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Triple H Confirms Alexander Wolfe’s Injury, Teases NXT Involvement in Royal Rumble Following Worlds Collide Event

January 26, 2020 | Posted by Ashish
Triple H Raw 11-18-19

Triple H and Shawn Michaels took part in a Q&A session after the WWE Worlds Collide event on Saturday night. Highlights are below.

– Triple H talked about how the show tonight felt like the launching of a new franchise, and reminded him of how the first NXT Arrival or NXT Blackpool TakeOver events felt. He put over the buzz in the arena, said it carried through match after match, and again said a new franchise has been launched. He put over NXT’s expansion and how special this type of show is. Michaels said you get one time to make a first impression, and tonight, they did it big.

– Shawn Michaels put over the grassroots nature of NXT and put over IIja Dragonuv and Mustache Mountain’s performances. He again said you get one chance to make a first impression, and the NXT UK brand took advantage tonight and made the most of it. Triple H praised Dragonuv and said NXT UK put themselves on the mat tonight.

– Triple H and Michaels put over the performance of Jordan Devlin. They talked about the NXT Cruiserweight Title that Devlin holds, noting that the title will be a big deal when he takes it home, saying it’s a big deal for NXT UK and how he will go back and forth between the U.S. and U.K. to defend it.

– Triple H praised Rhea Ripley, saying that at the young age of 22, she is already a superstar on another platform. He said she proved herself tonight. Michaels added that she is the hottest female wrestler going today. They both put over how NXT UK was a place for her to build up her confidence and grow. Triple H said she is one of the most dominant women in the industry.

– Triple H talked about Alexander Wolfe’s injury, saying he got kicked on the chin by Bobby Fish after a chop from Roderick Strong and was knocked out. The medical team took him out of the match and the match was 4-on-3 from that point on. Triple H added that they were lucky that that was the only injury from the main event given that everyone beat the “tar” out of each other.

– Triple H praised WALTER and called him a “machine.” Michaels noted that Imperium made a statement tonight, saying they are former teammates and friends from the past who are coming together again in NXT UK.

– Triple H said that fans can expect to see surprises at the Royal Rumble and that he would expect to see NXT have some involvement in the Rumble match on Sunday night. He added that NXT could dominate the entire match if given the opportunity, and said that the Rumble is one of his favorite matches.

– Triple H put over the performances of DIY and Mustache Moutain, noting that they hadn’t been teaming a lot lately but despite that, tore down the house tonight. Michaels said the four guys have unbelievable talent individually and even better talent when put together.

– Triple H said that William Regal will announce Adam Cole’s NXT TakeOver: Portland challenger on Wednesday.