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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Sacrifice 2005

August 13, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Sacrifice 2005  

TNA has altered their PPV schedule and switched the names of the PPV’s around. I am still going in chronological order, as it would lose the effect going the other way. The August PPV this year is Hard Justice.

We are live in Orlando Fl. as Shane Douglas and Jeremy Borash open up the pre-show. They put over the live crowd and run down the card. Jeff Hardy is being made to appear on the PPV by the rules committee, and if he no shows he will be fired.

We see JJ and Rhino arrive earlier today.

History video of JJ and Rhino vs. Raven and Sabu.

Cassidy Riley is there to see Raven and Sabu team up. He wants to see the pain close up.

Mike Tenay is in the ring with Larry Z. They say they have a huge announcement. It is for Bob Carter, their investor who they show and he gets TNA Chants. Tenay says this is also for the best locker room in wrestling today, and it is for the fans. They chant “SPIKE TV!” October the 1st, as part of Slammin’ Saturday Night TNA Heads to SPIKE TV. Great chants from the crowd here. Larry Z. is about to speak and here comes JJ. CUT HIS MUSIC! JJ says it makes his stomach turn. Tenay and Larry had nothing to do with the company. They cost TNA money and JJ should have been making the announcement. He is responsible for TNA’s success as well as the SPIKE TV deal. It was JJ’s dream and it is now realized and Tenay knows it. JJ says he knows what he is talking about, and his “sources” told him another “black Wednesday” is coming and they all want to come to TNA. He knows they want to replace him and the crowd agrees! He came out here for an answer from Larry Z. He wants the tag main event to have a stip. If he beats Raven, he demands his title shot. JJ yells and says if he wanted a speech he would have went backstage and listened to his old man! Larry says yes to his answer. Tenay and Rhino said they heard it. JJ says to shine his belt up, because it’s coming home. Larry says since TNA is all about being fair, JJ needs to shut up and if Raven pins JJ, he has to wait ONE YEAR for an NWA TITLE SHOT!

Super X Cup video package.

Tenay and West discuss the stakes going up for the main event. Don West has a NORMAL dress shirt on! That is odd.

PPV Pre-Match: Apollo and Sonny Siaki vs. Jerrelle Clark and Mikey Batts

Batts and Apollo to start. Lock up and shoves Batts away. Apollo grabs Batts and gets an arm drag. Tilt a whirl to Batts and then chops to Batts. Tag to Siaki and a double flapjack about kills Batts and Siaki gets 2. Arm drag into an arm bar by Siaki, Batts escapes and Clark is tagged in. Siaki gets a quick cover for 2. Chops by Siaki and Clark is rocked. Batts nails Siaki and Clark with a RANA to Siaki. Another RANA and a cover for 2. Tag to Batts and rights by Siaki. Siaki tries to float over but Batts slams him down and covers for 2. Chops by Siaki now and Batts gets an Enziguri. Tag to Clark and a splash gets 2. Clark spring boards in and lands on his feet and then Siaki gets a press into a powerslam for 2. Tag to Batts and Apollo. Apollo cleans house and gets a shy high to Batts for 2. Clark grabs him and they try to take him down as all4 men are in. Clark is tossed into the lights on a backdrop! Press slam Diamond Cutter combo kills Batts for the win.

Winner: Apollo and Siaki @ 4:35 via pin.

Highlights of the Waltman vs. Lynn feud, including footage of how Lynn was injured last year and old school footage of then battling.

Borash and West hype the card one last time.

Another well-done PPV opening video by TNA to start the PPV.


Simon has a problem! When Elix was a part of XXX, he was a star! But he was forced to be broken up with Daniels and while his partner went onto gold, Elix has been a lost soul. Elix is truly a Diamond in the rough and Simon will make him a start!

