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Tremendous Tirades Throwbacks: TNA’s Hard Justice 2005

May 14, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwbacks: TNA’s Hard Justice 2005  

You may be saying that this Month’s PPV is Sacrifice. You’re right. But last year, May’s PPV was “Hard Justice” as Sacrifice didn’t happen until August. So that’s why we are seeing this as the throwback.

JB and Don West welcome us to Orlando and TNA’s Hard Justice PPV! They say finally AJ will get his shot at JJ, and Tito Ortiz will be there to keep things even. They think Ortiz is perfect for the job, and Tenay joins them. Tenay says it was a great idea from Dusty. He says JJ has been ranting and Tenay thinks he is afraid and he thinks Tito will maintain justice in the ring. Tenay says with Ortiz as the ref, the best man will win.

They show the Ortiz interview from Impact.

He loved Snuka and TITO SANTANA! He got into fighting out of a love of wrestling. He wants to establish his dominance when he gets into TNA. He says TNA is making wrestling exciting again. The NWA Title is the most prestigious, and puts over Harley, Flair and Dusty as well as Ken Shamrock. AJ is just awesome, and is amazed by him. JJ is the flag bearer for TNA and he put his time in, but there is always a star ready to take that away. He thinks JJ is beatable and he will be there to keep justice. Dusty brought him in to take care of things and he will bring the hard justice.

JB and West are back as the camera catches a fine looking chicky, how you doin? My buddy Lino is there, HI LINO! They now discuss the Daniels vs. Shocker X-Title match.

Hype video for Shocker vs. Daniels is shown.

UPDATE: Jeff Hardy hasn’t shown up yet in Orlando. He has missed “several” flights and if he doesn’t show up, the plan is to have Waltman face Raven in the Clockwork Orange match.

PPV Pre-Match A Shark Boy vs. David Young

The winner here will get a slot in the gauntlet later on the PPV. Lock up and Young with a take down. Sharky with a headlock, off the ropes and a drop kick to Young. Another as he tricked Young into looking away. HA! Arm drag by Sharky, and now a headlock. Young up, takes Sharky to the corner and nails him with a right hand. Corner clothesline by Young and then a shoulder charge to Sharky. Young misses this time and nails the post. SHARK BITE…nope, Young stops him. SHARK BITE NOW! Young to the floor and a cross body to Young, but he caught him and rammed him into the steel post. Back in the ring and a headlock by Young. Sharky up and fights out…boot to the head and a neck breaker by Young for 2! Sharky with right hands and Young with doubles knees to the back for 2. Young pulls Sharky mid-ring. Springboard leg drop for 2 by Young. Young up top…MISSES a moonsault! Both men up now and Sharky with a knee to the head of Young. Neck breaker gets 2 for Sharky. Sharky has him in the corner and punches away at him…9 punches and another SHARK BITE! Sharky up top…missile drop kick for 2! Sharky up top again… Young nails him and goes up with him…Sharky fights him off and down. Sun set flip and Young out. Side effect type move by Young for 2. Sharky to the 2nd rope…DEEP SEA DROP and that’s all!

Winner: Shark Boy @ 6:30 and he gets a slot in the gauntlet later on PPV *

JB and some random chick are there now and pimp the card.

Hype video of AJ Styles vs. JJ is shown.

Hype video of AJ Styles is shown, same from Impact.

Terry Taylor is with JJ. JJ says that Hard Justice is a hard pill to take. He says that to him, he is a survivor and he can survive anyone, he survived Nash, DDP, Hardy and the list goes on. He says Ortiz is a survivor, and he respects the fact that Ortiz cares about no one. He says that also includes AJ, and he will use that to is advantage and he leaves to go to Ortiz’s locker room? Scandal!

JB and West push hard for buys one last time as they run down the card.

JB confirmed that Hardy is off of the card and Waltman will replace him.

PPV starts now!

A 10-bell salute to Chris Candido runs, with a picture of him in an empty, dark ring and one of the TNA Tag Titles.

Another great PPV opening video by TNA is shown to kick off the show.

Tenay and West welcome up to Hard Justice!

Match #1 Team Canada (Petey Williams and Eric Young) w/Coach D’Amore vs. Sonny Siaki and Apollo

Siaki tripped on the ramp, not a good sign.

