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Tremendous Tirades Throwback – TNA Lockdown 2006

April 15, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback – TNA Lockdown 2006  

PPV Pre-Show!

This is different. The pre-show is pre-taped this year. I guess they didn’t want to mess with pre-show matches and then being rushed to put the cage up.

Tenay and West are standing in the ring with the cage up running down the card. I think that they painted the cage black, or the pre-tape cage is black.

We get a video package, highlighting various matches.

JB discusses the Cage vs. Abyss match, and we get a video history of the feud, including the camera work of Alex Shelley.

Tenay and West now hype Lethal Lockdown, with Team Sting (Sting, AJ Styles, Ron Killings and Rhino) vs. Team Jarrett (JJ, Scott Steiner and America’s Most Wanted © (Storm and Harris). Two men start, and then when the cage fills up with all the men, the ceiling (with weapons hanging from it) will lower and the real mayhem begins!

We get a video package detailing the Sting vs. JJ feud.

Next is a video package featuring the LAX vs. James Gang feud.

JB is back to preview the Sabu vs. Samoa Joe © X Title match.

Video package is show hyping the match.

JB hypes the Team 3D vs. Team Canada Anthem/Flag match, with the usual video package.

West does the final hard sell for the show.

They play the really cool video that they used to close Impact.

TNA Lockdown begins…NOW!

The PPV opening video is the really kick ass video they have been plugging all week on TNAwrestling.com.

Tenay and West welcome us to the show.

X Cup Preview: Team Japan (Goto, Minoru and Black Tiger) vs. Team USA (Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Alex Shelley)

Alex and Minoru to begin. Lock up and a wristlock by Alex. Some reversals and they break. Arm drag by Alex but some stiff ass kicks by Minoru, but Alex fires back with some of his own. Rights by Alex, avoids a dropkick, hits the ropes but Minoru nails the dropkick this time. Wristlock on Alex and a tag to Tiger. Cobra clutch variation on Alex, Alex back drops out but Tiger gets an odd leg takedown, which looked great. Tenay plays up the Black Tiger legacy as Jay tags in. Goto is in now, some good ground reversals by both men and they stand off. Off the ropes, reversals and a take down and basement dropkick by Jay. Tiger tags in, chop battle now and a tag to Dutt. Team USA triple teams him and they get a 2 man front lung blower followed by an Asai moonsault by Dutt. Alex back in and into an abdominal stretch. Tag to Dutt and Alex tosses Dutt onto Tiger for 2. Team USA working well together now, Dutt with a Muta-like elbow for 2. Drop toehold by Tiger to Dutt, tag to Goto and he stomps away at Dutt. Tag to Minoru now, snap suplex onto Dutt. Knee drop and a choke brings Alex in to break it up. Team Mexico is here to watch, Shocker, Puma and Magneto I think they said. Team Japan gets a triple dropkick to Dutt for 2 and Alex makes the save. Minoru teases allowing Dutt to tag, and then stomps away at him. Goto tags in, hp toss and a single leg crab. Alex breaks it up, and Tiger tags in. Irish whip and a boot by Dutt. RANA by Dutt! Tag to Jay! Clotheslines to Tiger. Boot and then a leg lariat for 2. Forearms by Jay now, then eats an elbow and Tiger gets a dropkick. Goto back in now and a SICK belly to back suplex gets 2. Irish whip to Jay, forearm and Team USA with the triple team attack. FROG SPLASH by Alex on Goto gets 2 as Jay tries to help. Enziguri by Alex, German by Jay gets 2! It breaks down now and all 6-men are battling. Minoru has Jay, off the ropes and gets a kick. SWEET CROSS ARM BREAKER but it is broken up. Tiger in with Jay, flapjack to Tiger. Minoru misses a kick but then gets a dropkick. Got in with a spin kick now. Dutt gets a dropkick and Alex accidentally super kicks Dutt! Jay tries to fight off tiger and Goto. Black Tiger in…TIGER SUPLEX on Jay and that is all!

Winners: Team Japan @ 12:12 via pin ***¾

West and Tenay hype the Lockdown concept.

JB is in the back with Team 3D. He has the special Lockdown toys! Ray says tonight the war continues, but more importantly the war ends, they are reunited and step into the cage against Team Canada. Tonight is about pride and respect for your colors. Pride for your national anthem. I would rather work for that company in Stamford that listen to the Canadian anthem again. Devon hopes he is kidding. Devon says thou shall not mess with Team 3D…OH MY BROTHA…TESTIFY by Runt!