Match #1 Simon Diamond, David Young and Elix Skipper vs. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Shark Boy

Sharky and Young to start. Lock up and Young with a go behind. Reversals and Young with a wristlock. Sharky escapes and some more reversals and a stand off. They exchange rights and Sharky chops away at Young. Back elbow by Young but Sharky takes him down and covers for 2. Corner mount by Sharky, tossed off and Young levels him. Misses a leg drop and SHARK BITE to Young! Simon slaps Young and he then nails Sharky! Sharky battles back and Elix flies in with a clothesline and Young tags Simon. Suplex to Sharky, another and the 3rd on the ropes. Tag to Elix with rights to Sharky. Knees now and a cover for 2 as Elix now chokes him. Off the ropes and Sharky gets the tag to Dutt! Springboard elbow to Elix! Another into a cross body for 2. Off the ropes and a tilt a whirl, but Elix catches him into a back breaker. Slam by Elix now and a STIFF kick by Elix. Elix nails Sabin and then back to Dutt. Tag to Young and Dutt battles back, but Young with a sweet inverted side slam. Dutt to the apron, in with a RANA and a tag to Sabin! Simon in and they battle. RANA by Sanin gets 2! Corner whip and Sabin with a spin kick, to the apron and FLIES in with a missile dropkick that gets 2 as all-6 men are in! Dutt flies in, caught and Sharky flies into help! Dutt with an Enziguri to Young. Simon tosses Dutt into a boot by Elix. New School RANA by Elix semi botched. SPINE BUSTER by Young gets 2. Sharky in and to the apron, and Young is tossed. Sling shot cross body by Sharky. Sabin and Elix in, tries the cradle shock, reversed and a roll up by Elix for 2. Sabin gets a roll through bridge and pins Elix out of nowhere!

Winners: Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Shark Boy @ 7:45 via ** (Fun opener that got the crowd going.)

Simon yells at his team as Tenay and West discuss what happened on the pre-show. They show the footage.

Shane Douglas with The Naturals and Jimmy Hart. Hart says it is impossible to plan. He has seen some bloody battles, but it is all about the titles. The Naturals say it is about beating Team Canada. JJ is in and says things are going down and they could be fired. JJ says he will beat Raven and they will be safe. They blow off JJ because he hasn’t talked to them in months! JJ says they need to stick together, and Hart says he has seen it happen but JJ is paranoid. Hart says they just need to worry about Team Canada.

Match #2 Alex Shelley vs. Shocker

Lock up and Shocker takes him down. Reversals and Alex breaks and they stand off. Lock up and an arm bar by Alex, take down and a leg lock by Alex. Shocker rolls and escapes and they stand off again. Lock up and Shocker with a single leg takedown and gets an odd move into a single leg crab, but Alex gets the ropes. Lock up again and Shocker takes him down with an arm drag. He works the arm, and Alex escapes and Shocker takes him back down again. Shocker still with the arm now wrapped in his leg, Alex escapes and is shoved away. Shocker misses an Enziguri and takes out Shocker’s leg. Rights by Alex, and wraps Shocker’s leg in the ropes and dropkicks it! Alex misses a charging knee and flies to the floor. Shocker with a dive, misses but lands on his feet and an Enziguri to Shocker. Shocker up and a backbreaker to Alex on the floor. Stunner on the ropes by Alex and off the ropes and Shocker with a dropkick and Alex to the floor again. Springboard plancha by Shocker connects this time. Back in the ring and Alex with chops. Shocker with chops now and he picks up Alex, bulldog and then locks in a twisting figure four leg lock! Alex battles for the ropes…and gets them! To their feet, and they exchange rights. Corner charge by Alex and a DDT to Shocker gets 2! Forearms by Alex, off the ropes and Shocker gets a rolling submission like an abdominal stretch, but Alex escapes. Another figure four variation by Shocker, but Alex gets the ropes again. German by Shocker! Tries another, but Alex escapes and a dragon whip by Alex. Roll up by Shocker for 2. Off the ropes and reversal and Shocker levels Alex. Slingshot elbow by Shocker. Sun set flip, reversal and a basement dropkick by Shocker. Roll up try, reversed by Alex and he grabs the ropes and wins!