All 4 men brawl to start and Apollo and Siaki take control. Double flapjack to Petey and they clear the ring. Team Canada regroups on the floor. Petey and Apollo to start. Lock up and Petey tossed to the mat. He rams Apollo and falls down. Young in and takes a shot and is down. Chop by Apollo and Petey off the ropes…tilt a whirl slam by Apollo gets 2. Tag to Siaki, double Japanese arm drag to Petey. Siaki with an arm drag take over into an arm bar now. Petey to his feet, drop toehold on Siaki. Tag to Young, and a leg lariat to Young. Clothesline to Young and Siaki gets 2. Chops by Siaki and another rocks Young. Tag to Apollo, double backdrop that sent Young into the lights! Chops to Young by Apollo now, Young with the Flair corner flip and sent to the floor. Petey in and nails Apollo and now Young is in control. Tag to Petey and right hands to Apollo. He chokes Apollo now and then breaks it. Petey chokes him over the 2nd rope and then nails Siaki. Tag to Young and we get loud Petey chants. Slam to Apollo and a quick elbow drop by Young. Apollo fights back with chops and then right hands, but Young takes him to the corner. Rams him off the corner, and chops away now. Young off the ropes…SUPER KICK by Apollo! Both men are down and crawl for a tag. Tag to Siaki and Petey! Rights to Petey. Samoan drop to Young! Press into a power slam for 2 by Siaki! Back elbow to Young and grabs Petey. Suplexes him in but D’Amore grabs his leg and Petey covers for 2. Spear by Apollo to Young. Petey up top, Siaki up as well… and down! RANA from the top to Apollo! Destroyer time…he has Siaki, escape…SIAKALYPSE NOW! Ref is distracted with D’Amore, A-1 is out! Jackhammer to Siaki! Petey covers and that’s all!

Winners: Team Canada @ 8:05 **

They show Ortiz, AJ and JJ arrive earlier today. Tenay and West hype the title match like mad.

Match #2 Chris Sabin and Traci vs. Trinity and Michael Shane

Cook, Traci looks great as usual. Her and Sabin are wearing white, and match. Shane and Trinity in black, good vs. evil!

The ladies start and Trinity slaps Traci. They chase out to the floor and Shane cuts off Traci. Sabin in and chops to Shane. Springing elbow to Shane and a kip up by Sabin. Sweet reversals and a RANA by Sabin for 2! Traci pulls Trinity in and they do a rolling small package all over the ring! SWEET! Traci finally gets 2. Monkey flip by Traci. Cross body by Trinity, Traci rolls through for 2. Slam to Traci, standing moonsault by Trinity misses. Tag to Shane and Sabin FLIES in with a drop kick to Shane who was after Traci! Sabin up top…Shane runs up…BELLY YO BELLY! He covers for 2. Knee drop by Shane now and he covers again for 2. Tenay talks about Shane and HBK, take a drink. Trinity chokes out Sabin now and she holds him up. Shane almost hits her, roll up by Sabin and he gets 2. Trinity trips up Sabin and Shane covers again for 2. Missile drop kick by Trinity to Sabin and Shane grabs a rear choke. Sabin fight to his feet, but Shane slams him back down. Rear choke applied again by Shane, and Sabin tries to escape again. Sabin to his feet, elbows out. Right hands by both men and Sabin in control. Knee to the gut by Shane and he charges at Sabin, reversals ENZIGURI by Sabin! Tag to Trinity and to Traci. Chops by Traci, elbow. She charges and knocks her down again. Face buster to Trinity and Traci gets 2! Traci to the 2nd rope…up top now and Trinity tosses her off to the floor! They battle on the floor and Trinity slams her on the ramp. Hair toss by Trinity as they fight up the ramp. Slam by Trinity again and Sabin grabs her! He then LEVELS Shane with a clothesline! Traci tackles Trinity! Sabin in the ring…PLANCHA TO SHANE! Trinity and Traci back in the ring now. Sabin is in and she gets a top rope RANA to Sabin! Traci is down and they now double team Sabin. Shane is taken down and Traci is in…LOW BLOW TO SABIN? What the hell? SUPER KICK BY SHANE! That’s it!

Winner: Shan and Trinity **¼

Shane and Traci celebrate as Trinity is out as well as Sabin. SWERVE!

Tenay pimps the 3-year anniversary and the fact that they have been in Orlando for almost a year.

Slammiversary promo runs.

Terry Taylor is with Team Canada and they celebrate their win. They are ready to take everyone down. D’Amore says the fans were stupid to chant USA because there were no people from the US in the match! He says he has the advantage because he has 4-men in the gauntlet! Rude says they hunt and dominate as a pack. Rude says TNA is biased by making him #1 in the gauntlet. They will own the gauntlet! They show him who number 2 is and D’Amore says. “That’s like sending a one legged man into an ass kicking contest.” If it is Zach Gowen I may cry.

Tito is with Dusty. Dusty is happy to have him in the boardroom. Dusty gives him a ref shirt and says he wants it called down the middle. Dusty says if it gets out of line to take care of business. Ortiz says only worry about calling an ambulance.

Terry Taylor with Raven. They say Hardy isn’t here. Raven says Hardy has no balls and is a coward. He beat him so bad last month, and now he is afraid and Waltman is his replacement. Raven is sick and tired of being held down. He hunts alone and will take out anyone and everyone. He’ll rip out eyes and eat them. He wants to hurt people tonight and calls Taylor crippled. He says he will cripple Waltman, because he is the most dangerous man in wrestling. Quote him bitches.

Match #3 Raven’s House of Fun Match: Raven vs. Sean Waltman

Good to see Waltman is a man of his word and won’t be back.

No Waltman on the ramp, but he attacks through the crowd! Clothesline to Raven. Trashcan shot to Raven. To the floor the go and Waltman with chops. They have one side of cage up and Waltman rakes Raven’s face off of it. Waltman with the drop toehold of doom into the trashcan. Raven is BUSTED OPEN! Waltman tries the buster, but Raven tosses a trashcan into his face! Another can shot by Raven now. Waltman to the floor and Waltman rammed into the steel post. Raven gouges out Waltman’s eyes and then rakes his face off of the piece of cage. Chops by Waltman but Raven with a boot to the head and Waltman is busted open as well! Back in the ring and Raven with can lids. Repeated shots to Waltman and he finally is down. Contrasho with the lids to Waltman. Raven gets rammed into the corner and hits a trashcan that was wedged there. Ankle lock by Raven now and Waltman kicks out of it. Boot by Raven and Raven has a chair. Sets it up…drop toehold of doom countered…SMASH MOUTH! Spin kicks by Waltman and Raven is down. Bronco Buster to Raven. X-Factor to Raven! Waltman picks him up and lays him on the apron and Raven falls to the floor. Waltman grabs a ladder and sets it up and sets a table! Right hands to Raven and Waltman climbs the steep post…SWANTON OVER THE LADDER TO RAVEN BY WALTMAN! Waltman rolls him back in the ring and off the ropes…reversal…DDT BY RAVEN! 1…2…KICKOUT! Waltman tossed to the floor and Raven drags him up the ramp and TOSSES HIM OFF THROUGH A TABLE! Raven covers 1…2…WHAT!? Kick out! Raven drags him back to the ring by his hair and rams him off of the steps. Raven is looking for toys…handcuffs! He handcuffs Waltman to the post and gets a kendo stick and a staple gun! He beats Waltman with the kendo stick and grabs a mic and asks if he has had enough and Waltman yells at him to piss off. Waltman says “GIVE ME MORE YOU PUSSY!” Dusty is out and they unlock Waltman. Raven has a chair and says he gives Waltman one more chance and Waltman nails him with a spin kick into the chair Vandaminator style. Waltman with kendo stick shots to Raven and gets a staple gun. STAPLE TO RAVEN’S HEAD! ANOTHER! A 3rd time! Waltman charges Raven, backdrop to the cage wall and it COLLAPSES! Raven covers 1…2…3!

Winner: Raven @ 13:10 ***½

Ortiz is in the back and talking with AJ.

Video of Monty, Outlaw, DDP and the 3LK.

Terry Taylor is in the back with DDP. BG is apparently on hi sway, but not there. He says it is bullshit. Killings is out and say she didn’t get a message. He will tag with DDP. DDP accepts. Travel issues are a bitch tonight. Hardy and BG spending high times together?

Match #4 Monty Brown & The Outlaw vs. DDP & Ron Killings

Monty is in black tights and goatee tonight, showing he is indeed evil.

Monty and DDP to start. Lock up and DDP tossed away. Lock up again and DDP with an arm drag and then mocks Monty. Lock up and reversals and DDP with a roll up for 1. Lock up and Monty takes him down. Wristlock by DDP and Monty with right hands to DDP. Shoulder block to DDP, DDP off the ropes and gets a neck breaker for 2. Tag to Outlaw and he wants Killings. Killings in and they lock up and Outlaw with right hands. Killings escapes the corner and gets a high hip toss to Outlaw. Rights by Killings and tilt a whirl head scissors to Outlaw! Wind up slam by Outlaw and Monty sneaks in and puts the boots to Killings. They double-team him now and Killings is down and hurting. Off the ropes…knee to Killings and he is down. Back elbow to Killings gets 2 for Monty. Killings whipped to the corner and tag to Outlaw. Killings to his knees and Outlaw with a stiff forearm to Killings head and covers for 2. Rear chin lock by Outlaw, Killings fights out and gets a boot to Outlaw. Leaping leg lariat to Outlaw! Both men need a tag…tag to Monty and to DDP! Rights by DDP to both men! Clothesline to Monty! One for Outlaw! Sit out power bomb to Monty for 2! Rights to Monty, off the ropes…boot to Monty and he goes to the floor. Phi Delta Slam is here? They attack DDP! Diamond Cutter by DDP! Crotches the dude on top. Top rope Diamond Cutter! Cutter to Outlaw! POOOOOOOOUNCE TO DDP! 1…2…3!

How was there no DQ?

Winner: Monty and Outlaw @ 9:01 *

Earlier today Tenay talked with the Naturals. Tenay thanks them for their time and says it has to have been tough losing Candido. He says Candido helped them be reborn in TNA. Chase says the death caught him by surprise and they owe it all to Chris. They have been taught to be champions and to remain champs. They aren’t alone, Chris is looking down on them. They have gotten a lot of support and a true legend stepped up to help them, but they won’t say whom. Candido taught them to be winners. How are they not faces now?

Tenay says this match and the event is dedicated to Candido.

Match #5 The Naturals© (Stevens and Douglas) vs. AMW (Storm and Harris)

Douglas carries out a towel in tribute to Candido. They set up a chair and lay the towel on it in tribute as the crowd chants for Candido. Standing ovation for both teams before the match as well.

Stevens and Storm to start. Wristlock by Storm and a reversal by Stevens and another reversal by Storm. Stevens escapes and gets a wristlock of his own. Roll up for 2 by Stevens. Japanese arm drags by Strom and a cover for 2. Arm drag by Stevens reversed by Storm and he locks it in. Tag to Harris and a Russian leg sweep to Stevens for 2. Wristlock by Harris and Stevens rams him to the corner. Tag to Douglas and a shoulder block to Harris. Harris back up and tosses Douglas to the corner. Tag to Storm, hip toss into a slam by AMW and Storm covers for 2. Running neck breaker by Douglas gets 2. Tag to Stevens and a bull dog into the knee of Stevens and he covers for 2. Boot by Storm and a STIFF kick to the head of Stevens and covers for 2. Tag to Harris and a bull dog to Stevens for 2. Harris tries a suplex and Douglas in to break it up, Douglas to the floor by Harris and he clotheslines Stevens to the floor. Douglas rams Harris off of the steel post and then Harris rams him to the steel railing. Stevens over and he takes down Storm. Douglas now rams Harris into the railing. Stevens has him now and is reversed and nails the railing! Douglas and Harris brawl as Storm suplexes Stevens on the ramp. Douglas rammed now into the ring and Stevens and Storm battle. Catapult to Douglas into the steel post! Douglas rammed into the post again by Harris. Stevens works over Storm and rams HIM into the steel post. Harris is now rammed into the post. A fan holds a chair and Stevens gets rammed into it. Douglas with a chair now and hits Harris in the gut. He misses another shot and it has totally broken down! Douglas rams Harris off of the apron. Back in the ring finally and Stevens rams Storm into the steps. Atomic drop by Harris and lariat to Douglas! Stevens in, clothesline to Harris ad a kip up. Storm is in…eye of the storm! Double cross body by Storm and Douglas. All 4 men are in and getting to their feet. Knee by Stevens to Storm and goes up top…Harris up with him… Douglas over…Storm as well…TOWER OF DOOM AND STEVENS DID A FULL FLIP! All 4 men are down again! They get to their feet and duke it out. Lariat by Harris to Stevens! 8-second ride to Douglas 1…2…NO! Leaping leg lariat by Steven! Catatonic to Stevens, reversal…TKO to Harris 1…2…NO! Natural Disaster…SPEAR BY HARRIS! Super Kick by Storm! Death Sentence try… Douglas tosses Harris off. Stevens rolls up Storm 1…2…3!

Winner: The Naturals @ 15:15 ***

Ortiz tries to talk to JJ, and David Young tries to stop him. Young says he will hurt him. Ortiz chokes him and JJ is talking to Monty and he invites Tito in.

Hype video for Daniels vs. Shocker.

Match #6 “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels© vs. Shocker

Lock up and Daniels take shim to the corner. They shove each other and the ref separates them. Clubbing blows by Daniels now and an arm drag now by Shocker. Daniels to the apron and Shocker tries a suplex, Daniels tries to suplex him to the floor and they battle on the apron and RANA TO DANIELS! PLANCHA but Daniels moves and Shocker ands on his feet. Split legged moonsault by Daniels and he lands on his feet as Shocker moves. Suicide dive by Shocker connects! Spinning neck breaker by Daniels on the floor. Daniels back in the ring and he Shocker back in and Daniels goes to work on Shocker. Daniels works the neck now and a back suplex to Shocker for 2. Rear choke by Daniels and Shocker fights to his feet and Daniels gets a running STO and covers for 2. Koji Clutch on Shocker! Shocker escapes and Daniels with right hands to Shocker now. He talks smack to Shocker and rakes his eyes. Again and the ref tries to break it. Neck breaker variation by Daniels. Neck vice now to Shocker and Daniels is in control. Shocker elbows out and Daniels clubs him in the back and take shim off the ropes…RANA try into a power bomb by Shocker! Both men are down and fighting to their feet. Chops by both men and they egg each other on! CHOP FEST! Clothesline by Shocker, another. Shocker up top…FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH gets 2! Shocker picks up Daniels…flatliner by Daniels! BEST MOONSAULT EVER misses. Split legged moonsault now by Daniels gets 2. Shocker with a small package for 2. Daniels tries the Angels Wings, reversed, basement drop kick by Shocker. Shocker picks up Daniels…goes up top and Daniels fights him. Daniels climbs up…Shocker fights FRONT SUPERPLEX TO DANIELS! Shocker gets an STF now and Daniels is fighting. Daniels bites his hand! He escapes and Camel Clutch now by Shocker! Daniels bites his hand again! He escapes one more time. Shocker has Daniels…rams him into the corner. Daniels set on top… Daniels crotches him. ANGELS WINGS FROM THE TOP ROPE! 1…2…3!

Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 12:00 ***¼

Daniels says he, Mr. TNA, the greatest X-Division Champion ever, just beat Mexico’s best and now they should cheer him!

Highlights of Friday’s 10-man Gauntlet Preview.

Match #7 20-man Gauntlet for the Gold

Abyss is #20, since he won on Impact.

#1 is Bobby Rude. #2 is…oh god, it’s Zach Gowen. I hate when I am right. Of all of the WWE rejects, why him. And yes, I know he was in TNA first.

Rude grabs the fake leg and spits on it. Drop kick to Rude. Arm drag to Rude. Suplex by Rude reversed into a DDT. Moonsault by Gowen. Eric Young is #2. 1-minute intervals BTW. Rude beats on Gowen’s good leg. Giant swing by Rude. Double team by Team Canada. Gowen to his foot, and knocked back down. #3 is Cassidy Riley. Double clothesline to Team Canada by Riley. Riley and Gowen now take control, and beat on Team Canada. #4 is Elix Skipper! Springs in with a clothesline to Young! He runs the ropes with a moonsault to Rude! He chokes out Rude now and Gowen and Riley double team Young. #5 is Shark Boy! Rights to Rude by Sharky. Neck breaker to Young. Gowen with a clothesline to Sharky. Sharky eliminates Gowen with the SHARK BITE. HAHA! Rights to Young now by Sharky and # 6 is A1! Team Canada is in control now and beat down the jobbers and Elix. Elix fights back and a snap mare to A1. #7 is Chris Sabin. Atomic drop to Ruse and a tornado DDT that he kicks everyone with and then nails Rude with the DDT. Elix and Sabin try to eliminate A1 and #8 is Petey Williams! OHHHHHH CAAAAANNNNNADA! Petey and Sharky fight and A1 eliminated Sharky. Young eliminates Riley! #9 is Sonny Siaki. Right hands to A1 by Siaki and then to Young. Chops and rights as Siaki is a man possessed. Petey is set on the top….tries new school and Rude knocks him to the mat and then clotheslines him to the floor and eliminated Elix.

#10 is Lance Hoyt! Press slam and Young is gone! He is cleaning house and goes after Rude as the crowd loves this dude. #11 is Michael Shane. SUPER KICK to Hoyt! Sabin charges him and they BOTH go over the top rope and battle on the floor. Team Canada eliminates Siaki! Shane and Sabin are still fighting and #12 is Jerrelle Clark. Double blockbuster to Williams and Rude. Back spring elbow to A1! NORTHERN LARIAT to Clarke! Team Canada grabs Petey’s legs…SUPER CANADIAN DESTROYER TO CLARKE and he bounces to the floor! #13 is Mikey Batts. Drop kick to A1. He and Hoyt join forces! Hoyt tosses him onto Team Canada! #14 is The Outlaw. He nails Hoyt. Right hands to him now and Batts helps out to get some payback from 2 weeks ago on Impact! Cobra Clutch Slam by Outlaw, no payback for you! A one more time chant for Outlaw and he does and it was sweet! #15 is Trytan. Boot to A1, Petey and CHOKESLAM to Outlaw! Spine buster to Hoyt! Everyone is down! #16 is Killings! Rights to Trytan. Off the ropes… Trytan with a press slam power slam that almost hurt Killings. Team Canada eliminates Trytan! #17 is Apollo. He takes out the Outlaw. Super kicks to Rude and Hoyt. Now after the Outlaw and chops now. Killings is still down from that slam, I hope he is selling. Outlaw eliminates Apollo and #19 is BG James. He and Outlaw face off, but Team Canada attack him. Hoyt eliminated Rude! Rude then helps A1 eliminate Hoyt! Outlaw nails Petey, pump handle by BG and then the fameasser. They toss Petey and A1! #20 is Abyss and he tosses them both before they could battle!

Down to Killings and Abyss. Winner must be by pin or submission. Killings to the floor and Abyss rams him off of the steps. Tenay says he thought BG and Outlaw were working together but he isn’t sure. Killings fights back now but Abyss clubs him back into the ring. Chops by Abyss in the corner on Killings. Abyss chokes him out now. Abyss with a boot to the throat and Killings is in trouble as the ref breaks it. Killings whipped to the corner, back flip and leg lariat to Abyss! Head butt to the groin! Rollup by Killings for 2. Off the ropes BOOT by Abyss! Abyss grabs his chain…the ref stops him but Abyss gets a chair…boot by Killings. WAFFLE TO ABYSS! Flying chair shot to Abyss! 1…2…NO! Killings almost rammed into the ref, Abyss KILLS the ref with a corner splash! Ax kick off the 2nd rope to Abyss who lands on the chair! Killings covers but the ref is out! Killings tries to revive the ref, but Abyss is up. GOOZLE! CHOKE SLAM ON THE CHAIR! 1…2…NO! Abyss has the chair again…lays it on Killings. Avalanche! Tries again and Killings crotches him with the chair! Killings with right hands, off the ropes…elbow to Abyss. Killings off the top, cross body…caught into the BLACK HOLE SLAM and that’s all!

Winner: Abyss @ 27:00 **½

Hype video for AJ vs. JJ.

Tenay break down the match.

