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Various News: Tony Khan Offers Helpful Advice After Weather Delay At Wrestlemania, WWE Releases Entire Opening Speech From Vince McMahon

April 10, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Tony Khan AEW

– As we previously reported, Wrestlemania was plagued by weather issues early on, forcing a delay that prevented the show from starting at 8 PM ET as scheduled. AEW President Tony Khan took to Twitter to comment, offering some advice that he admits he only thought of last minute when Daily’s Place was hit with bad weather back in November.

He wrote: “On Wednesday Nov. 11, sideways rain was blowing in, our elevated ring wasn’t affected but I felt the ringside mats were slippery & unsafe. 10 minutes to showtime I had a lightbulb idea to lay down carpet at ringside & remembered we had a Red Carpet. It totally solved the problem. The crew chopped up the red carpet and were still laying it down at 8:02pm as the Live show started. The first match was Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal. I asked Taz to go out and do an opening promo and stretch so we could shoot him close-up while the crew was putting the carpet down. Also I’m not trolling anyone, I just think it’s a safe approach that I thought would be worth mentioning. It occurred to me last minute too, and it would’ve tremendously affected the matches that night if I hadn’t done it, + it potentially prevented some injuries from occurring.

– WWE has released the entire speech from Vince McMahon that opened tonight’s Wrestlemania.