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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Final Resolution (2007)

January 6, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Final Resolution (2007)  

PPV Pre-Show:

-Raven canes Devine for the hell of it.

-Hemme hypes the show and West and Tenay welcome us. We can vote for who we think will win Joe vs. Angle III via text message now.

-They run down the card, Last Man Standing will kick off the PPV.

-Leticia is with BOB BACKLUND~! He covers up Leticia and he DEMANDS she calls him MR. BACKLUND! He is here for the PCS finals, and he insults Nash with big words. Jesus he rules! She didn’t understand a word he said! He then scolds her for her choice of clothing and asks if her mom approved it. He gave her a dictionary! I LOVE BOB BACKLUND~!

-We get a video package for Rhino vs. AJ.

-JB is in the back with Rhino, he vows to kick the shit out of AJ for calling him Dr. Phill.

-Chase Stevens comes out for our pre-show match. He still has his Naturals gear, but is the only one still with the company. Hoyt is out, no dancing THANK ALLAH, JESUS AND MR. MCMAHON! Slick Johnson is our ref for this match, with his shorts. AJ Peirsinski and Dale Torborg are here this evening as well. I assume for more follow up with the Ekstein/Hoyt stuff from last month. They end up distracting Hoyt and Stevens beats him down. Hoyt wins in 2-minutes with a front TKO/F5 type move.

-He then gets in the face of Torborg and Peirsinski. Torborg and Hoyt brawl and Peirsinski. Nails him with a chair.

-Shane Douglas is out and bitches out Chase Stevens. He yells at him for wearing the gold and black attack. He says if he does it again he’ll…wait, Chase gets some balls and talks back to him. Security hits the ring and Chase is all pissed off and wanting to fight. He has a lot of energy for a guy that just lost in 2-minutes.

-We get a video package for LAX vs. 3D.

-Tenay and West discuss the baseball player gone wild. Damn trouble maker, he was probably all hyped up on amphetamines.

-West says that the winner of Joe vs. Angle will be the #1 contender for the NWA Title.

-They remind us of the text message deal…TECHNOLOGY~!

-We get a video history of the NWA Title feud.

-JB is with Abyss and Mitchell. Mitchell says it is a glorious time to be alive because he manages the champion. Sting will finally be eliminated from their lives tonight. Sting was trying to get to Abyss, and he did for a while, but he did what he did to Abyss to make him realize what he could lose. Abyss has his eye on the prize, the most prestigious title in the world, the NWA title. Abyss nods that he is focused and Cage with Tomko shows up. Cage says they need to talk, they have something he may be interested in. Tomko and Abyss stare down.

-Hemme bounces around and hypes the Angle vs. Joe match.

-We get a video history of the Joe vs. Angle feud.

-JB is with Angle. Angle says this is a huge match and he is more focused than ever. He came to TNA to end Joe’s streak and to win the NWA Title. He will do that next month. But tonight he tortures Joe, because he is PISSED off. He will prove he is the best, it’s real, it is DAMN real.

-West does the final hard sell for the show!

-The hype video runs.

TNA Final Resolution begins…NOW!

-We get an awesome opening video, using the “Seven Deadly Sins” theme, with Ali quotes and footage. Hard to explain, but really cool stuff.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show.

-AJ is now wearing long trunks as a way to change up his look.

LAST MAN STANDING: AJ Styles vs. Rhino

Rhino starts to chase AJ to kick off the match. Rhino starts to whoop his ass and delvers rights. A backdrop and Rhino is in control. This is falls and submissions, and then the man has to answer the “10-count.” AJ is tossed to the floor, PLANCHA by Rhino! Rhino rolls him in and covers for 2. Off the ropes and rights to AJ. Off the ropes again and AJ with the perfect dropkick. Boots by AJ, slams Rhino to the corner and again. Rights by AJ, Rhino fires up and fires back with rights of his own. Botch by AJ off a miscued reversal, off the ropes and a drop toe hold by AJ, AJ unwraps hi wrist tape and chokes out Rhino. The ref breaks that, rights by Rhino now. LOW BLOW by AJ. AJ gets a pretty springboard splash on Rhino for 3 @ 4:20.

