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Tyrus Talks School Shootings, Supports Trained Security But Not Arming Teachers

March 21, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Tyrus GFW Xplosion

– Tyrus spoke with TMZ Sports and discussed school shootings, what steps should be taken to prevent them and more. Video is below, as well as highlights per WZ’s Bill Pritchard:

On schools needing to take more precautions: “Arming teachers—certain teachers would be good for that, but you were in school, I was in school. I remember my art teacher, I don’t think [she] would have been good with a .45 in her hand. Just keeping it real. It needs to be—again we’re not thinking surround the schools. Somebody today posted what I said and they came back with ‘you want to make our schools look like a prison?’ How many times have you heard of someone breaking into prison and shooting somebody up? No! It can’t be done. You could make it fancy, you could put flowers, you could put artwork on the building or whatever, but there’s only one way in and one way out. There are trained security people to keep our schools safe and to keep our kids safe.”

On people who take issue with installing more safety measures in schools: “Candidly, f**k you, because if your kid was the one kid that got shot that’s one too many. I have no problem sending my child to a school… you know what? It creates jobs, and I have no problem with the first face that my child sees is an officer in a positive light that’s there to greet him and keep him safe. I have absolutely no problem with that, opposed to some open school where someone walks in. Just one kid… ask that family if they would’ve liked to have somebody stop them from being inside there.”

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