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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: WWE Survivor Series 2004

November 27, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

A cool video about Survivor Series runs, with old clips and new.

We are LIVE from the Gund Arena in Cleveland, and are announcers this evening will be Good old JR and Jerry “The King” Lawler for Raw, Michael Cole and Tazz for Smackdown as well as Carlos and Hugo for our Spanish-speaking friends. They all take turns hyping the card.

Match #1 Cruiserweight Title – Spike Dudley © vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Billy Kidman

All 4 men in at all times. Chavo right after Kidman as Rey goes after Spike. Rey and Chavo with early control, then Spike takes Rey down and gets a double foot stomp. Kidman and Spike team up and work over Chavo, but then Kidman decides better and nails a standing dropkick to Spike. Rey and Chavo dispose of Kidman and Spike and go at it now. Chavo tries a pin, but Rey battles out and gets a roll up for 2. RANA to Chavo. Rey tries an Asai DDT, but ends up with an arm drag. Spike in and dumps Chavo and works over Rey. Chavo back in and tries a back suplex, Spike escapes and they collide mid-ring. Kidman on the apron, Rey up top and gets a RANA to the floor! Kidman down and Chavo tosses Rey over the top and he nails Kidman! Chavo with a plancha onto both men on the floor! Spike stands in the ring and decides on a cross body but CRASHES and burns! Kidman and Chavo in the ring now and Kidman begs off. Chavo kicks away, and then gets a backdrop to Kidman. Back suplex and a cover for 2 as Spike breaks it up. Spike with an atomic drop to Chavo and gets 2 as Rey breaks it up. Spike with a VICIOUS whip to the corner on Rey and gets 2. Spike tosses Rey to the floor under the ropes in a slide and Rey hit hard. Spike up top…Chavo meets him and goes up. Kidman is up and gets Chavo…STACKED SUPERPLEX! Rey is on the floor and the others are down in the ring. Rey in and covers Chavo for 2. Covers Spike and gets 2 as Kidman saves Spike. Kidman chokes out Rey in the corner, but Rey is up and gets a boot. BK Bomb to Rey. Sets for the SSP… Kidman up top…and Chavo knocks him to the floor! Spike takes Chavo to the floor. Battering ram headbutt to Rey. Tries the Dudley dog, reversed. 619 to Spike! Rey goes up and Kidman knocks him to the floor. Chavo in…GORI BOMB! Kidman breaks it up with a leg drop off the top! Rey with a leg scissors to Kidman takes him to the floor and Spike covers Chavo now and that is all!

Winner: Spike Dudley @ 9:09 ***

Heidenreich and Heyman in the back, getting hyped up. Snitski is here? Snitski likes his poetry, and Heidenreich likes what he does to babies. They will see each other later.

Match #2 IC Title Christian w/Tomko vs. Shelton Benjamin

Christian has new music and ring jacket.

Lock up to start, and Shelton with an arm bar. Reversal by Christian and a headlock to Shelton. Some mat work and Christian escapes to the ropes. Shelton takes Christian down as they mat wrestle some more and Christian escapes again to the ropes. Kick to the gut by Christian, and he shoves Shelton down and he kips right back up, and again. Off the ropes, and Shelton with a shoulder block. Christian to the corner and he talks trash now to Shelton. Slap to Shelton, and Shelton takes him down and rams Christian’s head repeatedly into the mat. Springboard neck breaker/blockbuster by Shelton for 2. Christian with chops now, and more trash talking. Shelton to the corner and with a monkey flip but Shelton lands on his feet and rolls up Christian for 2. Christian to the floor and Tomko distracts Shelton but Christian is taken down by Shelton. Chops to Christian on the floor. Back in the ring, Shelton on the apron, runs at Tomko but Christian knocks him off to the floor. Christian rams Shelton to the security rail, then rolls him back in. Kicks to Shelton and then a choke. Christian with right hands and then another choke to Shelton. Shelton off the ropes and he gets a cross body for 2. Christian up and a neck breaker to Shelton gets 2. Rear choke by Christian, and he has to break. Neck vice to Shelton now, and Shelton tries to battle out. Shelton to his feet and elbows for Christian. Christian takes Shelton to the floor and Tomko rams Shelton into the ring apron. Rolls him in and Christian gets 2. Shelton with punches, then chops but Christian with a shot to the gut. Sit on top, reverse DDT form the 2nd rope by Christian for 2. Christian chokes out Shelton again, and then talks smack and slaps him. Shelton gets fired up and fights back with right hands. Irish whip by Shelton and Christian hits the corner hard. Both men are down0 and fight back up…Shelton with a forearm off the ropes then a Russian leg sweep and he gets 2. Roll up and Shelton with another close 2. Christian yells at him but Shelton reverses him and gets a sling shot reverse suplex for 2! Christian to the corner…Shelton Splash MISSES! DDT by Christian gets 2! Christian argues with the ref, and Tomko slides in the belt. Christian grabs it and Shelton kicks it into Christian’s face! TOP ROPE CLOTHESLINE and Christian KICKS OUT! Tomko in as the ref gets rid of the belt and gets a big boot to Shelton and Christian covers for 2! They duke it out mid-ring, and then a kick to Tomko on the apron by Shelton! EXPLODER TO CHRISTIAN and Shelton wins!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin @ 13:29 ***

Edge and Angle meet up in the back. Kurt read his book, and he isn’t a fan. Kurt hates what Edge wrote, and Edge likes it. Angle says it is funny that Edge never won the world title. Then makes fun of him losing the voting at Taboo Tuesday. Edge says he took out HBK, and Angle never did that.

Angle leaves and Eugene is here! He is in awe of Angle. Eugene runs down Angle’s accomplishments and says he sucks! Then the crowd starts to chant “You suck!”

WM recall, Austin wins @ WM 14.

Match #3 Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and Carlito Cool w/Jesus vs. Eddie Guerrero, RVD, The Big Show and John Cena

Big Show’s ankle is taped up from the SD attack.

Cena attacks Jesus and Carlito right off the bat and the bell hasn’t even rung yet! They fight to the back and Cena has the beat down going on both men! Cena tosses a ref and Jesus tries to distract him, but Cena takes him out. Cena yells and chases Carlito as he says he didn’t have Cena shanked. Carlito and Jesus get in a car and they leave! The teams are still in the ring and then they start to brawl!

The bell finally rings and Show beats down Jindrak as Cena is back. Carlito is gone. Chops to Jindrak and Show tags RVD. Reverse kick by RVD and a tag to Eddie. Sling shot senton followed by rolling thunder for 2. Eddie beats down Jindrak, then a belly-to-belly suplex for 2. Head scissors by Eddie, then a drop kick to Reigns. Head scissors/arm drag to Jindrak and Reigns! Tag to Angle and he goes to work on Eddie. He has Eddie in the corner and team Angle beats him down. Tag to Reigns and a back breaker to Eddie, another and a 3rd gets a 2 count. Tag to Jindrak and kicks to Eddie. Clothesline gets 2 for Jindrak. Full nelson on the mat to Eddie, and Eddie fights to his feet. Eddie rams Jindrak to the corner and Jindrak tags Angle and Eddie cannot tag. Angle with right hands and a corner whip to Eddie. Belly to belly to Eddie and a tag to Reigns. Butterfly suplex to Eddie and Reigns tags Jindrak. Snap mare and a chin lock. Eddie fights to his feet and a flapjack to Jindrak. Tag to Angle and a front face lock to Eddie and he cannot tag. Eddie fights to his feet again, and gets close to his corner but Angle pounds on his back and keeps him from the tag. Tag to Jindrak and a slam and a cover for 2. Elbow to Eddie and then Jindrak poses. Cover and a 2 count as Cena saves Eddie. Waist lock by Jindrak, and Eddie fights up again. Eddie is feeling it and a RANA to Jindrak! TAG to RVD! Tag to Angle! Shoulder rams and a monkey flip to Angle. RVD up top…FROG SPLASH on Jindrak who was trying to pull out Angle. Angle with a roll up to RVD, grabs the ropes and RVD is ELIMINATED! Eddie rolls up Jindrak and grabs the ropes and ELIMINATES JINDRAK! Show is in, and Reigns is as well. Kicks by Reigns, and then right hands. Show with chops now, and then a boot to Angle. Reigns chop blocks Show’s bad leg. Show up, Choke slam to Reigns and he is ELIMINATED! Angle is all-alone! Ankle lock on Show! Show rolls out and Angle to the floor. Angle walks to the back and RVD is out! Show is on the floor now and Angle walks right into him! Angle looks like he is about to cry! Angle back in the ring. Cena grabs Angle…F-U! Eddie up top…FROG SPLASH! Show is in, and he covers and that is all!