Winner: Alex Shelley @ 9:05 via **¾ (A little of a let down, which I blame on Shocker for not being very fluid with Shelley tonight.)

In the back, Douglas with Abyss and Mitchell. He says he may have woken up Hoyt, but he doesn’t care. There have always been big men, but NONE compare to Abyss. Abyss was in the middle of a run to be the best until Hoyt got in the way. Hoyt wants to fight, and apparently he is so enthralled with his white trash fans, that he will but his bright career in trouble. Abyss will do things to him that will make Saddam Hussein cringe. The cheers of his fans will lead him to his doom, and he will realize that Abyss is TNA’s ONLY giant…muahahaha.

Match #3 Abyss w/Jim Mitchell vs. Lance Hoyt

Hoyt has some new gear, and looks less like Test now.

Hoyt attacks at the bell and whips Abyss, floats over and corner mount and punches by Hoyt. Rights now and off the ropes, reversal and a shoulder block by Abyss. Hoyt up and a clothesline takes Abyss to the floor. Slingshot PLANCHA by Hoyt! Abyss is rammed to the steps and Hoyt then chases Mitchell. Hoyt back to Abyss and then gets whipped into the steel by Abyss. Abyss breaks the count and goes back to Hoyt. Abyss rams him off the steps now. Back in the ring and Abyss with a corner splash to Hoyt. Chops by Abyss now in the corner. Hoyt pulls Abyss to the corner and chops away at Abyss now! Off the ropes and Abyss misses Hoyt and eats the post. Hoyt misses a boot in the corner. GOOZLE! Hoyt escapes and off the ropes but Abyss with a clothesline. Hoyt down, Abyss to the 2nd rope…SPLASH to Hoyt gets 2. Abyss is up and grabs Hoyt and tosses him to the steel post shoulder first. Boots by Abyss now and he is in control. Hoyt rammed again shoulder first to the post. Abyss tries again, Hoyt leaps to the 2ndrope and gets a reverse clothesline to Abyss. Flying shoulder to Abyss. Boot by Abyss, to the 2nd rope…Hoyt catches him with the goozle…CHOKESLAM! Hoyt up top…MOONSAULT 1…2…NO! Hoyt sets in the corner…charges…BLACK HOLE SLAM 1…2…NO! Holy shit. Abyss grabs a chair, BIG BOOT by Hoyt into the chair 1…2…NO! Hoyt grabs Abyss, rams him in the corner. Rights to Abyss. Hoyt grabs the chair and lays it on Abyss in the corner. Hoyt to the opposite side of the ring…SLING SHOT MISSILE DROPKICK INTO THE CHAIR ONTO ABYSS! HOLY SHIT! 1…2…NO!!! Hoyt picks him up, boot to Abyss. Off the ropes again…BLACK HOLE SLAM! 1…2…3!

Winner: Abyss @ 9:25 via pin *** (Totally not what I expected, this match was great.)

Douglas with BG James in full referee gear. BG says how fitting that the PPV is called sacrifice. He feels like Daniel because he is tossed into the lion’s den. Killings is out and says he trusts BG. He says they need to convince Konnan. Konnan is here. He says BG’s head is up his ass. He says stab him in the back right here, not in the ring. Konnan is pissed ay him and leaves. Killings says to make it right tonight DAWG!

Video history of James and Monty vs. the 3LK.

Kip James now resides in “Marietta Georgia” home of the Armstrong/James family. Nice touch.

