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Trent Seven Says NXT Tag Team Championship Win is a Career Moment, Talks Facing Undisputed Era

June 20, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Moustache Mountain Trent Seven Tyler Bate

– Trent Seven and Tyler Bate spoke about their NXT Tag Team Championship win as Moustache Mountain and more. Video is below, as well as a couple of highlights from Seven per WZ:

On their NXT Tag Title Win Being A Career Moment: “Absolutely. For me, it’s far and above. We said this earlier—we’ve traveled the world and won tag titles in America and I don’t know all of the countries—numerous tag team championships, and we’ve had the best time doing it. That’s the whole point, you’ve got to enjoy your life with whatever you do, but obviously getting to do what we do—fly around the world, winning titles—it’s been amazing.”

On working with The Undisputed Era: “I meant Kyle O’Reilly first in 2010. We wrestled in 2010, and obviously he was very young. I was a lot older than him, but a lot younger than I am now [laughs] and a lot fatter and a lot worse. Then, eight years later to be standing across the ring from him in Royal Albert Hall, challenging for the NXT Tag Team Championship, it’s crazy. There’s no way you’d imagine or think ‘hey eight years from now, we’re wrestling in Royal Albert Hall.’ C’mon! Adam Cole, it’s exactly the same. I stayed in his house when I was in my first tour in America. I say tour; I did one match [laughs] I was there for two weeks, and I couldn’t get booked. I did one match and it was officially the worst match of the year. It was on Botchmania—it was voted the worst match of the year—I’m pretty sure Mick Foley introduces the segment. But, that’s a sign of how far things have come. It’s come full circle. The crowds are up, the quality is up, the production is up—we’ve upped our games—it’s now time to make NXT UK a global brand.”