Winners: Team Eddie @ 12:22 **Ѕ

Commercial for WWE 24/7.

Coach with Maven. Coach asks if he deserves to be in the match. Maven gets pissed and says he deserves it and is talented enough. Snitski attacks Maven and betas the crap out of him! The beast is loose! Fit Finlay and Arn check on Maven who is busted the hell open.

Heidenreich video package.

Match #4 Heidenreich w/Paul Heyman vs. The Undertaker

The ring fills with smoke as the Undertaker makes his way out.

Stand off as they stare at each other and inch closer and closer. Heyman yells to hype Heidenreich up. Right hands by Taker, and he rocks Heidenreich to the corner with more rights. Taker turns and scares the ref to the floor. Heidenreich to the corner, but he gets a back elbow. Clothesline by Taker, then an elbow and a cover for 1. Heidenreich to the corner and Taker starts to work the shoulder. Arm bar by Taker, and he winds it up again. Taker goes for Old School but Heidenreich crotches him as Paul distracted the ref. Heidenreich crotches Taker on the steel ring post as Paul distracts the ref more. On the floor now and Heidenreich with right hands to Taker. Heidenreich yells “I can beat you” repeatedly. More right hands by Heidenreich on the floor, and then Taker to the steel steps. Taker no sells and rams Heidenreich off the steps. Heidenreich layed on the apron, and an elbow by Taker. Another elbow to Heidenreich. Taker on the apron…leg drop to the throat of Heidenreich and he falls to the floor. Taker back in the ring and the ref counts. Paul yells at Heidenreich, and he gets back in the ring. Cover by Taker for 2. Arm bar again…Old School to Heidenreich as he dissects the shoulder. Flat liner by Taker for 2. Right hands by Taker, and he just beats Heidenreich down in the corner. Taker MISSES a big boot in the corner! Heidenreich with right hands again, and he elbows Taker who falls off the apron to the floor. They brawl on the floor and Heidenreich tosses Taker back in the ring and covers for 2. Taker with right hands, but Heidenreich with a big boot and a cover for 2. Chin lock now by Heidenreich…as Paul yells instructions. Taker fights up with punches to the ribs of Heidenreich and then a shot to the throat. Clothesline to Taker and Heidenreich gets 2. Taker back with boots to the midsection, and Heidenreich off the ropes with a clothesline again. Heidenreich off the ropes and misses an elbow drop. Knee to the gut by Heidenreich, then tries a suplex that Taker bocks and gets his own suplex. Right hands again by Heidenreich, and Taker back with rights of his own. They are slugging it out mid-ring and Heidenreich tosses Taker over the top to the floor. Taker on the apron and gets a stunner like move to Heidenreich. Taker up top…BIG clothesline off the top gets 2! Heidenreich to the corner, and a clothesline by Taker. Taker picks him up, Heidenreich escapes but eats a big boot. Leg drop and Taker gets 2. Taker signals for the choke slam…GOOZLE but Heidenreich escapes and fights back with right hands. Taker off the ropes…BOSS MAN SLAM to Taker gets 2! Heidenreich yells at the ref, and then back to Taker. Rights and lefts, then knees to the Taker. Heidenreich climbs up and punches away at Taker…but Taker snatches him up…LAST RIDE but Heidenreich grabs the ropes! Heidenreich off the ropes…sleeper by Heidenreich, but Taker gets a back suplex to reverse it. They are both down as the ref counts, but Taker sits up. Clothesline off the ropes by Taker. Sets for the choke slam…GOOZLE! CHOKE SLAM to Heidenreich! Taker makes the cutthroat sign, and stalks Heidenreich…TOMBSTONE and Taker wins!

Winner: The Undertaker @ 15:53 *

Taker stares at Commercial for WWE 24/7.

The new Raw interview chick is with Eric. He says Maven may be out of the Raw 8-man match. She asks if Team Orton can name a replacement, but he says HHH will protest and it will mess with his vacation. He says the match is on, and if Maven can’t go, NO ONE will replace him.

Match #5 Women’s Title – Trish Stratus © vs. Lita

Lita attacks right away with a right hand and knocks Trish down. Lita chokes her in the corner, and then boots away at her. Tackle to Trish and Lita with more right hands and the ref breaks it up and Trish to the floor. Lita follows, but meets the announce table, but Lita with a drop toehold into a chair to Trish! Lita grabs a chair and starts beating down Trish! Trish is BUSTED OPEN as the ref stops the match! Her nose is messed up as the refs and trainers attend to her.