Larry Z is here and wants to know what the big announcement is about. JB doesn’t know either.

Christopher Daniels vs. “The Dreaded Mystery Opponent”

The opponent is…formerly know as Low Ki…Sin Chi.

Daniels is selling the opponent with a great facial. They jaw and Chi chops away at him! Rapid-fire shots now and Daniels back with rights. Knees by Chi and more kicks. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Chi. Chops to Daniels now, boot blocked and some reversals but Daniels nails him with a knee. Forearms by Daniels, off the ropes and a back elbow takes Chi down for 2. Corner elbow shot by Daniels, then misses a knee and Chi gets a suplex on Daniels. STIFF KICK TIME on Daniels and a cover for 2. Gut buster by Chi for 2. Daniels battles back with rights, and Sin Chi means warrior in Japanese. More kicks and a cover for 2 by Chi. Camel Clutch, into a Dragon Clutch variation…HUMBLED~! He releases it and kicks away at Daniels. Suplex and a cover for 2 by Chi. Rights by Daniels, chops by Chi. They battle back and forth with chops now and they call each other on! Daniels with control, but Chi back with double chops and Daniels is down. Daniels tries a roll up…DOUBLE STOMP by Chi gets 2. Body lock by Chi now, rolls him and gets 2 on Daniels. Daniels tries to get to his feet, Chi holds on. Elbows by Daniels now and gets to his feet and escapes. Boots by Chi, misses the Asai kick and Daniels takes him down with an Enziguri. Clotheslines by Daniels, and then a suplex into the cage! STO gets 2! Off the ropes and a BLUE THUNDA DRIVA by Daniels gets 2! Off the ropes and Chi with a face plant on Daniels for 2. Chi had Daniels, tries the fisherman’s suplex, countered and a kick by Chi. Running dropkick by Chi drops Daniels and he gets 2! Kicks by Chi, then chops and he lights up Daniels. Daniels grabs him up…DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Daniels gets to his feet…BEST MOONSAULT EVER! 1…2…NO! Daniels grabs Chi now, to the corner and sets him up top. Chops to Chi. Chi fights, goes up top…they battle…they go across the ropes now. Daniels rams him to the cage repeatedly! Back to the corner…Angles Wings blocked… Daniels tossed off! MISSES a double stomp! Flatliner by Daniels! Daniels stalks him…Angles wings…countered! Chi gets a roll up and the ropes and pins Daniels!

Winner: Sin Chi @ 12:18 via pin ***¼

JB is with the James Gang. They promise a beating and revenge on LAX for Konnan’s actions.

A James Gang vs. LAX video package is shown.

Arm Wrestling Match (Losing Man’s Team Gets Strapped): Konnan vs. Bullet Bob

Konnan gets on the mic and bitches out Orlando. He says his hand hurts for punking out 15-Orlando punk asses, but he will whoop his ass.

LAX and James Gang go to the floor so we can start.

Konnan talks shit, Bob goes OVER THE TOP! Konnan battles but Bob is too strong! BOB WINS!

Winner: Bullet Bob (N-R) I don’t rate Arm Wrestling Matches.

LAX is in the ring and so is the James Gang. BG says it is BIDNESS time, ass whippin time! Say hello to my leather friend, assume the position MENUDO! BG says if you take a walk, keep walking because you’ll get suspended. LAX tries to get out of it and Homicide is pissed. They whip them once, and they try to leave. BG says good news, only 9 left! Kip jumps the gun on #3, and they use the Lethal Weapon argument and then whoop LAX down! WHO’s YOUR DADDY?

JB is with Team JJ. Larry Z is there and Team JJ wins the coin toss. He then asks about the major announcement. JJ tells him to ask the Hebners. Storm says they came to see Team JJ. They will drink there beer, whoop some ass and sorry about your damn luck. Harris says they made this match famous, and Steiner will clean up what’s left. Steiner says he is a hired hand and there will be no Showtime, he’ll kick his ass because he’s ready to snap!

XSCAPE MATCH: Chris Sabin vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper w/Simon Diamond vs. Petey Williams w/Scott D’Amore vs. Shark Boy vs. Chase Stevens vs. Puma (Pins and submissions until there are two men left, and then they have to try and escape.)