The ref begins the count, Rhino battles to his feet ay 8. AJ attacks and lays the boots to Rhino. STIFF kicks by AJ. Rhino fights back and gets a reverse powerbomb to AJ in the corner. AJ manages to pull Rhino to the floor. CRAZY no hands plancha by AJ! Back into the ring, AJ covers for 2. Rights by AJ, and then elbows as AJ is in control. Irish whip and a reversal. Back elbow by AJ, springboard and caught…SPINEBUSTER gets 3 for Rhino @ 8:04.

The ref begins the count. AJ is up at 8. They circle slowly, rights by Rhino and then by AJ. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Rhino. Another and a cover for 2. Rhino sets AJ up top, follows him up and goes for the suplex, AJ fights…clash try, sun set flip powerbomb by AJ. 1…2…NO! Off the ropes and a counter, TKO by Rhino gets 2! Rhino to the floor, and he finds himself a table. AJ to the floor and crotches Rhino on the table. Rolls Rhino back in…SUPERMAN forearm by AJ, 1…2…NO! AJ to the apron…crotched by Rhino. POWERBOMB by Rhino! 1…2…NO! AJ was folded in half. PELE by AJ! AJ waits on Rhino…misses a eats a GORE, GORE, GORE! Rhino doesn’t cover, goes to the corner and sets…SICK GORE TURNS AJ INSIDE OUT~! 1…2…3 @ 13:57.

The ref counts as Rhino grabs a table again. He sets it up on the floor, back in and AJ sits down @ 9 and lets Rhino win, and says screw you and leaves!

Winner: Rhino @ 15:06 ***

-Rhino tells AJ he will finish him off tonight. He chases AJ to the back!

-Tenay hypes the rest of the card.

-Rhino and AJ are back brawling and Rhino gets a SICK RHINO DRIVER on the top of the ramp! Rhino grabs a table and drags it up the ramp. He sets up the table in front of the tunnel. AJ fights to get up…but moves and Rhino FLIES through the table!

-We get a video package for the X-Title match.

-Leticia is with Lynn. He says people think he is old and he knows he is taking a risk. He will set an example tonight. At 43, he knows he can dance with the best of then. Sabin, you haven’t learned everything I have to teach. Daniels, you should know you always learn something new, and after tonight, you will refer tome as teacher. Wrestling 101 begins…now.

X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Christopher Daniels © vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin

This is all three in at the same time. They go after Sabin, but he goes to the apron. Daniels and Lynn lock up, Sabin in and they go after him. Arm drag by Lynn and one by Daniels. Sabin escapes to the floor. Daniels rolls up Lynn for 2. Off the ropes and a dropkick by Lynn. Sabin in and attacks him, headlock on Lynn. Off the ropes and a three way criss cross! Daniels with a boot and STO/Neck breaker combo on both men. Daniels with rights to Sabin, tilt a whirl back breaker on Sabin. Tosses him to the floor. Enziguri on Lynn. Figure four head scissors on Lynn who is trapped in the ropes, and Sabin then nails Daniels with s clothesline. Lynn and Sabin in now and Sabin lays the boots to Lynn. Rights by Lynn, but Sabin beats him down. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Sabin. Daniels tries to get in and Sabin nails him and covers Lynn for 2. Lynn battles Sabin, but gets slammed down. Lynn manages a reverse DDT and a covers for 2. Daniels back in now. BLUE THUNDA DRIVA on Lynn gets 2. KOJI CLUTCH on Lynn! Sabin breaks that up. Sabin tosses Lynn to the floor and covers Daniels for 2. Boots to Daniels now. Jabs and a snap mare and stiff kick to Daniels. He nails Lynn as he tries to get in and covers Daniels for 2. Nerve pinch of doom on Daniels now. He slaps Daniels and gets a surfboard. Rolls into a cover for 2. Daniels battles back, but eats a dropkick by Sabin. Tree of woe by Sabin…LEVITATION DROPKICK by Sabin! Cover gets 2 as Lynn makes the save. Rights by Lynn to Sabin, to the apron and up top he goes. DUAL dropkick to Daniels and Sabin! Rights to Daniels and Sabin by Lynn. Clotheslines. Boot and a RANA to Sabin! Head scissors on Daniels! Cradle pile driver try, but Daniels clotheslines him to stop it. Turns Sabin inside out with a clothesline and everyone is down. Lynn up and slams Sabin to the corner. Sets hip up top…he is up as well, Daniels leaps up…FLATLINER TO BOTH MEN! Daniels is up first, BEST MOONSAULT EVER TO SABIN! 1…2…NO! Lynn broke it up and then covers Sabin for 2. Sabin rakes the eyes of Lynn, running boot countered. POWERBOMB by Lynn gets 2! Daniels makes the save, grabs Lynn and they exchange rights. Lynn counters and KRYPTONITE KRUNCH ON DANIELS! 1…2…NO! Sabin makes the save there, grabs Lynn, Lynn counters and Daniels nails him. Angels wings countered…CRADLE FN PILE DRIVER on Daniels! Sabin rolls up Lynn now and gets the sneaky pin!

Winner: AND NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION CHRIS SABIN @ 11:50 via pin ***¼

-JB is in the back with Nash. Nash says he feels proud, but it is his guys, and he is torn. 411 Hall of Famer Bob Backlund is here again! They shake and talk partying. Backlund is just awesome. Nash says he was mistaken and it was Hall he partied with. Backlund is up to the challenge and says the men better have been through their squats and Harvard tests. CROSS FACE CHICKEN WING~! Nash runs down what they did, and Backlund says it maybe a rough night.

-Eric Young shows up and says his career is running down and he and JB are supposed to go shopping. EY calls Backlund Mr. President and shakes his hand.

-We get a video package wrapping up the road to the PCS finals.

-Nash is out for commentary.

-Samolian Joe is Judge #1!

-Big Naked Oily Guy is Judge #2.

-And finally, 411 Hall of Famer Mr. Bob Backlund is judge #3!

PCS FINALS: 10-MINUTE TIME LIMIT: Alex Shelley vs. Austin Starr

Crowd way into Shelley. Lock up and a wristlock by Shelley. Star counters out and gets one of his own. Shelley rolls out, back to the hold for him. Drop toehold by Starr, Shelley escapes and get s a version of the Tequila sunrise ala Konnan. Starr escapes and they break. Test of Strength, boot by Starr. Off the ropes and a headlock by Shelley. Off the ropes and a shoulder block, no one moves. Again and they stand off. Starr calls him on, counters and a clothesline by Shelley. Rights by Shelley, Irish whip, counters and a springboard back elbow by Starr. Headlock take over by Starr. Fat Oily guy eats chips. Shelley with a boot and reverse kick to Starr. Side back breaker by Shelley, sliced bread #2 countered and Shelley tells Starr he was that close. Elbows by Starr, slaps to Shelley. Boots now and Shelley with a dragon screw leg whip on Starr. Shelley charges, Starr pulls the ropes down and Shelley crashes and burns. TWISTING plancha by Starr! Back into the ring, Starr misses a shoulder block, eats a kick and Shelley up top…KNEE to the head of Starr. Starr to the floor…SUICIDE DIVE by Shelley! Shelley makes a score mark on Backlund’s sheet, tremendous. Back into the ring, kicks by Shelley. Slam and a LIONSAULT by Shelley, 1…2…no. Starr gets a drink of water, spits it in Shelley’s face. Starr buster countered and an Enziguri by Shelley. Corner forearm charge by Shelley. Drop toehold in the corner. Dropkick by Shelley rams Starr into the corner, and covers for a close 2. Sliced bread #2 try again countered and Starr gets a sick-charging dropkick for 2. Starr up top…Shelley knocks him off, KICK to the balls. LUNG BLOWER~! Shelley to the apron…slingshot DDT! 1…2…NO! One minute left now. Shelley grabs Starr, side kick and sliced bread #2 countered into a front flapjack! Seated senton by Starr. Camel clutch on Shelley! Shelley fights for the ropes…and he holds off in the last 15 seconds.

To the judges we go. Samolian Joe votes for Starr. BFNOG votes for Shelley. Finally, Backlund votes for…Backlund in the ring and talks to JB. He starts to talk about their conditioning. He scores Starr a 92, Shelley a 95. In takedowns in the proper position, Starr 82, Shelley 95. For body positioning, Starr 90, Shelley 85. For pinning combinations, Starr 10, Shelley 9. As for building a match to entertain the PLEEBES…Starr 25…Shelley 25. That’s the verdict. He votes for a draw.

Nash leaves the broadcast table and talks to JB. We now go to 5-minutes sudden death!

Shelley gets some roll ups for 2. Crazy lucha roll up for Shelley and that is all!

Winner: Alex Shelley @ 14:59 (total time) via pin (Sudden Death) ***¼

-The other X-Guys come out and celebrate with Shelley.

-Starr is pissed. He yells at Nash and Nash shoves him down. Senshi holds him back, and Star has the mic. He is sick of this CRAP! He didn’t come to TNA to do this crap they have done. He isn’t here to make Nash famous again either. He only respects Senshi, because he is a warrior. Senshi refuses to leave. He mocks Senshi now. Starr slaps him and Senshi starts to kick his ass! Starr leaves and throws down Samolian Joe. He yells at Backlund and SLAPS HIM! CROSS FACE CHICKEN WING ON STARR~! BOB BACKLUND IS AWESOME~!

-We get a video history on the break up of AMW.

James Storm w/Gail Kim vs. Petey Williams

They talk junk to begin. Lock up and to the corner they go. Chops by Williams, and Storm tosses him down. RANA by Williams, dropkick and Storm to the floor. Slingshot by Williams countered by Storm as he slams him to the apron. Chops by Storm, and rams him to the apron back first. Back into the ring and Storm covers for 2. Back breaker by Storm and a cover for 2. Headlock by Storm, Williams escapes and rights to Storm, roll up by Williams gets 2. Storm levels him with a clothesline. Powerbomb by Storm, whirly bird follows. Storm covers for 2. Storm chokes Williams on the ropes, rights to Williams follows. Camel clutch by Storm, rakes the eyes and breaks the hold. Storm wants Gail to help and she refuses. Williams counters a powerbomb with a DDT. Williams with a clothesline to Storm. Another. Off the ropes and an elbow by Williams. Tornado DDT countered and Williams up top…cross body by Williams. Russian Leg Sweep by Williams. He reels Storm in, Destroyer try…Storm rams him to the corner and sets Williams up top. Snaps him off, reverse DDT by Storm gets 2. Off the ropes, Williams tossed to the apron and Williams with a kick, Sunset flip and a dropkick by Williams. Front lung blower by Williams gets 2. Trip by Storm, Storm sets for the super kick, misses and then tries a Catatonic, Destroyer countered and Storm grabs the ropes and pins Williams.

Winner: James Storm @ 6:50 via pin **

-Gail tells the ref he cheated, and Storm attacks Williams. He beats him down and gets the handcuffs from Gail. He handcuffs Williams and gets the beer bottle. Gail stops him and he gets pissed. He grabs Gail and she slaps him. Gail tells the ref he cheated, and Storm attacks Williams. He beats him down and gets the handcuffs from Gail. He handcuffs Williams and gets the beer bottle. Is helpless and Gail LOW BLOWS Storm! She fights back against Storm and is just pounding on him. She gets the bottle…and Miss Jacqueline is here! She attacks Gail and beats her down! She grabs Gail and Storm tells her to go up top. DEATH SENTENCE on Gail! They celebrate.

-We get a VKM video package.

-The VKM make their way to the ring with chairs in hand. BG, who is fatter by the day, says war is hell. Sometimes it is hard to declare a victor. But that is what they are doing here tonight. VKM over WWE. They had no choice, they did everything they were supposed to do. They went to Titan Towers, and WWE didn’t do anything. They went to a live event and they did nothing. BG says to HHH to heal his wheel as they don’t like to see anyone go down. They called out HBK at the Alamo, and nothing happened. They laid out the Million Dollar challenge, and he learned that they were cowards and stupid. Not only would they have got the cash, but ratings. Not the ratings they got for K FED beating Cena, Cena did the job. Now then, he isn’t talking about Celeb. look a likes having a match, where Vince sat ringside. He heard the boos and the chants of TNA. Well Vince, it got me to thinking. Maybe our battle is over with and we won. What that brings me to is this. You still wage war against the good fans. One thing a person doesn’t like is to be insulted and that is what you do week after week. You keep us bogged down in this crap of WWE Raw. The people have spoken and it is time the fans stand up and show you what is the real deal. To yell we’re not gonna take it and the fans sing along. So Vince, HHH, HBK and wrestling fans around the world, there is a new sheriff in town and that is TNA.

-Christy Hemme is out here and asks to say something. She doesn’t mean to interrupt or to disrespect them, but she has to say something important. She has watched them for months. They talked about DX and she thinks they are missing something. What about Chyna? Why is she ignored when they talk about DX, because she is a woman? She is talking about Lita, who was ran from the business. And why do they have to run from the business? Because women are disposable? Tracy, Gail, all these talented women, they aren’t disposable and neither is she. She wants to wrestle, because she loves it. She cries. This may be the last time she is with the company, and if it is, this is worth it. She says women deserve respect and to be more than a blip on the history of wrestling. Boring chants. BG says they all love it and all want wrestling. He says there is room for everyone. Kip on the mic. He calls her a slut to a pop. G. back to the strip club you got fired from and don’t you ever interrupt me again. Girls are good for 2 things. BG steals the mic and Hemme says she is good for their bodies and putting men back in line. She slaps Kip and BG holds him off. Wow…yeah.

-JB is with Team 3D. Ray says they are ready, they are always ready. Team 3D vs. LAX, the match the people have been dying for. Old vs. New. LAX, you took out Runt so we took out Konnan. We have been in a million matches alone, what about you? You have always had Konnan. People have been telling us we don’t have to worry because LAX hasn’t done anything. LAX has something we want. They are jealous of LAX because they have the elusive NWA Tag Team Titles. Fighting Team 3D is a lot easier said than done. TESTIFY~!

-Sting is looking for Abyss.

-We get a video package for LAX vs. Team 3D.

-Moody Jack is back to announce LAX.

NWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) © vs. Team 3-D (Ray and Devon)

Hernandez and Devon to begin things. Lock up and a headlock by Devon. Off the ropes and Devon holds on. Hernandez escapes and they talks shit. Tackle by Hernandez and nobody moves. Devon’s turn and a flying shoulder block to Hernandez. Arm drags and a dropkick by Devon for 2. Wristlock and a tag to Ray. Hernandez backs off and Cide spits on Ray and he calls him on. Cide in and Ray shoves him down. Lock up and a headlock by Cide. Ray picks him up and tosses him off. Rights by Cide, Irish whip and Ray holds on, and tosses Cide down. Slam to the corner by Ray, misses a chop and rights by Cide. Off the ropes and a SICK Uranage by Ray gets 2. Tag to Devon, off the ropes and a side slam/leg drop combo gets 2. Jaw breaker by Cide, tags in Hernandez and they beat down Devon. Hernandez holds Devon and Cide gets a flying clothesline to the back, Hernandez covers for 2. BIG chops by Hernandez, Devon fights back and Hernandez tosses him down and tags Cide. Snap mare and kicks by Cide. Neck vice applied, Devon escapes and gets a spinning back elbow to Cide. Tag to Ray, chops by Cide. Rights and lefts by Ray and tosses Cide to the floor. He follows and they brawl crazy on the floor, back in and Devon in with Cide. Hernandez back in, shoulder blocks in the corner to Devon. Hernandez nails Ray, tag to Cide and they whip Devon and get the clothesline, corner splash combo for 2. Snap mare and headlock by Hernandez. Devon fights, to the corner and Cide tags in and they whip Devon, but he gets a clothesline to both men. Devon fights them off, neck breaker to Hernandez for 2. Clothesline to Cide. Hernandez misses a splash and Devon with a clothesline for 2. LAX grabs Devon…suplex/elbow drop combo on Devon gets 2. Ray is busted open hard way, not big though. Devon fights off Hernandez, tag to Ray and a slam by Ray, nails Cide and they get the Wazzup leg drop. Tables time says Ray, 3D on Cide! They toss Hernandez to the floor. Hernandez may have hit the steps on the way down. Runt is out and they say he is drunk again or something, he drinks and comes off the top onto Cide and 3D gets DQ’d. That was shit.

