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Tyler Breeze Says It Was An Easy Decision To Leave The Main Roster For NXT

June 13, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Tyler Breeze NXT Takeover XXV

– In a new interview with WWE, Tyler Breeze discussed his return to NXT. Highlights are below.

On Deciding To Return To NXT: “So many years? It’s been four, OK? I decided to come back because I’m appreciated here. My work is appreciated here, and the crowd appreciates me here. There comes a time in everyone’s careers when you need to re-evaluate where you’ve been, where you’re heading and decide for yourself if you’re satisfied with life or if it needs to change. I said I was “inspired,” but we all know what I mean. I’m tired of being pushed to the side for other people with half, and that’s being generous, the talent I have. It’s time for Prince Pretty to take what he wants. One of the easiest choices of my life. I was built here. I was born here. Anytime I’ve ever questioned where I’m going, I head back home to NXT to get clarity. I head back home to recharge and reassess. And every single time it’s paid off. I trust myself. I trust my skill. I trust my passion. I trust NXT.”

On Adjusting To NXT: “Let me just say this: In one night, at NXT TakeOver: XXV, I refreshed everyone’s memory and that right there lies the problem, or at least one of them. More than anything else, people said, “Wow, I forgot Tyler Breeze was capable of that.” You know who didn’t forget? Me. Imagine trying to tell everyone what you know is true and everyone calling you a liar. Now imagine everyone suddenly believes you. How would you feel? Do you side with the fair-weather masses and smile for the short time before people “forget” again? Or do you stand on your feet like you have the entire time and continue to show what you’ve known all along. That is the only adjustment for me.”

On The Different Between NXT Then And Now: “The difference is maturity and priorities. When I was here before, I was a pillar helping to build NXT, and I was involved in every first imaginable. I built this brand into an empire … my empire, until I was plucked from my empire and unable to reap the benefits of my hard work. This time I’m not building anything. I’m not helping anything. I’m here for myself, plain and simple.”

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