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Undertaker Says He Was Drug Tested When He Was Part-Time, Would Often Have to Go In At End of Year

January 24, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Undertaker Raw 9318 1 Image Credit: WWE

The Undertaker may not have been on the road on a regular schedule for much of the tail-end of his career, but he says he still got drug tested by WWE. Taker appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience and was asked about WWE’s drug testing policy. After explaining that WWE tests for everything, Taker noted that the drug testing policy applies to anyone on a talent contract and included him, even when he was off the the road for much of the year only to show up at WrestleMania. You can check out highlights and the full audio below:

The Undertaker on being tested while he was part-time: “So before I switched my contracts and, you know, now I’m not a talent. Now I’m a legend, I guess, or whatever they call it. I’d only worked two or three times a year. This is at the end of my career. But I was still under a regular contract. So under a regular contract, you have to — this is if you’ve tested clearn — you have toi have four mandatory tests. Four mandatory piss tests, and two blood tests every year. Well, they’d get to the end of the year, like it’d be December right, going into Christmas. And I’d get a call like, ‘Uh, you need to go to this such-and-such lab and do a piss test.’ And I hadn’t been in a ring in six, seven months. But they would look at book and go, ‘Oh shit, we forgot about him.’ And it’s under, you know, you’ve gotta have those piss tests done.’

“Well, that’s only three. Sure enough, next day I get another phone call, ‘Go back to the lab.’ So I’d have to go two days in a row to get tested, to make sure that I had everything that I was supposed to have.”

On testing intervals for regular, on-the-road talent: “They’re totally random. They just show up. So it’s like, you never know when they’re gonna show up. I was home, that’s why I didn’t get tested until the very end … I know what the protocol is, and I know like, if anybody was gonna get out of it, it was gonna be me. And I didn’t get out of it.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Joe Rogan Experience with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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