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Various News: Tonight’s Who Killed WCW? Preview, NWA Powerrr Lineup

June 18, 2024 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Vince Russo WCW, Who Killed WCW? Image Credit: WWE

– Part 3 of Who Killed WCW? debuts tonight on VICE TV starting at 8:00 pm EST. Here’s the synopsis and preview for tonight’s show:

“WWF writer Vince Russo is hired to help save WCW; the brazen New Yorker clashes with the company’s top stars; WCW enters an ominous downward spiral.”

– A new episode of NWA Powerrr debuts later today on The CW TV App. Here’s today’s lineup:

* Crockett Cup Tournament Quarterfinals: The Country Gentlemen vs. The Southern Six
* Crockett Cup Tournament Quarterfinals: Daisy Kill & Talos vs. The Immortals
* La Rosa Negra & Ruthie Jay vs. Reka Tehaka vs. Tiffany Nieves to determine top contenders for NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship