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Update On Seven WWE Contracts Expiring Soon

February 22, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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There are several superstars with contracts expiring soon in WWE, and it might be a good time to recap them to let you know where things stand.

As we reported yesterday, Matt Hardy said that he has eleven days left on his current deal. That means that his contract expires on March 5. That would mean that Jeff Hardy’s deal is also close to expiring, as they both signed around the same time. The Hardys are both in talks to sign new deals but nothing has been finalized at this time.

Ringside News reports that Jim Ross also has a deal that is expiring soon, and his exit has been expected since WWE recently blocked him from negotiating a new deal with NJPW.

WWE has already confirmed that Dean Ambrose will be leaving in April, although they are trying to get him to re-sign. AJ Styles is said to still be in talks with the company as well, although it’s expected that he will sign a new deal.

Other stars with soon-to-expire contracts include The Usos and Paige. The Usos are current Smackdown Tag Team champions and their father Rikishi recently hinted that they could be free agents soon. There’s been no word on whether or not Paige is looking to leave, but it would seem unlikely given the promotion WWE has put into her biopic Fighting With My Family.

We’ll keep you updated on if any of these stars end up staying with the company or decide to leave for good.