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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: WWE Cyber Sunday 2006

October 28, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: WWE Cyber Sunday 2006  

The Pre-Show was all pre-taped, and was all video recap junk. There was nothing special, especially since Todd Grisham hosted it.

JR and the King welcome us to the show and as always Carlos and Hugo join them!

Umaga makes his way to the ring.

Todd and Maria are here, 15-million apparently voted.

With 49% of the vote, is Kane. Sandman had 28% and Benoit 23%.

Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Kane

Umaga tries to attack but Kane gets an elbow. Thrust to the throat by Kane. More rights and boots in the corner. Choke by Kane, and then a ram to the corner. No sell by Umaga, Samoa head, hello! Chops by Umaga, then rights by Kane. Head butts by Umaga but Kane fights back. Irish whip and a back elbow by Kane. Belly to belly by Umaga. Sit up and kicks from Umaga. Head butt by Umaga. Kane battles back, off the ropes and a spinkick from Umaga. Clubbing shots by Umaga, and then he chokes Kane. Crowd into Kane I will admit that. Rights by Kane, off the ropes and a big boot to Umaga. Flatliner by Umaga. Kicks to Kane follow and then rights. Chops in the corner by Umaga, Kane battles back and an eye rake by Umaga. Slam by Umaga and then the 2nd rope head butt connects. Umaga covers for 2. Rights to Kane again. Knees follow then rights. Armando calls for the ass charge, and Umaga connects sending Kane to the floor. Umaga to the floor and misses a clothesline and nails the post. Kane slams him to the steps and lays the boots to him. Back in the ring, under the ropes and shots by Kane. In the corner and rights from Kane. Mounted shots now, and he lights up Umaga. Head butt by Kane and then chops. Kane charges…and connects with a corner splash. Again and connects. Off the ropes and a Samoan drop by Umaga. Armando breaks the cigar…Kane sits up and GOOZLE! Eye rake by Umaga and an Irish whip, misses a splash and Kane with a back suplex. Kane up top…Armando grabs him but is kicked away. Kane leaps and EATS a clothesline. LEAPING SAMOAN SPIKE connects! 1…2…3!

Winner: Umaga @ 8:41 via pin

We see Queen Sharmell meet with Big Show. She knows he has issues with Booker. What matters is he and Show keeping their titles. He says being Champion of Champions is very important. She proposes they help each other out. If Cena’s title is on the line, it is everyone for themselves. Show doesn’t trust them, it is everyone for themselves anyway. She says he will regret his decision.

The tag teams are introduced.

The stipulation, with 50% of the vote is Texas Tornado.

Cryme Tyme (JTG and Shad) vs. Murdoch and Cade vs. Haas and Viscera vs. The Highlanders (Roby and Rory)

Cluster-fuck-a-riffic kids. Cade and Murdoch along with the Highlanders brawl on the floor. Haas kicks away at JT and then gets tossed. Viscera slams Shad. Elbow drop misses. Cryme Tyme with some wacky assisted splash for 2. Cade and Murdoch in and a neckbreaker on Shad. The Highlanders in and they work over Cade and Murdoch. They clear the ring. Stereo planchas by the Highlanders. Haas and JT in the ring now. He lays the boots to JT and then rights. JT fights back, knees and a dropkick by JT. Release German by Haas but Shad lays him out with a bog boot. Rights to Viscera now, off the ropes and a Bossman slam by Viscera. He crushes Haas and JT in the corner. The Highlanders get a double dropkick to Viscera and clear the ring. Cade and Murdoch gets double team on them now, Hi/Low and then Cryme Tyme clears them out and steal the cover for the win.

Winner: Cryme Tyme @ 4:35 via pin *

They celebrate at the Raw announce table. Shad steals King’s laptop, tremendous.

