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Universal Wrestling Federation (7.12.1986) Review

June 17, 2024 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
UWF Power Pro Wrestling Terry Taylor 6-8-1986 Image Credit: UWF
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Universal Wrestling Federation (7.12.1986) Review  

-Originally aired July 12, 1986.

-Your hosts are Jim Ross & Michael Hayes.


-Young armdrags the Libyan around. Did anybody even once consider asking this guy his name so they wouldn’t have to keep calling him “The Libyan”?

-Young and Libyan trade blows. Libyan tries a corner charge, but Young turns it into a sunset flip for three. Too short to mean anything.

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-We head to house show action from U.N.O. Lakefront Arena. Terry Gordy is defending the UWF Heavyweight Title against Ted DiBiase…and pins him clean as a sheet, holy hell. Just like that. So Michael Hayes comes to ringside to gloat about the loss after all of DiBiase’s taunting, so DiBiase responds with a right hand. It turns into a brawl until Buddy Roberts heads in, and now it’s all three Freebirds against DiBiase. Dr. Death comes to ringside to help his partner, but falls victim to a spike piledriver on the concrete.

-We get words from Ted DiBiase, who was shocked by the sight of his partner in traction, and unable to move or speak. We get a history lesson, as DiBiase was the victim of the same move from the same three guys in Georgia back in 1981.

-Bill Watts says that the only way to beat a family like the Freebirds is to assemble a family of your own, and Watts vows that he and some friends are coming for the Freebirds. Oh my god, that is an issue that can easily draw without you, Bill. Learn to take a backseat.


-Flying headscissors by Guerrero. He follows with a surfboard. Bearhug into an overhead suplex by Chavo for the easy win.

-Fantastics clear the ring, then slingshot the heels right back in and whip them together. Victory gets pinballed and the ring gets cleared again. Victory tries to get something going, but the ring gets cleared for a third time, and Tatum just straight-up POUTS about it. Match continues to be a disaster until we pause for a break.

-Back from commercial, Tatum and Victory are now in control, putting a beating on Bobby Fulton. Fulton reverses a suplex and hot-tags Tommy Rogers, and we have a door-barring situation for Katie. Missy Hyatt gets on the apron and rakes Rogers’ eyes, but the referee sees it and calls for the DQ.

TV TITLE: TERRY TAYLOR (Champion) vs. BUDDY ROBERTS (with Michael Hayes)

-And Taylor has a surprise, coming to the ring with a baseball bat-wielding Bill Watts.

-Taylor applies headscissors and won’t let up. Roberts gets to his feet and tosses Taylor to the floor. Back in, Roberts bulldogs Taylor. Taylor fights back with a suplex for two. Roberts mounts some more offense and hits the neckbreaker, apparently for three. But Taylor got his foot on the ropes, and Roberts doesn’t notice, so he parades around the ring to celebrate, turns around, and eats a five-arm. Taylor retains the belt.

HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN vs. ONE MAN GANG (with Skandar Akbar)

-We have under two minutes of TV time left when Duggan climbs into the ring. They slug it out, and Duggan drops Gang with one hard clothesline. Duggan just keeps beating the hell out of him as the credits roll, and Gang starts mounting just a little offense as we fade to black.

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Another week where my only complaint is that "...and me, Bill Watts" is getting a little tiresome. It would be one thing if it was an angle ABOUT him, but it's really not. He just wrote himself into this one.