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Updated Ticket Sale Numbers For Upcoming WWE Events, Including Monday’s RAW

May 26, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE Money in the Bank Raw Image Credit: WWE

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has updated ticket sale numbers for upcoming WWE events, including this Monday’s RAW in Albany. There are currently 6,147 tickets out for that event.

Smackdown in Wilkes-Barre on June 2 has 8,800 tickets out. It will likely sell out.

A live event in White Plains, NY on June 3 has 3,338 tickets out.

A live event in Manchester, NH on June 4 has 3,686 tickets out.

RAW in Hartford on June 5 has 6,344 tickets out.

Smackdown in Des Moines on June 9 has 4,886 tickets out.

RAW in Wichita on June 12 has 4,267 tickets out.

Smackdown in Lexington on June 16 has 6,612 tickets out.

A live event in Cincinnati on June 17 has 2,986 tickets out. WWE is offering 30% off tickets here.

A live event in Charleston, WV on June 18 has 2,712 tickets out.

RAW in Cleveland on June 19 has 7,246 tickets out.

Smackdown in Lafayette on June 23 has 5,498 tickets out.

A live event in Monroe, LA on June 24 has 1,941 tickets out.

A live event in Mobile, AL on June 25 has 2,751 tickets out.

RAW in Savannah on June 26 has 4,986 tickets out.

A live event in Sheffield, UK on June 29 has 6,423 tickets out.

Smackdown at the O2 Arena in London on June 30 is sold out with 17,633 tickets out. A live event in Newcastle, UK that same night has 6,474 tickets out.

Money in the Bank in London on July 1 is sold out with 17,680 tickets out.

A live event in Cardiff, Wales on July 2 is sold out with 4,800 tickets out.

Smackdown at Madison Square Garden in New York on July 7 has 9,654 tickets out.

RAW in Buffalo on July 10 has 5,760 tickets out.

Smackdown in Raleigh on July 14 has 6,814 tickets out.

A live event in Fairfax, VA on July 15 has 3,475 tickets out.

A live event in Salisbury, MD on July 16 has 2,128 tickets out.

RAW in Atlanta on July 17 has 7,457 tickets out.

Smackdown in Orlando on July 21 has 7,053 tickets out.

RAW in Tampa on July 24 has 6,256 tickets out.

Smackdown in New Orleans on July 28 has 3,828 tickets out.

Smackdown in Dayton on August 4 has 2,959 tickets out.

Summerslam at Ford Field in Detroit on August 5 has 40,145 tickets out.

RAW in Minneapolis on August 7 has 5,619 tickets out.

Smackdown in Calgary on August 11 has 6,662 tickets out.

RAW in Winnipeg on August 14 has 7,333 tickets out.

Smackdown in Toronto on August 18 is sold out with 12,247 tickets out.

RAW in Quebec City on August 21 has 9,184 tickets out.

Smackdown in Louisville on August 25 has 4,586 tickets out.

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