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Triple H On the Future Of Survivor Series Matches: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Done With Anything’

November 27, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Smackdown Triple H Image Credit: WWE

This year’s Survivor Series didn’t have any of the PPV’s signature elimination matches, but Triple H says the concept isn’t done. The WWE CCO spoke during the post-show press event about the elimination match and noted that while they took a break for this year in favor of the WarGames matches, they’re not a dead concept. You can check out the highlights below:

On if Survivor Series-style matches are done: “No, I don’t think we’re done with anything. I think that when we look at it together as a whole, it’s about what’s best for our fans in the moment. Sometimes stuff needs a break for a while. Sometimes you bring it back later, and it’s iconic and it’s, ‘Oh my god, they’re going back to that.’ So to stay that it’ll never happen again, I think is wrong.”

On switching the matches out for WarGames: “I think it was the right year — we all looked at it and decided internally that it was the right year for us to maybe freshen up the concept a little bit, that either the five-on-five tags and maybe even just the straight-out Raw vs. SmackDown, was a bit tired and maybe needed a refresh. So that’s what we did. We try it out, we see where it goes, we see if fans enjoy it. And at the end of the day, we’re just trying to give everybody the best entertainment we can. So we try things on, if they like it we stick with it. If it needs a tweak, you’re constantly constantly evaluating everything you do. You have to. Otherwise, you stagnate and die.”

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