Match #4 Special Ref BG James: Konnan and Ron Killings vs. Monty Brown and Kip James

They start brawling on the floor to start. Monty and Kip are in control and toss them in the ring. Kip beats down Konnan and Monty on Killings. Monty whipped into Konnan with a clothesline. Kip misses Killings, and Konnan with a backdrop to him. Killings with a side kick to Monty. They take Killings down and Monty to the floor and Killings with the top rope nizzie leg drop. Kip and Konnan to the floor and now all 4 to the floor. Konnan gets a chair, but drops it and slams Kip into the steel post. BG is standing in the ring BTW. Back in now and NBG make sit one on one finally and makes Konnan to stay in the corner while Kip and Monty double team Killings. Monty mocks the shakey knee drop! HAHA! They continue to beat down Killings and Kip is tagged in and covers for 2. Big boot by Kip to Killings and he covers for 2. Killings rammed to the corner and Monty tagged in. Suplex by Monty and a cover for 2 as BG takes his time. Forearm shots by Monty and a rear choke to Killings. Killings to his feet and Monty gets a knee to take him down and covers for 2, slow again. Off the ropes and Killings with reversals and they collide mid-ring. Tag to Konnan and Kip! Konnan is on fire and rolling thunder to Kip. Monty in and Konnan with the face buster. Shoe throw by Konnan. He hit BG! Uh oh! Face jam by Konnan to Kip as Killings and Monty to the floor and Monty hits the rail. BG takes the chair from Konnan, Kip nails Konnan. BG takes the chair from him and gets pushes. Konnan nails Kip after BG shoved him into Konnan and that’s it.

Winners : The 3LK @ 8:00 via pin **¼ (Fun match with a good story with BG as the ref.)

BG raises their hands and they celebrate with the fans.

Tenay puts over the Bound for Glory PPV that is coming up in October. We get a special video package for it as well.

They say Jeff Hardy hasn’t arrived yet, and if he doesn’t show he is fired.

Daniels has the mic and it is time for the gospel for tonight. JJ has gone around talking about black Wednesday. Well, at first he scoffed at him…because no one can replace him. But then TNA went and brought in an outsider in Aries, one of the top Independent stars today. He may be Mr. Independent and Mr. ROH, but Daniels is Mr. TNA! Tonight may be Aries biggest shot ever, but it is just a tune up for Daniels.

Match #5 Non-Title match: Christopher Daniels © vs. Austin Aries

Daniels attacks at the bell as Tenay says Aries had 54% of the votes. Aries gets a quick 2 on Daniels. West voted for Aries! Dueling chants now and Daniels is in control. Reverse springboard elbow by Aries gets 2. Front face lock by Aries now, and Daniels tries to escape, and Daniels does. Dropkick by Aries and Daniels to the floor. Aries with a suicide dive to Daniels! Chants for Aries! Chops by Aries on the floor to Daniels and Daniels rolled in. Spring shot corkscrew by Aries gets 2. Corner whip by Aries, reversal and Daniels with a shoulder breaker. Slam to Aries and then another. He covers and gets 2. Daniels with a vicious Irish whip and Aries drops. Knees to the back by Daniels and into a rear choke. Aries to his feet, escapes and off the ropes, sunset flip gets 2. Tilt a whirl back breaker by Daniels and a cover for 2. Rights by Daniels and he looks pissed. Slam by Daniels, split legged moonsault gets 2 for Daniels. Daniels sets for the Angels wings, but Aries escapes. Slaps by Daniels, and Aries is PISSED OFF! Escapes a suplex and slaps the piss out of Daniels. Drop toehold by Aries. LARIAT by Aries and then a back elbow. Swinging pendulum elbow by Aries gets 2. Off the ropes and to the apron goes Aries. Back in and corner dropkick by Aries gets a CLOSE 2! Roll up by Aries gets 2. Chants for Aries. Flatliner by Daniels stops Aries. BEST MOONSAULT EVER MISSES! Kick by Aries kills Daniels …up top…450 CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Daniels got the ropes! Aries tries to pull Daniels up, elbow by Daniels and STO by Daniels gets 2. Daniels and the ref argue, rollup by Aries gets 2! Backslide by Aries gets 2! Aries sets for the brain buster, reversal by Daniels, ANGELS WINGS and that’s all!