Williams and Sharky to begin. Lock up and some reversals. Thankfully we will use tags here for my sanity. D’Amore and Diamond try to make a plan on the floor as Williams gets a DDT on Sharky. Boot by Williams, Sharky fights back and chops away at Williams. 10-punches in the corner and the SHARK BITE! DSD try… Williams counters and Williams tags Puma. Chops by Sharky. Dropkick to Puma and then a head scissors. Suplex is countered and neck breaker by Puma. Puma up top, Sharky dropkicks him and crotches him. Sharky up top…RANA on Puma! Missile dropkick by Sharky! Elix tags in now. Spin kick by Elix to Sharky. Off the ropes and Sharky gets a bulldog off the cage for 2. Big leg drop by Elix for 2. Up top goes Elix…Sharky up as well…RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP OFF THE TOP BY SHARKY! Tag to Williams now and a boot to Sharky…CANADIAN FN DESTROYER STICKS HIM and Sharky is done @ 5:09.

Sabin in the match now and elbows to Petey. Williams rams Sabin to the cage repeatedly and then gets a DDT for 2. Necktie submission by Williams now. Escape and an Enziguri by Sabin. Stevens is tagged in and Pima misses a dive and gets rammed into the cage. Slam to Elix and Williams in…Alabama slam by Stevens! Elix gets the Sudden Death on Puma! Everyone is down! Stevens climbs up top…Puma follows but is pulled down. Puma climbs again…he and Stevens battle and Puma is down. Stevens stands up…SHOOOTING STAR PRESS FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!!! Almost no one caught him either, damn. He covers Williams and gets 2. Covers Elix for 2. KRYPTONITE KRUNCH by Elix gets 3 on Stevens @ 9:05.

Puma, Elix and Williams triple team Sabin now. Sabin with a dual dropkick and Williams steals a pin on Elix @ 9:40! D’Amore and Diamond are pissed and Puma kicks Elix to the floor onto both of them.

Powerbomb on Puma by Williams. CRADLE SHOCK by Sabin and Puma is gone @ 10:26.

They brawl and then Petey tries to climb, and Sabin pulls him down. Sabin up now, Williams up as well…they battle on the ropes…but Petey takes him down. Irish whip by Williams, reversal and a YAKUZA by Sabin! Sets Williams up top…tree of woe! LEVITATION DROPKICK to Williams! Sabin climbs…over the top… Williams is over and D’Amore grabs Sabin and keeps him from the floor. Williams climbs out now and Williams falls onto D’Amore now and Sabin gets the win as he gets to the floor.

Finish was too “cute.”

Winner: Chris Sabin @ 13:06 via Escape ***

JB is with Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell says this was all to plan. If you stare into the Abyss long enough, it stares back. This monster has turned you into a monster yourself. You are the greatest wrestler in the world right now, the NWA Title is proof of that. But would a real champion go off to film movies and leave his wife alone, no, but you would, because that’s how you roll. There will be a changing of the guard tonight, because Abyss will walk out with the NWA title tonight. And I promise you this Mr. That’s How I roll, the only thing rolling tonight will be your head at the hands of my weapon of mass destruction. RAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!

Tenay and West break down the X Title match.

X Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. SABU

SABU’s left arm is all wrapped due to the break he suffered in Mexico.

SABU tosses a chair at Joe, trips him and tries a camel clutch early. Joe tosses him off and kicks the hell out of him. Joe charges but eats a chair again! Cover for 2 by SABU. Kicks by SABU now, rights and Joe fires back. SABU is down now, Joe grabs him and delivers some stiff uppercuts. Chops by Joe and then rams SABU to the cage. Front choke by Joe, he breaks. STIFF kicks by Joe and SABU is busted open and yells at the cameraman. Snap mare, chop, kick and the knee drop combo by Joe. SABU is bleeding pretty good and fires back on Joe. Sets up the chair…triple jump into the corner onto Joe. Standing Arabian facebuster on Joe. Triple jump leg drop by SABU. He has the SPIKE! He tries to stab Joe…Joe fights but gets a cross arm breaker on the broken arm! SABU fights but Joe beats on the arm. Kicks to SABU by Joe now. He works the arm now and gets a sick arm wrench on it. Back to an arm submission, SABU fights out and gets a dropkick. SABU climbs the cage…Joe up as well…ACE CRUSHER OFF THE TOP by Joe! 1…2…NO! Joe misses the knee drop and has the chair, leaps and Joe grabs it and tosses it into SABU’s face. MUSCLE BUSTA and that’s all! Sabu is a crazy bastard.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 6:20 via pin **¾

JB is with Team Canada, who is singing. Eric is afraid that they are mad. Roode says no to worry, because they will prevail yet again. Coach says he is sick of hearing their same old song and dance. He says they never won the NWA Tag titles, like Team Canada has. Coach says at the end of the night, they will hear the anthem of Canada. Larry is there and wants to know what is up, but D’Amore says no. He says he tried to tell him, so now he can take the fall.

