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Trey Miguel Says He’s Done Pandering to People

December 3, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Trey Miguel IMpact Wrestling Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

– During a recent interview with Wrestlezone.com, Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Trey Miguel revealed that he’s done pandering to the fans, and now he’s just looking to have fun even if it’s at someone else’s expense. He stated the following:

“It’s been my favorite thing scrolling through online and seeing these reactions and seeing [people decide] if [I] am a heel or just a Rascal. I cheated to win. You know what I mean? I cheated to win. How do I explain that? I sprayed a man in the face with a thing of spray paint. Not only is that illegal to do in wrestling, but that’s toxic. My man probably had to go wash… he might be blind, I don’t give a damn. For the past three years I sat in this locker room and dressed myself like an asshole and went out there and pandered to people and all of this boring bull. I watched the comment section go from 39 comments to 22 comments to 8 comments, like no one really gave like two… I’m not gonna go into cursing on here or anything. That’s not fun to watch. I’m just ready to have fun at anyone’s expense. I’m just gonna do my own damn thing right now and if people wanna feel a certain type of way about it, that’s up to them. If they wanna like it, then that’s up to them too. I’m done caring about that kinda stuff. I just wanna have fun at my job and you know what was fun? Spraying Black Taurus in the face with some spray paint,” Miguel said.