We see HBK on a laptop. He is trying and HHH tells him not to pick Vince or Coach. They agree Bishoff would be an ok pick. HHH gets HBK all riled up, and make jokes about HHH marrying Stephanie. Some stage dude is here and HBK lays him out. He is controversial. He lays out random people backstage with superkicks and HHH laughs.

With 62% of the vote, Hardy’s opponent is Carlito.

WWE IC TITLE MATCH: Jeff Hardy © vs. Carlito

They shake and here we go. Lock up and a snap mare by Carlito and cover for 2. Roll up by Jeff for 1. Backslide by Carlito gets 2. Lock up and a headlock by Jeff, off the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Jeff. They blow a leapfrog spot and go to the ropes. Wow that was bad. JR makes a “North Carolina school for the blind” joke, tremendous. Carlito with a basement dropkick and takes control. Suplex by Carlito gets 2. Off the ropes and a dropkick by Jeff. Rights follow, boots, off the ropes and a clothesline to Carlito gets 2. Off the ropes again and Carlito back flips over and a spinkick by Jeff and Carlito to the floor. Baseball slide dropkick by Jeff, he runs the rail and Carlito meets him with a dropkick. Back in and Carlito covers for 2. Chinlock by Carlito, Jeff fights out and gets corner punches. Corner dropkick is countered by Carlito and he covers for 2. Seated bear hug by Carlito. Jeff to his feet, elbows out and gets a jawbreaker. Boot and TOF countered and a roll up with the tights by Carlito gets 2. Another cover for 2. Seated bear hug again by Carlito. Jeff gets the ropes. Boots by Carlito, snap mare and a leg drop by Carlito gets 2. Back to the bear hug goes Carlito. Boring chants now. Jeff to his feet, escape and elbows by Jeff. Flapjack by Carlito and a cover for 2. Side back breaker by Carlito gets 2. Seated sleeper by Carlito now. Jeff escapes and a DDT by Jeff. Clotheslines by Jeff and a cover for 2. Off the ropes and a gord buster by Jeff, drops Carlito on his face and that is good for 2. Jeff up top…Swanton eats knees. Carlito covers for 2. Carlito gets the springboard senton/lionsault combo for 2, lionsault missed actually. Counters now, off the ropes and a springboard misses for Carlito. TOF countered and the whisper in the wind by Jeff. Cover for 2. Jeff up top again… Carlito up and nails him. Lefts by Carlito, up he goes as well…RANA countered and Carlito lands on top of his head. Swanton and that is all.

Winner: Jeff Hardy @ 13:30 via pin (ASS)

JR and King hype the DX vs. Orton/Edge match. Video package time.

DX plays the crowd and finally does their mic shtick, which takes forever.

The special referee with 60% of the vote is Eric Bishoff. Vince and Coach both had 20%.

