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Tyrus Comments On Being The Largest NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion

November 21, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
NWA Hard Times 3 Tyrus Image Credit: NWA

In the aftermath of winning the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship, Tyrus spoke to the Miamai Herald’s Jim Varsallone about his new status as champion (per Fightful). He expressed pride in being the physically largest billed wrestler to gain the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title and also talked about wearing the title on his other television appearances. You can read a few highlights and watch the complete interview below.

On holding the record for largest NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion: “I was elated, I was shocked, I didn’t realize the historic…you know you make history, but only 100 guys, now 101 guys, have held this championship. To find out I’m the largest NWA Champion of all-time is pretty cool. Although, Andre The Giant could have won it anytime he wanted to, he just chose not to. I took a moment after I won the match to take a knee and thank the champions before me.”

On wearing a title when appearing on FOX News’ Gutfield: “When I won the World Television Championship, Dusty Rhodes started it and he’s one of my favorite wrestlers, he held the World Television Championship, and I thought it was important to always remember where you came from. In any other sport, if you’re a Super Bowl champion, you’re going to wear the ring every time you’re on TV. If you’re a boxer, you’re going to wear the WBC (championship). I’m World Television Champion, I’m extremely proud to be a wrestler, I’m extremely proud of the industry and the sport that I’m in, so I would represent it every chance that I get until someone takes it from me. I surrender the World Television Championship, now Jordan Clearwater is the champion. I would not wear that championship on TV. I only carry the championship when I’m the champion and when I’m not, I’m not.”

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