Winners: LAX @ 10:21 via DQ (ASS)

-Ray kicks the hell out of Runt and throws him to the floor.

-The results of the text voting are Joe 57% – Angle 43%.

-JB is with Joe. Joe says welcome to end game and the climax, the final resolution. When they started it, it was about who was better. And when Angle realized Joe was better, he made it personal. Joe promises Angle will pay for 30-minutes for everything he has done. Joe will beat him into the ground. Now Angle stands in the way of the NWA Title. Joe promises that Angle will be broken.

-We get the video package to hype the match.

#1 CONTENDER’S 30-MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Angle tries a takedown, to the corner and they break. Lock up and to the corner, they fight for position and break again. Arm bar by Angle, take down and he works the arm of Joe. Switches to a headlock now, Joe to his feet off the ropes and a shoulder tackle to Angle, takes him down. Angle to the floor and Joe calls him on. Angle back in, lock up and a headlock by Joe. Angle reverses the hold and Joe then takes him down. Angle escapes and they stand off. Lock up again, off the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Joe. Angle to the floor again for a powder. Back in now, they circle and lock up, headlock by Angle. Off the ropes no wand Angle holds on, hits the ropes himself and gets a flying shoulder tackle to Joe. Uppercuts by Angle rock Joe. Angle chokes out Joe with his boot. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Joe. Jabs to Angle, off the ropes and a corner forearm smash by Joe. Leaping Enziguri gets 2. Snap mare and a seated abdominal stretch by Joe. Angle sneaks out, to the corner they go and they break, but Angle with a shoulder ram to Joe. Kicks to the legs by Angle as he works the knee. Overhead belly to belly by Angle. Rights to Joe now, and then a choke by Angle. Angle grabs Joe, backdrop suplex gets 2 for Angle. Mounted headlock by Angle. Switches to the side now, Joe works to escape and gets to his feet. Elbows to Angle, off the ropes and a knee to the gut by Angle, cover gets 2. Another cover for 2. Snap mare by Angle, headlock and the body scissors by Angle. Joe works to escape the scissors, but Angle gets it back. Angle with more of a high bear hug now, Joe works to the ropes and Angle has to break. Rights by Angle now. Uppercuts to Joe and he is rocked. Angle lays the boots to Joe as he slides to the mat. Suplex try by Angle, countered and Joe with a snap suplex on Angle to turn the tide for now.

10:00 in now (0-0) and they exchange rights. Off the ropes and Joe sidesteps Angle and he flies to the floor. ELBOW SUICIDA by Joe connects, but Joe hits hard. Joe rolls Angle back into the ring and covers for 2. Uppercuts again by Angle, off the rope and a snap powerslam by Joe gets 2. Irish whip and Joe misses a charge, GERMAN by Angle and a cover for 2. Uppercuts to Joe, Irish whip and a reversal, forearm by Joe. Sets Angle up top… Angle slides out of the muscle buster and then Joe gets the CLUTCH~! ANGLE TAPS!