Team Canada/3D video history runs.

Anthem/Flag Match: Team 3D (Ray, Devon and “Runt”) vs. Team Canada (A1, Roode and Young) w/Scott D’Amore

They brawl as Eric and Runt defend the flags. Roode and Ray pair off and exchange rights as Devon and A1 battle. 3D takes control but Eric gets a top rope clothesline to both. Runt gets a dual dropkick to A1 and Roode. 3D tosses Eric off as Runt walks the ropes to try and get the flag. He gets pulled down and rammed to the cage. Roode climbs now and Ray stops him. They battle up top…chops now and head butts now. TOP ROPE BUBBA BOMB ON ROODE! A1 climbs now, Devon follows…he rams A1 into the cage and gets a Top Rope Russian leg sweep! Runt and Eric battle up top…Eric gets rammed into the cage…NESTEA PLUNGE! Double stomp off the top by Runt. Roode now chokes out Runt with his tape. Boot by Runt but then he eats a spinebuster by Roode. Side slam/leg drop combo by 3D onto Roode. 3D seems in control now, but Roode fights back and BUMPS the ref. Shit. Reverse 3D on Roode. Double flapjack on A1. WAZZUP Head Butt on Eric! Ray climbs…he has the flag! But there is no ref. A1 levels Ray and Devon. D’Amore tosses in a chair and Runt gets stopped on the Acid drop and rammed into the cage. Powerbomb to Runt. Eric puts back the American flag. D’Amore knocks out the cage keeper and opens the door. He slides in a table and closes the door. Team Canada sets up the table. Eric climbs up…they lay Runt on the table…MISSES AN ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE TABLE! ACID DROP TO A1! Roode rammed to the cage. 3D TO ROODE! Runt climbs…he has the flag and they finally win!

Winner: Team 3D @ 8:45 via Flag Capture **

The flag is raised up high and they play the anthem. Ray asks everyone to stand and pay respect. He knocks out D’Amore and give him a 3D!

A video package for Sacrifice plays.

Tenay and West welcome us back and thank us for ordering the PPV. They hype the big announcement and the remaining matches.

WTF! Christi Hemme comes out to the ring? She has an envelope for Tenay. He says it is a major announcement from TNA. TNA management is undergoing a restructuring of all office personnel. Everyone is responsible for their actions. They will name a public face of TNA management. Larry Z due to questionable activity has been placed on probation.

Larry is out and wants to know who did it? Is it Tenay stabbing him in the back? Larry wants to know who did it, but Tenay says he knows nothing. Larry say he did nothing wrong.

Tenay then say furthermore one of Larry’s recent actions have been over turned. Raven has been reinstated! RAVEN IS HERE! Larry is pissed! Raven chases Larry! Larry into the cage and calls for security! They flock out and keep them separated.

JB is with Cage. He takes off his jacket and pushes the mic down and walks away. SERIOUS!

NWA Title Match: Christian Cage © vs. Abyss w/James Mitchell

Abyss is on the ramp and Cage attacks with a spear! He slips a bit and beats down Abyss. Abyss battles back and grabs a chair. Misses Cage and then slams Cage into the cage with a choke. Cage battles back with rights, moves the steps and charges then MISSES a running dive into the steel railing. They brawl into the crowd now. Abyss in control as they battle further into the crowd. Abyss tries to toss him off the top of the bleachers, but Cage battles back and lays the boots to Abyss. Rams Abyss into a wall now, charges and Abyss tosses him over the railing and to the mat. Abyss chokes him now on the floor as the ref tells him to take it into the ring. Cage is rammed to the steps, Abyss then rakes his back. Abyss sets up Cage, tries to slam the door into his face, Cage avoids it and then rams the door repeatedly into Abyss. Cage chases Mitchell now, around the ring but EATS the cage door courtesy of Abyss. Abyss tosses him into the ring and finally we get started after 5+-minutes of outside brawling.