Winner: Daniels @ 9:42 via pin ***½ (If it was about 5 minutes more, it could have been REALLY good.)

They really played up that Daniels escaped JUST BARELY.

Douglas with AMW. They say that they want the titles back, but if they have to team with the Naturals to beat Team Canada, they will and then go for the titles. Storm is pissed and when he gets to the ring, he will be even more pissed. JJ is there to talk to them and says that they need to listen to him, because there will be changes. He think they are some of the cornerstones of TNA. He says they are on the “to be fired list.” They said people like Austin Aries will come and take their jobs. They tell JJ that they don’t trust anyone, not even their mothers. They say JJ is full of shit. JJ says they are talking to bug TAG TEAM names. He says that to remember black Wednesday…some were…”Dudz” if they know what he means.

Highlights of the Lynn vs. Waltman feud.

Borash welcomes back Lynn after a one-year absence. Very nice intro.

Match #6 Jerry Lynn vs. Syxx-Pac

Lynn offers to shake, and Pac does. Lock up and to the ropes and then back mid-ring. Reversals and Pac takes him down and Lynn reverses him and rides him and lets him up and they stand off. Lock up and a wristlock by Lynn. Reversals and Pac with one of his own and works the previously injured arm. Lynn escapes and gets an arm drag. They stand off and the crowd shows some love. They five each other and here we go again. Test of strength now and they break. They try again and lock up with it. Pac escapes and crotch chops in Lynn’s direction. Test of strength again and a boot by Lynn, runs up the ropes and gets the double spring arm drag. Spin kick by Pac and levels Lynn. Chops by Pac and a reversal and head scissors by Lynn and Pac to the floor. Lynn up top…cross body to Pac on the floor! Chops by Lynn and then charges Pac but he catches him and SPEARS him into the post shoulder first. Pac back in the ring and takes a bow. Lynn battles to get back in but Pac with a baseball slide to Lynn takes him back to the floor. Lynn back in again and Pac goes to work on the shoulder and arm. He wraps it around the ropes and really pulls on it. Chops by Pac and Lynn back with chops now. They battle back and forth and Pac nails the arm. Roll up by Pac gets 2. Sharky is out to watch the match. Pac covers for 2. Rear choke by Pac now, and into a surfboard submission. Sabin is out to watch. Shoulder breaker by Pac gets 2. Kicks by Pac in the corner and Dutt is out to watch now. Bronco Buster misses and Lynn battles back with rights. Off the ropes and Lynn with a head scissors. Pac to the floor and Lynn charges and Pac sidesteps him and Lynn to the floor. Pac with a running senton to the floor! Pac has Lynn, tries the suplex in and Lynn SUPLEXES HIM TO THE FLOOR! They both bumped on the floor, and that had to hurt! They try to get to their feet and Lynn tosses Pac back in. Lynn up top…missile dropkick! Rights by Lynn now and off the ropes and a backdrop to Pac. Clothesline by Lynn. Off the ropes and a Thez press by Lynn! Rights by Pac now, RANA try by Pac into a sit out power bomb by Lynn for 2! Cradle pile driver…LOW BLOW by Pac. X Factor 1…2…NO foot on the ropes. Pac up top…cross body, roll through and Lynn gets 2! Lynn to his feet and calls Pac on. Tornado DDT by Lynn gets 2! Tombstone try by Lynn, reversal by Pac into one of his own and he gets a close 2! Pac is up and pulls Lynn up…Lynn leaps up to his shoulders and Lynn with the victory roll wins!

Winner: Jerry Lynn @ 15:30 via pin ***¾ (Waltman is really back, no doubt.)