Match #8 Jeff Jarrett© vs. AJ Styles w/Tito Ortiz as Special Referee

JB with the super special ring announcing. Drop the title chants from the crowd.

They shove each other after the announcements. Ortiz holds up the belt and here we go.

Loud AJ chants and they lock up. They go to the ropes and then off and JJ takes him to the corner. Clean break. Lock up and JJ takes him to the corner again. Ortiz breaks it. Lock up and AJ takes him to the corner and JJ reverses and Ortiz breaks it again. JJ doesn’t seem happy. Tito chants now. Lock up and JJ with a go behind, reversal by AJ and JJ takes AJ down. Mat reversals now and AJ with an arm bar. JJ up and a wrist lock to AJ, reversal and AJ in control. AJ in control with the wristlock and now a headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block and stand off. Again and stand off. Kick by AJ and an arm drag. Chops to JJ and off the ropes, leap frog, leap over and JJ to the floor to avoid the dropkick. Ortiz counts and JJ is pissed. JJ back in and he nails AJ with a right hand. Face first AJ goes into the corner. AJ whipped off the ropes, dropkick to JJ. High knee drop to JJ now and AJ covers for 2. JJ rammed to the corner and AJ whips him, corner clothesline. Chop to JJ and then an eye poke to AJ. Elbow by AJ and off the ropes, flapjack into the knee of JJ. Knee buster Flair style by JJ. Lays AJ’s leg on the lower rope and crashes down on it. Kick to AJ’s leg by JJ and then again. Knee buster into the corner by JJ! AJ with a right hand and back to his feet. Chops to JJ and a kick to JJ. JJ sweeps the lick and locks in the figure four! AJ fights as Ortiz checks on him. AJ down 1…2…NO! AJ tries to escape and pulls towards the ropes but JJ pulls him back center. AJ still locked in for almost 2-minutes. AJ tries to turn it…and does! JJ grabs the ropes and is out. Elbow by AJ from his knees. Up to his feet and they exchange right hands. AJ to the 2nd rope, kick to JJ…TORNADO DDT! Clothesline to JJ who goes to the floor. AJ is down holding his knee. AJ up, and Ortiz stops him, to the apron and JJ takes the knee out. AJ is on the floor and holding his knee as Ortiz counts. JJ waits in the ring and AJ makes it to the apron but JJ knocks him off again. Ortiz counts again and AJ pulls himself up again. JJ tries to knock him off, but Ortiz stops him! AJ pulls out JJ and they go at it with right hands. AJ charges and JJ moves and AJ eats steel post! JJ with the guitar, and Ortiz stops him! Ortiz tells him to use it on him and AJ takes it. Ortiz tells him not to use it and AJ breaks it on the steel post. JJ is pissed! Right hands to JJ now and they battle at ringside. Back in the ring JJ goes and AJ with the spring board forearm! Spin kick! JJ off the ropes, reversal…Asai DDT by AJ! AJ tries the clash, reversal and JJ with an elbow. POWER BOMB to AJ as he tried a RANA for 2! Stroke, reversal, and JJ is down. Power slam to AJ for 2. AJ off the ropes, reversal into a backslide for 2. Small package for 2. JJ up…PELE by AJ! Both men up…AJ off the ropes…stroke, reversal and a sunset flip, reversed…STYLES CLASH BY JJ! 1…2…NO! Suplex try, JJ floats over, reversal STROKE BY AJ! 1…2…NO! AJ up top…misses but rolls through…Monty is out…POOOOUNCE TO JJ! He missed AJ and Ortiz boots him! AJ has him pinned and another e out and Ortiz pulls him out! AJ is pissed, LOW BLOW BY JJ! AJ set on top… Ortiz pulls JJ off the rope! They argue…Ortiz nails him! JJ is out! AJ up top…SPIRAL TAP! 1…2…3!


Winner: and NEW NWA CHAMPION AJ Styles @ 19:45 ***½

AJ puts on the belt and celebrates as Ortiz raises his hand. Monty checks on JJ and AJ mounts the top rope to celebrate.

The 411: This was a very solid show from TNA as they were in the middle of a great stride here. It lacked a really great match, but had tons of good stuff like the smartly booked gauntlet, almost no bad and the NWA Title change. Easy thumbs up here.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend

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