DX vs. Randy Orton and Edge

HBK and Edge to begin the match. Lock up, to the corner and rights by Edge. Forearms now and an Irish whip, and chops by HBK. Rights by HHH and then by HBK. Off the ropes and a sunset flip by HBK, pulls down the trunks and gets 1. Too much man ass already. Chops by HBK and Edge is down. Whip and a roll up by HBK for 2. Drop toehold and an arm bar by HBK, tag to HHH and boots to Edge. Rights by HHH, whip and a corner clothesline connects. Jabs by HHH and he just pummels Edge. Eye poke by Edge, tag to Orton and rights to HHH. Boots now and an Irish whip, and a clothesline by HHH. Suplex by HHH and a knee drop to Orton. Rights by HHH and then a tag to HBK. Rights to Orton. To the corner and chops by HBK. Irish whip, boot by HBK and then a tag to HHH. Rights to Orton. A knee by Orton and to the corner, HHH fights him off but Edge tagged in and Orton gets a dropkick. Edge covers for 2. Rights by Edge, HHH battles back but Edge with the Edge-u-cution for 2. Tag to Orton, rights to HHH in the corner. He lays the boots to HHH, Bishoff is impartial thus far. Tag to Edge and rights to HHH. Irish whip and a boot by Edge, and then the 2nd rope dive eats a boot and a DDT by HHH takes both men down. Tag to HBK and he is on fire. Flying forearm, kip up and the atomic drop to Edge. One to Orton. Rights to both. HHH in, slam to Edge and HBK up top…flying elbow connects. HBK tunes it up…but Orton pulls him down and crotches him off the steel post. Bishoff didn’t see it, and the drama begins. Edge covers for 2. Tag to Orton, and a knee drop to HBK and then another. Cover for 2. Rights to HBK and a tag to Edge. They double-team HBK as Bishoff keeps HHH from coming in. Edge covers HBK for 2. Front facelock by Edge, HBK battles to his feet and backdrops Edge, but he gets a sunset flip on HBK for 2. Yakuza by Edge and he tags in Orton. Dropkick by Orton gets 2. Chinlock by Orton. Long chinlock by Orton. HBK finally battles out, elbows to Orton and off the ropes but Orton with the cool backbreaker on HBK. Tag to Edge, he sets for the spear…HBK up…he misses and KILLS Bishoff! Engiguri by HBK. Why are they waiting for tags when there is no ref? Anyway HHH and Orton tag in. Knee to Orton. Knee buster to Edge. Clothesline and a spinebuster on Orton. Boot, pedigree try and Edge spears HHH. HBK tosses Edge and then gets a plancha onto him. Orton and HH left in the ring, RKO on HHH. He covers and another ref is out and counts 2. Orton is in shock. Orton waits on HHH…RKO countered into a superkick by HBK. HHH covers for 2 as Bishoff pulls out the new ref and lays him out. HBK goes after him and Edge kills him with a chair as Bishoff smiles. Edge takes the chair in the ring and nails HHH. RKO on the chair and Orton covers the win.

Winner: Orton and Edge @ 18:16 via pin **¾

Orton and Edge celebrate and stand over a fallen HHH.

Marine commercials run.

Orton and Edge talk and walk backstage. Lita is there to offer them congrats. Edge tells her to win the Women’s title and they’ll celebrate later. Todd is there to confront them on their tainted win. Orton says they have tried to ruin his career. Edge says he beat DX and that means a new era on Raw, the rKo era. They get into a limo and leave.

The Divas walk out to the ring area.

The stipulation with 46% of the vote is a Lumber-Jill match.


Boots by Lita to begin and tosses Mickie. She has to fight her way back into the ring, and then tackles Lita. She tosses her and Lita fights her way back in. Lock up and a headlock by Mickie. Hair pull by Lita and then a boot. Side headlock by Lita. Mickie escapes, off the ropes and Lita with a tackle. Trip by Mickie, snap mare and a dropkick to Lita. She goes for a right and Lita tries to go to the floor and they grab her to toss her in, but then gets a stunner off the ropes to Mickie. Slam to the mat and boots by Lita. Snap suplex by Lita and a cover for 2. Clubbing shots by Lita and then slams Mickie to the mat. To the corner and Lita rams Mickie into the turnbuckle. Mickie counters and slams Lita to the corner. Chops by Lita and then kicks to Mickie. Lita chokes her out on the ropes now. Off the ropes, tilt a whirl slam by Lita gets 2. Lita slaps Mickie and then shoves her around. Sleeper by Lita as she is on the back on Mickie, Lita drops back and holds on. Mickie fights, rolls out and into a cross arm breaker. Lita makes the ropes. Boots by Lita, Mickie grabs a leg and trips her down. Rights to Lita, off the ropes and a clothesline to Lita. Chops by Mickie and a cover for 2. Irish whip, elbow by Mickie and then tries a RANA to the floor and it well, doesn’t work well. The chicks all fight, they toss them back in and now the ref counts. Drama. They exchange rights from their knees, to their feet and a spinkick by Mickie. Slams Lita to the corner, DDT try, and they totally fuck up and JR even asks what the hell that was. Roll up by Mickie for 2. Rights to Lita, off the ropes and Victoria trips up Mickie. Boot and a SICK DDT by Lita. 1…2…3.