They shake after the match and Pac raises Lynn’s hand. They hug as Pac DROPS HIM! SHOUDLER BREAKER to Lynn! He lays Lynn’s arm over the steel railing…CHAIR SHOT to Lynn’s arm! Dutt, Sharky and Sabin all run to check on Lynn. Tenay and Pac bitch at each other.

Douglas with Team Canada. Eric Young says that they have Hart and they are in trouble. Petey slaps him and says to pull himself together. Petey has the hockey stick and says that D’Amore will be back just like hockey. Roode says they have come back and have the advantage over AMW and the Naturals. He says they can’t even have an interview together. They hut together and they are on the same page. OHHHHH CAAAAAAANAAAAAADAAAAA!

Videos history of the Naturals and AMW vs. Team Canada.

Match #7 The Naturals © (Douglas and Stevens) and AMW (Storm and Harris) w/Jimmy Hart vs. Team Canada (A1, Petey Williams, Bobby Roode and Eric Young)

Eric and Douglas to start. Douglas avoids A1 and arm drags Eric. Wristlock by Douglas and a tag to Stevens. Double team face buster to Eric. Jawbreaker to Stevens and a tag to Petey and misses a double ax smash and Stevens with a shot to the gut. Tag to Storm and he gets the whirly bird to Petey. Roode in with a chop block to Storm. Tagged in is Roode and he boots away at Storm. He works the knee now and drops his knee onto Storm’s. Tag to A1. Boots to Storm’s knee as they say Lynn is on his way to the hospital. Tag to Petey and he attacks the knee as well with boots. Dropkick to the knee by Petey. Elbows by Petey and a lariat by Storm takes Petey down. Tag to Harris and he levels Petey and Roode. Eric is knocked down as well., Lariat to Roode. Stalling vertical to Eric by Harris gets 2. Tag to Stevens. Double backdrop to Eric. Roode breaks up the pinning attempt. Eric crotches Stevens and tags in Roode. They beat Stevens down in their corner and Roode then chokes him out. Rear choke by Roode. Slam by Roode and a cover for 2. Tag to Petey now and chops and rights to Stevens. Tag to Eric and rights in the corner to Stevens. Stevens fights back and whips Eric, reversal and Eric up top…Stevens nails him. Stevens up…Eric battles and knocks him off. Stevens LEAPS TO THE TOP and gets a TOP ROPE ENZIGURI and Eric Flair flops to the floor from the top! Roode and Douglas tagged in and a back breaker to Petey. A1 levels him and Douglas gets a knee to him. Tag to Stevens and they try the natural disaster…NAILED IT! NORTHERN LARIAT to Steven! Tornado DDT by Petey. Catatonic by Harris to Petey. Super kick by Storm to Roode gets 2. Harris up top and flies to the floor onto 6 men! Stevens and Roode in the ring. Stevens set on top…Roode up and tries a German, Harris over 3-man tower of doom! Petey rolled in and HART ATTACK try stopped by A1. Petey with the hockey stick, misses and Storm sends him to the floor! Stevens nails Storm by accident and Roode roll sup Stevens with the trunks for the win!

Winners: Team Canada @ 11:24 via pin **¼ (A little disappointing, but 8-mans can be hard to make really good since they can go quickly to cluster territory, which this did.)

AMW and the Naturals brawl now!

Douglas in the back with Samoa Joe. Douglas says Joe is undefeated so far and asks him about the Super X Cup and AJ Styles. Joe is wrapping his wrists and Douglas say she may be a bad ass and he has disrespected him for the last time. Joe says that he gave him his respect by not slapping him!

Super X Cup highlight video.

Daniels joins the commentary team.

Borash does his super special ring announcing. Very mixed reaction for both men, crowd is really split.