Lita attacks again and rams her into the steps! She is taken away from the ring and the crowd is CHANTING for Lita! They attend to Trish. Trish is pissed as she goes to the back.

Winner: Trish Stratus by DQ @ 1:23 (NR)

Team Eddie in the back and Teddy thanks them for the good work. Teddy welcomes him back and thanks him. Cena says it is good to be back. He wants Carlito, cause he took his belt, his chain and left like nothing was wrong. Teddy says this Thursday Carlito will be on Smackdown this week, and defend the title. Teddy says id he doesn’t show Teddy will strip him of the title. It will be 1 on 1, for the title, vs. Cena.

Booker vs. JBL video package.

Match #6 WWE Title – JBL © w/ Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T

The ref gives the instructions and shows the belt to Booker as they trash talk.

Lock up to start, and JBL takes Booker to the corner. JBL talks smack again and a lock up again and Booker with right hands and JBL is down. To the corner and Booker kicks away at JBL. JBL off the ropes with a clubbing forearm and then backs Booker into the corner and throws wild right hands. Head lock to Booker, then JBL off the ropes and a clothesline by Booker. Sidekick by Booker and JBL is down and to the floor. Booker follows and JBL back in the ring and catches Booker on the way in. Slam to Booker, then an elbow to the kidneys by JBL and he covers for 2. JBL off the ropes and a backdrop by Booker. Clothesline and JBL to the floor. Orlando distracts Booker and JBL tosses him over the announce table. JBL goes after him and Booker knocks him off the table. Booker rolls JBL back in the ring and Orlando nails Booker as he tries to get back in and then rolls him back in so JBL can gets a 2 count. Cobra clutch by JBL, and Booker is down to his knees. Booker fights up and gets some elbows to JBL, hits the ropes and a knee to the gut by JBL. Big boot to Booker, then 3 elbows to Booker and JBL gets 2. Headlock by JBL and Booker is down again. Booker fights and gets to his feet, elbows for JBL and Booker off the ropes and eats an elbow from JBL. JBL goes up top…and Booker meets him with punches. Booker climbs…SUPERPLEX! Both men are down and the ref starts his count. Booker up and covers for 2. JBL tries to beg off, and then pulls Booker to the floor. Orlando attacks Booker again but Booker shoves him to the ring post. JBL to the floor…BOOK END TO JBL ON THE FLOOR! Booker soaks in the chants and press slams Orlando off the security railing. He sends JBL to the steps, then a scissor kick to Orlando. JBL back in the ring, Booker up top…MISSILE DRO KICK to JBL gets 2 as JBL grabs the ropes. Booker signals for the end, picks up JBL and gets a side slam. Booker up top…HARLEM HANGOVER misses! JBL covers and gets 2. Boot to Booker and JBL gets a sleeper hold. Back suplex counter by Booker. Booker tries to get up…he does and right hands to JBL. Off the ropes, spin kick to JBL. Yakuza kick to JBL and Booker gets 2! Measures JBL, off the ropes and Orlando trips him up! DDT by JBL and he gets 2! JBL pulls Booker up, throws him but Booker reverses it and the ref gets nailed! Orlando in and takes down Booker. Josh Matthews is out and takes out Orlando! Boot to Matthews by JBL and a clothesline from hell to Matthews. JBL tosses him to the floor and Booker is up and gets a sidekick! AX KICK TO JBL! 1…2…NO as Orlando pulled the ref out. Orlando in the ring with the tile…BOOK END to Orlando! JBL grabs the title belt and NAILS Booker and that is it!

Winner: JBL @ 14:48 ***ј

JBL hugs his title and Tazz and Cole put over Booker’s effort in basically a handicap match.

They show highlights from last years Christmas in Iraq. They are doing it again this year.

Backstage Evolution is getting ready. Batista says he talked to Snitski and Edge. Batista says Snitski isn’t all there. HHH says when they win, they will run raw for the first 2 weeks, and Snitski and Edge won’t be in any condition to challenge HHH. Batista tells Flair that he can’t wait until it is his turn to run Raw.

Video hype for the Raw 8-man match.