Winner and NEW CHAMPION Lita @ 8:13 via pin ¼*

Lita celebrates after the match.

The Spirit Squad is backstage. Kenny calls them losers. He is the only winner of the team because he actually wins. Johnny questions him and we have dissention in the ranks! Kenny says he had to rough up Mikey to make him mad and get him ready. It will be Kenny and Mikey defending the belts. Mikey is ready! Johnny is not happy.

The partner for Flair with 46% is Roddy Piper.

Flair calls out Dusty and Slaughter to help even the odds.

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Spirit Squad © (Kenny and Mikey) vs. Ric Flair and Roddy Piper

Flair and Kenny to begin. Lock up and off the ropes and a shoulder tackle on Flair. Off the ropes and a hip toss and side headlock takedown by Flair. Shoulder block by Flair, and then a dropkick by Kenny for 2. Mikey in, misses two elbows and Piper tags in. Jabs by Piper, he bites Mikey and then Kenny fights back. Piper fights off the Squad and gets the sleeper on Mikey. Kenny breaks it up and tags in. He drops rights on Piper and tags Mikey back in. Assisted splash to Piper in the corner and a cover for 2. Piper manages a backslide for 2 and then Mikey beats him down. Tag to Kenny, 2nd rope ax smash to Piper and then an elbow drop for 2. Neckvice by Kenny. The ref checks the arm, drops once, twice and then Piper starts to fight. Mikey distracts the ref and Kenny rakes Piper’s eyes. Arm bar and a tag to Mikey. Forearms by Mikey and Piper gets an eye poke. Tag to Kenny. Slam on Piper, Kenny tags Mikey in, up top, Stacked splash MISSES Piper. Tag to Flair! Chops for all. Jabs and chops and Piper in as well. Chops to Kenny. They double clothesline Kenny. Back elbows to Mikey. Double suplex to Mikey. Figure four try, locks it in. Mikey fights…and Kenny off the top with the leg drop to Flair. Mikey picks up Flair, who gets a roll up for 2. Chops by Flair, figure four again. Kenny and Piper in the ring to brawl and Mikey taps.

Winners and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Ric Flair and Roddy Piper @ 6:58 via pin *

After the match, Sarge and Dusty help Piper and Flair fight off the Squad. Piper is in desperate need of a tan. Dusty’s music plays so they can dance.

King Booker and Queen Sharmell walk to visit with Cena. He says they have a Giant problem. He says Show could win one of their titles and take it to that vile ECW. He says they should make a royal pact and vanquish the Big Show, so then they could ballet as gladiators to the finish. Cena agrees. He thinks it is a good idea. King Booker says he is wise. Cena says he would need one thing in return. One night with the Queen! Sharmell goes all street Sharmell on Cena and the King vows to fix it. Sharmell leaves and Booker goes street and agrees to it. Cena asks if he lost his mind and Booker tells him to keep it down. Cena says if they vote for Booker’s title, he will have no problems taking the belt. They see Sharmell and Cena says that he gets Sharmell, a 2×4, Finlay’s midget and a bottle of Yager and Booker will watch. Sharmell flips. Ron Simmons walks in…DAYUM.

We get a video package for the Champion of Champions match. Like a 4-minute video package. It is 10:06 right now, they are killing time.

Nice visual of three referees holding the belts in the ring.

The belt on the line with 67% is King Booker’s World title.

