sting down. Lock up and some counters, headlock by JJ. Off the ropes and a hip toss to Sting. Knees by JJ, to the corner and Sting stops the hip toss, misses a rights and a hip toss by JJ. Lock up, off the ropes and a tackle by Sting. Off the ropes and a right by JJ. Sting is frustrated as the crowd is all over JJ. Lock up, rights by Sting. Off the ropes and a dropkick by JJ, sends Sting to the floor. FARGO STRUT! Angle tells Sting to go back in and he does. JJ tells Sting he doesn’t have it and he grabs JJ and unloads with rights. POWERBOMB by Sting! Foreman’s carry and drop JJ on the top rope. Clothesline and JJ to the floor. JJ pushes Angle and gets shoved back. Sting to the floor and they brawl. Sting slams JJ into the railing. Rights by Sting and the cameraman gets knocked down. Angle tosses the ref in and says he has it taken care of. JJ slams Sting to the railing. JJ has a chair…but Angle takes it away. Sting attacks JJ and they brawl up the ramp. Suplex by Sting on the ramp. Sting grabs the chair, Angle takes it from him. JJ up and Sting moves and JJ nails Angle with a clothesline into the chair and Angle is out! JJ drops Sting onto the railing and back into the ring we go. Boots by JJ, off the ropes and a sleeper by JJ. Sting escapes, sloppy reversal and a double cross body and both men are down. Angle is up and the ref counts on Sting and JJ. Angle in and OLYMPIC SLAM to the ref before he can count 10! Kurt is the ref now as he tosses out the ref. He tells them to get up now! Rights by Sting, chops and off the ropes…atomic drop to JJ. Clothesline. Another and a STINGER SPLASH! Scorpion death drop! 1…2…NO! Off the ropes and a knee by JJ…STROKE! 1…2…NO! JJ has Sting, tombstone try, counter and a TOMBSTONE on JJ, that was nasty. 1…2…NO! Sting up top, Low Blow by JJ. He climbs… Sting fights and tosses JJ off. Splash by Sting eats knees. JJ goes for the figure four, and has it locked in. Sting fights, and turns it. JJ has the ropes and Sting breaks. JJ has the ankle lock on and Angle is not impressed. Sting fights and JJ pulls him back. Sting fights and rolls, sending JJ to the floor. Sting gets the bat, Angle takes it away. Sting backs him off and JJ in with the guitar and EL KABONG to Sting! NO SELL! Scorpion deathlock by Sting! JJ fights…Sting sits down…and JJ taps!

Winner: AND NEW NWA CHAMPION STING @ 15:11 via Submission **½

Sting celebrates as JJ lays fallen on the mat. Angle gives him the bat and backs off.

The 411: First of all the show-looked great. It had a different look from the Impact zone and the production was good. Some are complaining that it wasn't "WWE" good, but it doesn't have to be. It looked good without the sanitized appearance; it looked like a wrestling show. I don't know about you but I like my "fightin" shows to look like FIGHTIN shows! We had Eight-PPV matches, four of them cracked *** very easily, and one went over ****. The rest of the matches were mostly solid, and the only match that was "bad" I would say was the Loser gets Fired match. The title matches all delivered in some way, and we got THREE title changes on the show. Most of the booking was good on the show, the crowd stayed hot all night and in the end it came off as a big show. You have a group of the normal haters saying the show blew, while you have another group saying it is the best PPV in TNA history. In the end I will go with a 8.1 out of 10 for the show, making it one of the better PPV's, if not the best of 2006.
Final Score:  8.1   [ Very Good ]  legend

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