Match #7 HHH, Batista, Edge and Snitski w/ Flair vs. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Maven

Maven hasn’t come to the ring, so we have 4 on 3. Edge and Benoit to start, lock up and Benoit goes to town on Edge in the corner with right hands. Off the ropes and Edge holds on and tags Snitski. Tag to Orton. They talk smack and Snitski shoves Orton. Orton with clubbing blows then stomps away on Snitski. Tag to Jericho. Snitski to the corner and Jericho with right hands. Snitski to the opposite corner and Snitski with a running clothesline. Tag to HHH and Jericho takes him down and tags Orton. Orton with right hands to the champ but HHH off the ropes and a high knee to Orton. Tag to Batista and he beats down Orton in the corner. Orton is down and Batista chokes him out. Running power slam by Batista for 2 and a tag to Edge. Edge with right hands and boots to Orton and then forearms. Orton fights back and Edge with a drop toe hold and then a cover for 2. Drop kick to Orton and Edge eggs on Jericho but Orton back with uppercuts and a clothesline. Tag to Benoit and HHH and Benoit then knocks Edge, Snitski and Batista to the floor. German to Batista as he comes back in, then to HHH, another and a 3rd! Suplex to Edge and Benoit up top…HEAD BUTT TO BOTH! Covers HHH and gets 2 as Snitski saves him. Sharpshooter to HHH! Jericho takes Snitski to the floor. HHH is fighting and Snitski back in and saves HHH. Cross face to Edge but Batista breaks it up. HHH is and a Pedigree to Benoit and Edge is legal and cover Benoit for the pin! Benoit is ELIMINATED! Boo urns! Neck breaker by Edge to Jericho then tags but Snitski and HHH argue. They shove each other and now Batista and Snitski argue! Jericho has the Walls on HHH and now everyone is in! Bulldog to HHH! Lionsault stopped by Flair! The ref sends Flair to the back! Batista is in and beats down Jericho and Orton saves him. Flair is still arguing with the ref and Batista levels Orton and Jericho! Orton to the floor and Batista is beating down Jericho with a swank spine buster. Orton nails Batista with the title and Jericho with a running Enziguri and Batista is ELIMINATED! Spring board drop kick to Edge who falls onto Snitski! Batista nails Jericho with a clothesline and then leaves. Snitski is in and kicks away at Jericho. Backdrop to Jericho and then a choke by Snitski. Tag to Edge and he takes Jericho to the corner. Elbow to Jericho and then right hands and a boot to Jericho. Jericho side steps Edge and both men are down. Tag to Snitski and he gets an elbow to Jericho. Orton comes in and gets tossed to the floor by Snitski. HHH and edge on the floor and they beat down Orton. DDT by Jericho! Snitski is down and Jericho goes for the tag and no one is there. Here comes Maven! Tag to Maven! He attacks Snitski! Off the ropes and a forearm to Snitski! Rights to HHH and Edge! Snitski to the floor and Snitski is busted open! BULLDOG TO HHH off the top! Snitski in and LEVELS MAVEN with a NASTY chair shot and he is ELIMINATED by DQ! Maven is out and Snitski beats down Orton on the floor. HHH cover Maven and he is ELIMINATED! HHH goes to the floor and picks up Jericho. Edge covers and Jericho kicks out! Another cover and he kicks out again! Edge is pissed! Elbow by Jericho and a backdrop to HHH! SPEAR to Jericho and he is ELIMINATED! Down to Edge and HHH vs. Orton. Orton is down on the floor and tries to get in as HHH and Edge laugh. Orton is in and they stalk him and he says to bring it! They attack and beat down Orton in the corner. Boots now and HHH goes so Edge can work over Orton. Edge talks smack and then hits a back suplex to Orton and covers for 2! HHH in and they double-team Orton. HHH takes down Orton with a right hand and then pulls him up and takes him down again. Orton fights back with right hands now but HHH gets a DDT and covers for 2! Covers again and another 2! Tag to Edge and he takes Orton to their corner but Orton fights out and gets a power slam to Edge. They both get up and Edge almost hits HHH. Orton shoves Edge into HHH and gets a close 2! HHH in and gets a spine buster to Orton. He picks up Orton and Edge gets a SPEAR to HHH by accident! RKO TO EDGE AND HE IS ELIMINATED! Orton and HHH are left as we get LOUD RKO chants! LOW BLOW to Orton as the ref was getting rid of Edge. HHH is up and sets for the Pedigree but Orton escapes…RKO AND HHH IS PINNED!

Winner: Team Orton @ 24:30 ***Ѕ

Orton celebrates as HHH lies on the floor.


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