Match #8 Super X Cup Finals: Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

AJ tries to take Joe down, and they break. Dueling chants as Joe throws a wild kick at AJ. Kicks by Joe rock AJ. AJ kicks at Joe and he takes him down and throws wild kicks. Shoulder charges in the corner by AJ and a SLAM to Joe! Knee drop by AJ and cover for 1…yes 1. Snap mare by AJ and a kick to the back. Forearm shots to Joe and then Joe just jacks him with a right and then KILLS AJ with a charging knee and AJ FLIES to the floor. Joe in the ring and charges and FLIES with the Elbow Suicida to AJ and AJ flies back about 10 feet! AJ battles back and gets a forearm to Joe off of the security railing. Back in the ring “This is awesome chants” now. AJ tries a suplex and does and gets a 2 count. Reverse bridging Indian death lock into a chin lock by AJ. Joe escapes now and gets to his feet. Shoulder charge by Joe. RANA by AJ and then a dropkick, no AJ back flips and they stand off. AJ charges and Joe grabs AJ and gets a spine buster! AJ whipped to the corner and the running knee of DOOM! Face wash! OLAY pretty boy! Rights by AJ and a leg sweep by Joe and covers for 2. Daniels puts over that both men have wrestled hour draws, and they have great conditioning. Chops by Joe and the knee drop to AJ for 2. Rear choke by Joe now, and AJ tries to battle out and does. Elbows out and Joe just levels AJ. POWERBOMB by Joe! ANOTHER into a weird ass Boston crab. AJ fights but Joe gets an STF! Joe breaks and stalks AJ. Joe charges but AJ with the sweet dropkick. Asai DDT to Joe gets 2! Crowd loving the match. AJ goes up top…Joe up and they battle. Joe has AJ but AJ with rights and Joe is down. AJ with the springboard senton for 2! Reversals and AJ with the PELE! AJ with the roll up and bridge into the clash…but Joe kicks him in the head. Sunset flip by Joe into the Terry Funk Texas Tumble weed for 2. Joe turns AJ inside out with the lariat of doom for 2! Joe boots AJ in the head a few times and AJ fires back. They exchange rights and forearms and AJ in now on fire. Joe back with the open hand palm thrusts but AJ charges and LEVELS Joe and they are both down! They get to their feet and kicks by Joe. Sets AJ on top…AJ escapes the muscle buster and Joe into the corner…TORTURE RACK BY AJ! AJ swings him and Joe hits the ref by accident. AJ covers while the ref is down. Daniel sin and LEVELS AJ with the STO. Joe stares down Daniels. Joe after Daniels now and AJ levels Daniels! Joe has AJ and slaps the piss out of him! Sets him up top…MUSCLE BUSTA! Joe locks in the YOU’RE MY BITCH! AJ fights…but taps!

Winner and NEW SUPER X CUP CHAMPION: Samoa Joe @ 15:15 via TAP OUT ****1/2 (Even with the Daniels run in, it was excellent. 5-10 more minutes and this would have been a MOTYC with no doubt…they were just working so so well together.)

Joe celebrates with the trophy as the crowd chants, “That was awesome.” Daniel sand Joe stare down as they will face next month.

Tenay and West put over Joe for beating Styles. AJ gets a standing ovation after the match.

Unbreakable video runs.

Raven is backstage. He says if he pins JJ, he gets no title shot for a year and that is what will happen. The belt is JJ’s security blanket and JJ is scared without it. Raven has seen terrifying and JJ isn’t it. While he and Sabu may hate each other, they respect each other. Together they will expel JJ and Rhino…so it is written, so it shall come to pass…quote the raven…NWA Champion…nevermore.

Video history of Raven and Sabu vs. JJ and Rhino.

Raven is back to the Kilt and weird ass coat…boo-runs! Well, since Hardy hasn’t appeared yet, expect the run in.

Match #9 Raven © and Sabu vs. Jeff Jarrett and Rhino

ECW chants by the crowd.

