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UPDATEDx2: New England Championship Wrestling Shuts Down

November 8, 2010 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

UPDATED x2: Here is some more on the closing of New England Championship Wrestling. To add to the last update, the decision to go on television via Comcast Sportsnet New England ended up badly for the company. The show was originally supposed to air in the Comcast Sportsnet’s main cable network in the area, but after the series got attention in Boston newspapers, Comcast decided that they had issues with the content of the show. The show was then placed on the network’s video on demand service, where it was seen by only a small fraction of the originally intended audience. The show did good VOD numbers, but live attendance began to drop, and that is where things started to get bad for the company.

As for his partners breaking away to restart the PWF, promoter Sheldon Goldberg was not aware of their plans until after he made the call to shut down the company. Along with the five weeks of TV that were shot, “best of” episodes will also run to fill the void until their contract expires in December.

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UPDATE: Sheldon Goldberg, the promoter for NECW, told the talent last night that the promotion was shutting down for now at least. He said that two of his partners have broken away to restart the PWF, which merged with NECW four years ago. He said the company’s been losing money since then and a TV deal that would have been their big break fell apart.

“After doing this for a little over ten years straight without a break, it’s time to step back,” he said. “The world has changed and promoting independent wrestling is becoming more and more difficult.”

There are five weeks of TV that were shot last night, which will air on their local Comcast on Demand until the contract expires in December.

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ORIGINAL: Following its show in Quincy, Massachusetts this past Saturday, New England Championship Wrestling officially shut down. The promotion had been active and running shows for ten years.

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