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UWF Power Pro Wrestling (7.12.1986) Review

June 28, 2024 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
UWF Power Pro Wrestling Terry Taylor 6-8-1986 Image Credit: UWF
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UWF Power Pro Wrestling (7.12.1986) Review  

-Originally aired July 12, 1986.

-Your host is Joel Watts.

-Joined in progress with the ‘Herders ganging up on Koko. Elbow by Butch gets a one-count. Luke tags in and collides with Koko on a double shoulderblock. Koko crawls over and makes the hot tag. Dropkicks and savate kicks by Chavo, and all four men wind up in the ring. Chavo rolls up Luke, but Jack Victory bonks him with the flagpole behind the referee’s back, and the Sheepherders get a tainted win.

-From way back in March.

-Sawyer tries a fist fight, but Duggan gives him such a hard right that Sawyer FLIES out of the ring. Duggan sends him back in and beats on Sawyer some more. Big boot by Sawyer turns the tide, and he goes to the top rope to try to get himself DQed and end this right away, but Duggan slams him off. Attempted spear, but Sawyer ducks and Duggan falls through the ropes and to the concrete.

-Sawyer goes right for the ribs, ramming him into the barricade. Duggan struggles back into the ring, but Sawyer is ready for him, slugging him and suplexing him. Sawyer goes back to the top rope and goes for a splash, but Duggan rolls out of the way and Sawyer crashes, and the referee reasons that since Sawyer didn’t harm Duggan, he won’t call for the DQ. So Sawyer’s hurt, Duggan has an opening, and he connects with the spear this time and gets the pin to win the North American Title. That was a GREAT bit of business, with both guys managing to give everything they had in a match that only took five minutes.


-It’s Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts on this go-round, as Gordy is busy being the UWF Heavyweight Champion.

-Roberts misses a charge and gets tossed around. Bodypress by Rogers gets two. Fulton struts around the ring to annoy Michael Hayes before they lock up. Hayes misses a kick and falls victim to armdrags before getting pinballed, and he rushes over to tag Roberts back in. Roberts ties up Fulton in a stepover toehold, grabbing the tights for leverage to turn it into a pinfall attempt for a series of two-counts.

-Referee catches Roberts and forces him to break the hold, and the Fantastics switch without tagging to the Freebirds’ complete irritation. Rogers assures the referee, “No, no, we tagged” and then applies a toehold on Roberts and yanks the tights just to really put the screws to them in retaliation for cheating.

-We return from commercial with Fulton tied up in a bearhug by Roberts. Fulton boxes Roberts’ ears to get free, but Hayes tags in and blocks the hot tag, knocking Fulton to the timekeeper’s table. Freebirds take turns teeing off on Fulton. Hayes appears to get a three-count, but he doesn’t see Fulton’s foot on the ropes, and the victory celebration gives Fulton time to recover and get to his feet. Fulton and Hayes collide on a double shoulderblock–lot of that going around this week–and it’s a hot tag followed by a donnybrook.

-Freebirds manage to reverse a double-team and ram the Fantastics into each other, but they lose track of which one is the legal man and beat on Rogers while Fulton sneaks to the top rope and he wipes them out with a flying bodypress, and Roberts gets cradled for a three-count. Damn good match with some fun storytelling and drama.


-Taylor is the current TV Champion but only the heavyweight title is on the line.

-Taylor with a bodypress early on for a one-count. Gordy tries for an atomic drop but Taylor turns it into a snapmare/side headlock sequence.

-Back from commercial, Gordy has a headlock clamped on. Taylor gets free, but Gordy catches him coming off the ropes with a sleeper. Taylor gets free and applies a sleeper of his own, but Gordy stumbles toward the ropes and flings Taylor to the concrete. Taylor struggles back into the ring and gets his second wind, whipping Gordy into the corner and dropping a fist. Suplex by Taylor. Gordy reverses an Irish whip and sends Taylor back out to the concrete, then rams him into a barricade for good measure.

-Gordy heads back in, seemingly content to take the win by countout, but Taylor makes it back up to the apron and slingshots himself back in for a sunset flip. But Gordy is able to shift his weight and just has a seat on Taylor for the three-count. Hot finish, but mostly boring as hell to be honest.

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