13:00 in and Joe is up 1-0. Angle back to his feet and they stare down from across the ring. Joe charges with a boot to Angle, and then lays in the chops. Eye rake by Angle, rights to Joe now. More rights by Angle and Joe is down as Angle nailed Joe in the throat. Mounted headlock by Angle now into a modified camel clutch. Angle slides back to the headlock again. Joe fights to his feet, elbows out and Angle clubs away at the back of Joe. Olympic slam countered by Joe, SICK LEAPING KNEE by Joe! Clutch by Joe, no ANKLE LOCK APPLIED~! Joe taps!

16:15 in now, 1-1 is the score. Angle back to the leg, kicking away at the knee of Joe. Angle chokes out Joe in the corner now. Uppercuts by Angle, cover gets 2. Angle back to the headlock and half scissors on Joe. Crowd still very lively at this point. Joe rolls Angle, but he still holds on. Joe to his feet, elbows out and Olympic slam countered, Angle covers for 2 though. Angle trips Joe and gets the ankle lock again with the grapevine! Joe Taps!

19:00 and Angle is up 2-1. Angle stalks Joe, rights to Joe in the corner. Joe back with jabs, but Angle kicks the leg. Uppercuts to Joe, who can barely stand. Angle kicks away at the knee again. Uppercuts, Irish whip but Joe gets an STO on Angle. Rapid fire punches by Joe. Irish whip…RUNNING KNEE OF DOOM! Sets Angle up top…Angle slips out of the muscle buster and rolls up Joe for 2. Olympic Slam by Angle! 1…2…NO! STRAPS DOWN! Ankle lock applied again! Joe rolls, Angle slams into the corner and Joe sets Angle up top…MUSCLE BUSTA~! 1…2…3!

22:30 in and we are tied 2-2. Jabs by Joe now. He rocks Angle in the corner, off the ropes and Angle CHOP BLOCKS Joe. Angle gets a step over toehold on Joe now and rolls into the ankle lock with the grapevine! Joe fights, Angle changes to a standing position and Joe rolls out and Angle to the apron. Up top…Leaps…Joe catches him, reverses, German countered and Angle gets a victory roll and gets the pin!

25:00 in and Angle leads 3-2. Joe fires up and goes after Angle with rights and lefts. Angle to the floor and Joe follows. Angle kicks the knee again, uppercuts and they exchange shots now. Angle back in and catches Joe on the way on. Rights by Angle now, uppercuts and charges…STJOE~! Joe has Angle, sets him up top…rights to Angle, he slides out and pulls Joe down and slams his knee off of the steel post! Again! The ref warns him and he beats down Joe on the floor. Angle tries to stay away from Joe, back into the ring and jabs by Joe. 2-minutesleft in the match. Joe has Angle up top again…LEAPING Enziguri! MUSCLE BUSTA~! 1…2…ANGLE GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Joe goes for the clutch, Angle tries an ankle lock but Joe rolls, clutch try, Angle rolls and Joe back for a clutch try. MMA elbows by Joe, ANKLE LOCK BY JOE! 20-seconds left, Angle fights…GRAPEVINE BY JOE! 7…6…5…4…3…2…1!

Angle taps after the bell at 30:01. Angle gets the title shot next month.

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 30:00 via 3-2 decision ***¾

-JB is with Sting. He is not ready to give up on Abyss. Tonight Sting gets rid of the puppeteer and “Chris” will be a new man. Mitchell and Abyss are here. Mitchell says Sting makes him sick. Mitchell says Sting is no different, a sadistic animal like him. Mitchell says the crusade is over and end times are here. Sting grabs Mitchell and says he will dance with the devil in hell, because there is no more room for him here. Sting leaves and Mitchell demands that Abyss wins.

-We get a video package for the NWA Title match

-We have a little cage at ringside, must be for Tomko. Cornette is out here and confirms this.

