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Triple H NXT Media Call Report: Discusses If WrestleMania Would Be Better Off With Fewer Matches, Keith Lee’s Status, His Creative Energy With Vince McMahon, More

March 28, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
Triple H WWE NXT

Triple H held a media call today for NX TakeOver: New York. Highlights are below.

* Triple H talked about how great it is to be part of WWE during this time of year, and how excited he is about NXT TakeOver, noting that Tommaso Ciampa’s injury caused some changes since they weren’t able to do Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano. He mentioned how excited he, Shawn Michaels, and Michael Hayes were after the last NXT taping.

* A question was asked about the decision to debut Ciampa on the main roster even though he was injured. Triple H said that they knew Ciampa would have to take time off for his surgery eventually but they figured he could debut, get the main roster exposure, and then have surgery, but because his situation escalated, they did the surgery right away. Ciampa thought the injury was manageable for awhile but things got worse.

* The next question was about Ciampa’s injury causing a ripple effect that impacted Gargano as well since he hasn’t been on WWE TV. Triple H said there was a full creative change after the injury that impacted Gargano’s main roster spot. When asked what that conversation was like with Vince McMahon in terms of telling him that the main roster couldn’t have Gargano, Triple H said he never says stuff like that and that ultimately Vince has to sign off on everything. He noted that they are all on the same team and have a creative energy together. He added that when injuries happen, they have to pick the best option forward and that sometimes the best stories come out of chaotic situations.

* The next question was about the UK Performance Center. Triple H said the progress has been great so far and that there are many payoffs that they are getting from that Performance Center.

* The next question was about how his match with Batista will be different from their other matches. Triple H said that personally, this one will be about doing the match for the enjoyment of it, and for Dave, it’s a chance to end his career the way he wants.

* The next question was about Smackdown moving to Fridays and if Triple H would rather have NXT TakeOver shows on Thursday or Saturday. Triple H said probably Saturday because he thinks weekends are better for big shows. He added that a lot of work has to be done to prepare for the Smackdown move to Fridays.

* The next question was about the possibility of NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles. Triple H said he isn’t sure they are needed at this point since the current ones are not limited to one brand and that roster depth is important when making decisions like that.

* The next question was about if NXT is signing more talent now that the brand has grown. Triple H said they are and that they have a pipeline of talent through signings and tryouts.

* The next question was about the possibility of adding another brand or doing more house shows. Triple H said that NXT currently does almost 200 shows a year and is profitable. Perhaps there is room for more, but they want to maintain profitability.

* The next question was about Stokley Hathaway and the possibility of having more managers. Triple H said that different talent causes changes in the business and that he thinks managers are making a come back. He said Stokley and Robbie E have more to offer than just being good talkers.

* The next question was about the Smackdown move to Fridays. Triple H said that the shift puts WWE in reassessment mode but that Vince is always wanting to look at things with fresh eyes and that he is always ready to morph the product as needed and doesn’t get enough credit for his ability to adapt.

* The next question was about when the next NXT TakeOver UK event will be. Triple H said an announcement will be made shortly.

* The next question was if WrestleMania would be better off with fewer matches and more time for each match, like NXT TakeOver. Triple H said it’s a challenge because they want to give as many talent as possible something to do at WrestleMania so that nobody feels left out, where as that same dynamic doesn’t exist with NXT TakeOver. WrestleMania needs to feel epic since it’s the biggest show of the year.

* The next question was about Keith Lee’s injury status. Triple H said that a situation caused the Lee vs. Dijack match to be paused. He said sometimes things happen that forces them to change directions. He wouldn’t specify what the situation was.

* The next question was about if Aleister Black and Ricochet will return to NXT after TakeOver. Triple H said that’s to be determined.

* The next question was on the status of Lars Sullivan. Triple H said that to wait and see and that there is more to come.

* The last question was on Sean Waltman and how he did as a guest trainer. Triple H said they always want people with the knowledge to come in and help their talent grow, and that Waltman did really well and it was great to see him.

* Triple H thanked everyone and put over Ciampa and his leadership, joking that Ciampa won’t be happy with him saying that since he wants to be a bad guy, and adding that he’s excited about NXT TakeOver: New York and then moving on to the San Jose show on June 8th.

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