Raven lays the belt down and talks shit to JJ! They shove and JJ slaps him. Rights by Raven and JJ escapes to the floor. Rhino in and He and Raven battle to the floor. Russian leg sweep to the steel by Raven and another to Rhino. A 3rd and Raven is n control. Back in the ring and Sabu tagged din and he and Rhino battle and Sabu with a float over and dropkick to Rhino and covers for 2. They exchange rights and Rhino with a shoulder block. Kick by Sabu and JJ in as Sabu has the Camel Clutch on. Raven and JJ to the floor and JJ tossed over the announce table! Sabu and Rhino battle up the ramp. Raven has the trashcan and a PIZZA CUTTER and rubs in ton JJ’s head! Suplex by Sabu on Rhino on the ramp. JJ is busted open as Raven nails him with a trashcan. Raven continues his attack as Sabu and Rhino are in the ring. Sabu tosses a chair at Rhino. Spring off the chair into a RANA by Sabu. Rhino set on top…SUPER RANA to Rhino! Sabu covers for 2. Sabu tries the triple jump moonsault, but Rhino trips him up. WAFFLE shot to Sabu and Rhino covers for 2. Tag to JJ and he is bleeding badly and works over Sabu. Sabu set up top…SUPERPLEX to Sabu! Tag to Rhino and he covers for 2. Head butts to Sabu now and now boots by Rhino. Sabu set up top…he pushes Rhino off and senton to a standing Rhino! Enziguri by Sabu…tag to Raven! Lefts to Rhino. Rights to JJ. Clothesline to JJ. One to Rhino. Knee to Rhino and a bulldog to JJ! 1…2…NO! Rhino has Raven and a reversal…DDT TO RHINO gets 2 as JJ pulls out the ref. Raven has JJ in and LOW BLOW by JJ. JJ with a guitar…Cassidy Riley takes it away! Stroke to Raven! 1…2…NO! JJ is pissed now! Tag to Rhino and he beats down Raven with rights to the head. Rhino bites Raven! AGAIN! Raven is busted open now and Rhino covers for 2. Tag to JJ and figure four on Raven. Raven down and the ref counts 2. Raven turns the hold and JJ turns it back and gets the chair. Raven skips over his feet and smash mouth to JJ! Tag to Sabu and Rhino. Chair shots by Sabu. Spring board off the chair and take out JJ. Sets up…triple jump leg drop to Rhino cover and 2! Rhino to the floor and Sabu springs to the floor onto Rhino. JJ gets Raven’s own drop toehold of doom into the chair for 2. DDT by Raven gets 2 as Rhino saves JJ. GORE, GORE, GORE to Raven and Sabu stops the count! Rhino charges at Sabu…GORE to the ref! Sabu up top…ARABIAN FACEBUSTER to Rhino! He covers and the ref is dead. Sabu lays Rhino on a table on the floor…Abyss is out and Grabs Sabu! PRESS SLAM TO SABU THROUGH THE TABLE! Hardy is here! He cleans out Abyss! TWIST OF FATE TO JJ! SWANTON TO JJ! Raven covers JJ…ref is 1…2…NO RHINO SAVED JJ! DAMNIT! Rhino has another table and puts it in the ring. Sets it in the corner…LOW BLOW by Raven! JJ attacks Raven. DDT try on JJ…GORE, GORE, GORE to Raven through the table! Rhino covers…1…2…3 as Sabu flies in and that’s all!

Winners: Rhino and JJ @ 16:35 via *** (Great brawl, which is exactly what it was supposed to be.)

The 411: Once again a PPV that really had nothing bad, delivered good matches and some surprises. This PPV did not end until 10:54pm. From 7:30pm until then I was very much entertained, and without doubt I got my money’s worth. Five matches that are *** or over out of nine is a good deal to me anytime I get it. The other matches were not bad at all, not spectacular but they had their place and were at the very least fun or have a good storyline with them. Waltman pulled the rabbit out of the hat again with Lynn this month, the main event was good and Joe vs. AJ was just tremendous. Another good PPV from TNA.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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