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UFC Show May Cause Schedule Conflict For Brock Lesnar In WWE

November 8, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Brock Lesnar WWE Crown Jewel

The Wrestling Observer (via Wrestling Inc) reports that UFC wants Brock Lesnar to fight at their March 2 show in Las Vegas against Daniel Cormier.

This could cause schedule conflicts with WWE, as it is in the middle of two major shows for the company. Lesnar’s current contract allows him to make appearances in the UFC. The first is the Royal Rumble in January, which would be in the middle of Lesnar’s training camp for Cormier. It’s also possible that if WWE wants him in a match, he might refuse as he wouldn’t want to get injured before the UFC bout. Lesnar is not currently scheduled for December’s TLC PPV. Meanwhile, it would be five weeks before Wrestlemania 35, where he is expected to have a match. So likewise, if he’s hurt fighting Cormier, it could affect his match there.

Meanwhile, there is reportedly a big angle planned that will include WWE stars other than Braun Strowman. It’s unknown who will be involved, but WWE is planning a big push for Drew McIntyre in 2019, while Seth Rollins recently mentioned Lesnar in a promo as possible groundwork for a match.

Finally, the match between Lesnar and Strowman was actually not designed for Strowman to get buried. WWE’s line of thought was that Lesnar took advantage of Baron Corbin’s attack to quickly hit several F5s to win. Even then, Strowman kicked out of multiple finishers from the Beast. WWE is said to be planning another match between the two before Wrestlemania, with the Crown Jewel match serving as a way to get fans behind Strowman finally getting his hands on Lesnar.

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