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Triple H On What Kind of Fighters He Wants to See Cross Over to WWE, Says Tyson Fury’s a Fan

October 13, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Triple H WWE Hall of Fame

– Triple H spoke with press during the Crown Jewel media event and talked about what other fighters and boxers he’d like to see jump into WWE. The company is flush with professional fighters right now with Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez and Tyson Fury, all of whom will compete at Crown Jewel. There’s also Ronda Rousey who is currently on hiatus, and historically the company had Floyd Mayweather appear at WrestleMania XXIV in a match against Big Show.

Highlights from the discussion, and the full video, are below:

On which other fighters he’d like to see in WWE: “It’s tough for me to answer that. Only in the fact that, the ones that have the passion for it. When this works, it’s when they have the passion. When it doesn’t, it’s when they’re just here for the moment, or the paycheck. If the thought for him [Fury] was just, ‘Eh, go there, get some people to tune in for my fight,’ you know, he’s a fan. He grew up a fan when he was a kid. I watched him at the event, even this week, we went down to the Performance Center for a little bit. The gleam of his eye getting in the ring, and stepping through those ropes and doing things for the first time, he was like a little kid. I saw that gleam in Ronda’s eye when we were at WrestleMania. She had mentioned to me many times, excitedly, about being a WWE superstar when I was around her. And I would say, ‘Yeah, yeah, a lot of people say that.’ Then I saw her get the bug, and I was like, ‘She’s gonna do this and be great at it.'”

On Floyd Mayweather’s WrestleMania appearance: “I saw Floyd do it. I saw Floyd get the buzz, and he was a fan growing up and, you know, made his persona around what we do, sort of. But I watched him get the bug and then want to do something. Not just coming here and just, ‘Eh, I’ll go in there, do a little something.’ Come in here and do something epic. He wanted to come in here like Ronda, like Tyson Fury, I think like Cain. Come in here and do something that the whole world remembers. Do something that, when they leave Crown Jewel, they’re like, ‘Man, that Tyson Fury thing was good. I wasn’t expecting that, but oh my god, that was good.’ Or ‘Oh my god, Cain Velasquez, holy cow. Blew my mind, I didn’t know he could do that.’ That’s what they’re looking [to do]. When they’re like that, then as a fan that athleticism and that entertainment wins you over every time. That’s how it works.’

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