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS MATCH – WORLD TITLE ON THE LINE: King Booker © vs. The Big Show © vs. John Cena ©

King Booker tries to talk to Cena but eats aright. Head butts by Show and then chops to Cena. Elbows by Cena, off the ropes and an elbow by Show. Show with a hard whip to the corner by Show. King Booker waits on the steps as Show and Cena brawl. Clothesline by Show. Slam on Cena and then rights. Chops by Show, kicks by Cena and then knees by Show take Cena down. Head butts by Show and Cena rolls to the floor. Show grabs Cena and King Booker with an AX kick to Show. He works him over with rights and then kicks to the knees. Big right by Show and then a clothesline to King Booker. Head butts again and then more chops. Head butts again. Cena on the apron and Show knocks him off and he hits the Raw announce table. Slam on King Booker. Final cut deal by Show gets 2 as Cena makes the save. Head butts to King Booker and then to Cena. Eye poke by King Booker, rights to Show and Cena and him team up. They work Show over and then clothesline him to the floor. King Booker rolls up Cena for 2. Chops by King Booker, off the ropes and a back elbow to Cena. More chops to Cena, off the ropes and a cradle suplex by Cena gets 2 as Show pulls him to the floor and levels him with a clothesline. Show grabs the steel steps but Cena with a basement dropkick and Show falls into the steps. Cena back into the ring with King Booker. Royal Bookend! 1…2…NO! Sidekick by King Booker gets 2. Hot shot by King Booker, thrust kick and a cover for 2. Side slam by King Booker for 2. Irish whip and a back elbow by Cena. Boot by Cena and a belly to belly on King Booker gets 2. Some counters and a sleeper by King Booker. Cena battles to escape, powers out and gets the proto bomb, cover for 2. Cena up top…splash MISSES! King Booker gets a cover for 2. I think Show is dead, or eating. King Booker sets, off the ropes and misses the AX kick, FU try by Cena, escape and a DDT by King Booker. Slam countered and a side leg sweep by Cena for 2. STFU is locked in now by Cena, King Booker is close to the ropes and gets them. Eye poke by King Booker, off the ropes and a kick misses and a clothesline by Cena connects. Off the ropes and a corner elbow by Cena. Suplex to King Booker and a cover for 2. Show has been gone for like 7-minutes now, 14-minute sin right here. Backdrop by King Booker, and he goes up top…Cena up and nails King Booker with a right. Cena up with him, Show is back and picks Cena up on his shoulders, and King Booker gets a doomsday dropkick. King Booker covers Show for 2. Cena and Show brawl, King Booker as well. They try a double suplex, but Show suplexes them both. Clotheslines for all by Show. Head butts to King Booker. Irish whip to King Booker, he and Cena in the corner…and Show splashes them both. GOOZLE to King Booker…chokeslam! Rights by Cena, off the ropes and a spear by Show, sending Cena to the floor. Show dismantles the announce table, Raw, not Spanish. Cena tries to fight him off and slams Show’s face to the table. Rights by Show, picks Cena up but Cena slides off and slams him to the steel post. Cena back in and a shoulder tackle to King Booker. Clotheslines, proto bomb. 5-knuckle shuffle time, but then charges and kicks a chair into Show’s face, which Show was holding. Shuffle connects, Sharmell in the ring with the title belt, FU on Sharmell. STFU on King Booker but the ref checks on Sharmell. K-Fed is here and NAILS Cena with the world title. Cena sees him and chases him away. Cena back to King Booker, who nails Cena with the title belt! King Booker covers 1…2…3

Winner and Champion of Champions: King Booker @ 21:08 via pin **½

King Booker helps Sharmell from the ring.

K Fed in the ring and he mocks Cena and the PPV ends at 10:36pm.

The 411: You know when I spend $40 on a PPV, I expect good matches, some clean finishes and a sense of satisfaction as far as money spent goes. Some PPV's don't live up to that and some just flat out suck ass, and this was one of them. It was predictable, the matches were basically all bad, minus two of them and we had to deal with fucking K FED in the main event match that was "supposed" to be huge. It all fell short and I could NEVER tell someone to but this monstrosity of a show. In the end I will go with a 2 out of 10 for the show, making this, at the time the worst PPV of 2006.
Final Score:  2.0   [ Very Bad ]  legend

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