Abyss rams Cage to the corner and then gets a big corner splash. Abyss picks Cage up, off the ropes and Cage battles back with rights. Cage off the ropes and Abyss press slams him into the cage! Abyss covers for 2. Cage fights back, tries an unprettier…shoved off and a big flapjack by Abyss for 2. Rights by Cage again, off the ropes and Abyss sidesteps him and Cage hits the corner hard. Clubbing rights by Abyss now, and then pushes Cage’s face into the cage with his boot. Cage is in between the ropes and cage…BIG SPLASH by Abyss! Shock Treatment try…escape and they try suplexes…big boot by Abyss…and a running powerbomb into the cage by Abyss! Tries another one…has him up…and nails it into the cage. Abyss chokes out Cage now, and then chops by Abyss in the corner. Cage is pissed and battles back. Forearm shots to Abyss, sidesteps him and Abyss crashes into the cage. Irish whip, almost ref bump and then Abyss CLOTHESLINES the ref. Boot by Cage, he climbs up top… Abyss grabs him…SWEET TORNADO DDT BY CAGE! Cage covers but the ref is out. Mitchell tosses in the NWA belt. Abyss has it…misses and Cage gets the Unprettier! Ref is up 1…2…NO! Cage climbs the ropes…wait, all the way up top! TOP OF THE CAGE FROG SPLASH!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! 1…2…NO! Abyss is a monster! Cage grabs him, Unprettier try again…reversal and a SHOCK TREATMENT BY ABYSS! He has the bag of tacks now and dumps them out! Cage nails Abyss with Mitchell’s cane! He goes up top…all the way again! Abyss tosses the ref into the cage and Cage is hanging from the top on the other side! Abyss goes up as well and GOOZLE TO CAGE! They battle…SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB TO ABYSS INTO THE TACKS!!!! Cage covers…but no ref! Another ref is out and makes the count…1…2…NO! It’s Slick Johnson BTW. Cage grabs the NWA title, calls Abyss to his feet…charges…BLACK HOLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Mitchell seems to have ANOTHER bag of tacks! Abyss beats down Cage, and dumps out the new tacks! GOOZLE ON CAGE! Reversal…UNPRETTIER INTO THE TACKS FOR GOD’S SAKE! 1…2…3!

Winner: Christian Cage @ 19:20 via pin ***

Cage walks back to the ring and goes after Mitchell! Abyss grabs him though and LOW BLOWS him! Abyss has the chain and NAILS Cage in the ace. RAAAAAAARRRRR! Cage is busted open and Abyss tosses him to the floor. They set the chain and hang him with the chain! Mitchell has the title belt and orders Abyss to keep choking him as security finally arrives. He gives Abyss the NWA title as they leave Christian laying.

JB is with AJ, Killings and Rhino. Ron busts out a rap. War is what’s up! AJ says Sting is an ICON and could have went anywhere, but came to TNA. As far as his team, he chose them. They are not about to let him down. Rhino says he is the war machine. They will be locked in like a bunch of animals. JJ, you and your bitches, we will beat you with in an inch of your life. I will take someone out with a GORE…GORE…GORE! Sting reaffirms that it is indeed SHOWTIME folks!

Lethal Lockdown: Team Sting (Sting, AJ Styles, Ron Killings and Rhino) vs. Team Jarrett (JJ, Scott Steiner and America’s Most Wanted © (Storm and Harris) w/Gail and Jackie

5-minutes for the first 2-men, 2-minutes for the other intervals. When all 8-men are in, the ceiling with weapons will drop and it will be Lethal Lockdown Time! Chris Harris and AJ Styles will begin, wise choices. Earl Hebner is special referee.

Harris with lefts to beat down AJ. He talks shit as they chant pussycat at him. He tries to toss AJ to the cage, but AJ gets a wristlock. Headlock counter by Harris, off the ropes and AJ misses a dropkick. Harris celebrates, tosses AJ off the ropes and eats a dropkick by AJ. Harris is able to reverse a toss and ram AJ into the cage. Again he tosses AJ back first into the cage. AJ escapes a powerslam, takes Harris down and gets a knee drop to Harris. AJ rams Harris to the corner, sets Harris up top…AJ follows…they brawl up top…kicks by AJ and Harris falls to the apron. AJ charges with a Stinger type splash to Harris who is caught in between the cage and ropes. Another and then rams Harris into the cage. AJ slams him into the cage yet again and then delivers rights. AJ with another corner splash. Tries another… Harris snatches him…CATATONIC to AJ! Harris is bleeding, tries another Catatonic but AJ gets a reversal and a Styles Clash.

