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Triple H Says Vince McMahon’s Involvement Will Not Change the Core of NXT, Talks NXT vs. AEW

September 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Triple H WWE Hall of Fame

– The CBS Sports State of Combat podcast with Brian Campbell recently interviewed WWE executive Triple H, who was promoting tonight’s NXT premiere on the USA Network. You can check out some highlights below.

Triple H on who wins on Wednesday nights: “At the end of the day, the winner in all of this are fans, and they get to choose the best product of what they want to watch. We have been on Wednesdays since the beginning. This was more about a platform shift for NXT than it was for anything else. While competition is exciting and I think it’s great for anybody, I would put our NXT roster up against anybody on the planet. There is no one that I would trade, that I would switch out for anyone. I’ll put them up against anyone and go toe-to-toe. I’m very confident that we will put on the best show long term and captivate fans in a meaningful way.”

Triple H on how the product might change on USA Network: “I always want the product to change and get better. So am I hoping it changes? Yes. Will Vince or anybody else’s involvement change the core of what it is? No. The intent is for them to not be involved. One thing that people don’t give Vince credit for is that none of this would happen without him. NXT doesn’t exist and the concept of it being this alternative brand without him saying it exists. The truth is, everything in WWE has his fingerprint on it, even NXT, because I sat under his learning tree for 25-plus years and a lot of the things that I do were learned directly from him. NXT is going to be what it is and what it has been as an alternative. And for people that are super passionate and really into what we do, this is the brand for them. This is going to feel like it’s home for them.”

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