NWA TITLE MATCH – THREE WAY DANCE: Abyss © w/James Mitchell vs. Christian Cage vs. Sting

10:41 as we begin, this won’t last long. They all brawl to begin. Sting fights them off, boot to Abyss and he clotheslines him to the floor. Cage with rights to Sting and then chops. Rights by Sting now, mounts him and drops heavy rights. Off the ropes, elbow by Sting. Abyss trips him though and crotches him on the post. Mitchell says to take Sting’s head off. Abyss slams him into Tomko’s cage. Cage dives onto Abyss, but is caught and dropped onto the railing. Abyss then misses Cage and eats the steel post. Clothesline by Cage on the ramp to Abyss. Cage slams Sting into the cage again, and then a slam on the floor. Abyss and Cage back into the ring. Boots by Cage, rights now. Abyss stops him from an Irish whip, and then gets a corner splash on Cage. BIG flapjack by Abyss. Shock Treatment try…escape and then Abyss escapes the Unprettier and gets the Shock Treatment for 2. DOOMSDAY by Mitchell, Cage escapes the black hole slam and gets a dropkick to the knee of Abyss. Cage up top…splash but Abyss GOOZLES HIM! CHOKESLAM! 1…2…NO! Abyss nails Sting as he tries to get back in. Tomko chokes out Sting through the cage. BLACK HOLE SLAM on Cage! The ref is on the floor trying to save Sting. Sting tosses the ref in the ring, slams Cage back into the ring. GOOZLE…eye poke by Cage and a LOW BLOW. Sting tosses Abyss into Cage, he falls to the floor and Sting pins Abyss! Abyss is eliminated @ 5:50.

Sting offers a handshake, GOOZLE…Mitchell yells to kill Sting, but he refuses and leaves the ring. Mitchell yells at Abyss, Cage nails Sting…missile dropkick to Sting gets 2. Cage chokes out Sting. Snap mare and a stiff kick to Sting. Neck vice by Cage. Cage rakes the eyes of Sting. Headlock still on, Sting escapes and Cage with a back elbow on Sting. In the corner now and Cage slaps Sting. Sting fires up, Cage is freaked and they exchange rights. NO SELL and Sting just takes Cage down. Rights and off the ropes, big backdrop by Sting. Off the ropes and a boot by Cage, GOOZLE by Sting…PRESS SLAM BY STING! Stinger splash! Another but it misses! Cage up top… Sting follows…SUPERPLEX BY STING! Mitchell is back ringside. He distracts Sting, Cage attacks but Sting gets the Deathlock! Mitchell releases Tomko as Cage fights! Tomko in and nails Sting as Mitchell distracts the ref. TKO on Sting! Cage covers 1…2…NO! Cage distracts the ref, Sting fights off Tomko and tosses him to the floor. Abyss is here to help and takes out Tomko! They brawl and Abyss locks him back in the cage again. Cage misses a belt shot…UNPRETTIER BY STING! 1…2…NO! Cage off the ropes, Sting ducks and a REF BUMP~! Sting chokes out Cage, Mitchell in the ring and hits Sting. Abyss is in and Sting has Mitchell…but Abyss ATTACKS STING! Stupid Sting. Sting is out. Cage up top…FROG SPLASH to Sting! Cage grabs the ref, 1…2…3!

Winner: AND NEW NWA CHAMPION CHRISTIAN CAGE @ 13:20 via pin **

-Cage and Tomko celebrate as we end the show.

The 411: As usual a very good effort from the crew as far as wrestling goes for the most part, not too much bullshit. Drunk Runt = Suck Ass, Main Event = Cluster-riffic and the VKM and Hemme stuff was, well, "interesting." But they delivered on the in ring aspect of the show and made sure to FILL the show as it did not end until 10:55pm. Overall I will go with a 7.0 out of 10 for the show and a solid recommendation for the replay for the wrestling, which is the only reason the show gets the 7.0/ The other stuff is already annoying, and Russo, Dutch and Jeff are not endearing themselves to me.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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