5-minutes is over and James Storm is next out for Team JJ. AJ dropkicks the door and Storm ducks and it NAILS GAIL KIM! Storm in and takes control on AJ. Powerbomb try, no, whirly bird by Storm! AJ is bleeding now as Storm rakes his face off of the cage. AMW double teams AJ, he battles back but they get the HART ATTACK. They just beat him down as the time runs down and it is…

RHINO! They try to double team Rhino right away, but he cleans house and rams Storm into the cage! Spine buster to Harris! MISSES a GORE on Storm and Rhino rams himself into the cage. Lariat to AJ by Harris. Basement dropkick onto Rhino. Storm chokes out Rhino as Harris chokes out AJ. Time runs down and…

JJ is out. Rhino leaves the cage and attacks JJ on the ramp! AJ is out as well and we have wild brawling on the floor! They toss him in and all of them are in the cage again. AMW and JJ take control and toss AJ into the cage. Then Rhino and Team JJ is in control. Gail Kim is back up and totally no selling that cage door shot. Bitch. Rhino and AJ are bleeding as are both AMW. Time runs down and we have…

Ron Killings into the battle! He tries to fight them all off. Spinning forearm to JJ. Leg lariat on Storm! Harris nails him, tries a suplex but Killings gets a stunner! AJ climbs all the way up top…Storm is over to stop him. JJ up as well…Killings and Rhino over…Harris now…SUPER TOWER OF DOOM! Time is up and…

Scott Steiner is out. He cleans house with belly to bellies. Lawn darts AJ into the cage. Sets Killings up top…Top Rope Samoan drop! Team JJ is in control and time runs down until Sting hits the ring. Pump handle slam by Steiner onto AJ.

HERE IS STING! Sting is here and makes his way in! They all attack but he tries to fight them off. Tosses them into the cage and the roof lowers. Rights to Steiner. Atomic drop on Steiner and rams him and AMW in one corner. Then JJ! STINGER SPLASH ONTO ALL 4! AGAIN! We have pyro on the weapons roof. It is locked down! Sting has a bat and Rhino with a kendo stick. Steiner and Rhino pair off while AJ nails random people with the trashcan lid. Storm goes all the way up and makes his way onto the VERY TOP of the cage! AJ is up there as well! They brawl and there is a ladder up there and some other shit. Gail climbs up top now. AJ steps on her hand and Jackie rips her skirt off. Storm superkicks AJ and he sets up a table that is up there! Everyone else is brawling in the ring as AJ gets a PELE on Storm. JJ has a guitar and so does Sting. AJ and Storm battle up top as Sting breaks the guitar with a bat. He has a guitar now and Steiner LOW BLOWS Sting! AJ sets up the ladder on top of the cage! WTF IS HE DOING? HE climbs! Onto the light rigging! SPLASH ONTO STORM THROUGH THE TABLE ON TOP OF THE CAGE FOR GODS SAKE! BAH GAWD! AJ and Storm are dead.

Back to the ring, JJ gets the stroke to Killing onto a chair. GORE by Rhino onto JJ, Steiner lays him out. Steiner recliner on Rhino, Sting gets the death drop on Steiner! Harris nails Sting with brass knux and locks in the scorpion death lock on Sting! Sting fights…and COUNTERS IT! HARRIS TAPS!

Winners: Team Sting @ 23:51 via Submission ***

Team Sting celebrates as we fade…

-Best Match: X-Cup Preview Match: Team Japan (Goto, Minoru and Black Tiger) defeated Team USA (Dutt, Lethal and Shelley) @ 12:12 via pin ***¾
-Worst Match: Arm Wrestling Contest: Bullet Bob defeated Konnan (Per Stipulation LAX were strapped 10-times by the James Gang) (N-R)

The 411: Overall there were no bad matches, and a lot of solid to very good ones. Even stuff like the arm wrestling wasn't bad, which is could have been horrible. It was short and the crowd loved it. While there were no MOTY candidates, the show is very enjoyable to sit back and watch just good matches, with some crazy spots and bumps to make, I think, everyone happy. We'll go thumbs up and 7 out of 10.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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